Happy 5th Anniversary IPKKND!




The years continue to swirl by into nothingness. Leaving behind fragrant memories of a time that is nonpareil. Wisps of those memories continue to float up of their own accord, slaves to the behest of … anything and everything.


An evocative word, a nebulous image, the rustle of a soft breeze over still waters, a gust of wind tugging at my dupatta, the smell of jalebis being dipped in chasni, an explosion of light in the night sky, the glittering of fairy lights in the distance, the sound of azaan, the singing of aartis, the lighting of diyas, a glance at twinkling stars dotted in a midnight sky, shirts in hues of blue, pom poms hanging off elegant stoles a reminder of more glorious uses of them, shuffling jootis, the clacking of shoes striding across marbled floors, mirrored aviators that awaken a yearning for molten eyes, capacious jholas that make me want to peek in looking for potent vibhutis, shouts of Bua, calls of Mamiji, inadvertently blurting out a ‘aap theek hai’ instead of ‘aap kaise hai’, indulgent smiles in place of pitying frowns upon hearing odd Bollywood caller tunes, hearing ‘faraq’ and going into meltdown …


It really is the hamesha wala pyaar 🙂


Happy 5th Anniversary to all my fellow IPKKND fans!


Do tell me what is it that awakens those sweet memories in you. Are you still jalebified, or has karela taken over, leaving just the bye bye of Mamiji’s infamous Hello hi bye bye.


56 thoughts on “Happy 5th Anniversary IPKKND!

  1. 2011 changed my life in so many ways – it was literally like being born again. And IPK will always be the show that tied it all together. Happy 5th anniversary of madness to you and everyone else here! After that beautifully written piece – can’t wait to read more from you here 🙂

    Oh and Thank you Mirabell! 🙂

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    • Thank you Meera! The warmest of wishes to you as well. This show led me to some wonderful people, for which I shall always be thankful. And for the stories it inspired you to write, I am as thankful. Very happy to see you here 🙂

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  2. Oh Ruchi such perfect words to stir the soul … IPKND was all this and more..
    A diabetic meets the sweetest girl …. The most adorable Nani … And a pet goat !!

    We all yearned for a pool ..and the infamous chaise lounge in the bedroom ..

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    • Thank you! We still look back with such fondness about everything IPK. Pet goatwas wandering about the house doesn’t even lead to a raised eyebrow with us, does it?!

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  3. Congratulations Ruchi dear! So glad you have your own space for your reflections. You are a natural and sharing your thoughts with us is a beautiful reflection of the warm hearted person that you are. Salute to Ipk for bringing us all together. Cheers!

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  4. Happy 5th Anniversary to IPKNND!!!

    Your piece captivated all that made the show unforgettable for me. I am still in front of the mirror, trying to raise one eyebrow…maybe I might succeed by the 10th anniversary! 😉

    And how can I forget all the memories and the memorable moment that ensued in the last two years for me, the friends I would not have met otherwise.

    Where is a bottle of red when you need one for a toast…

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  5. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ne mujhe bahut saari yaadein toh di hi hain but sab se badi gift thi dost.. hum sab jo IPK, ARSHI ke diwane hain.. aap sabi ko #Happy5thAnniversaryofIPKKND.. IPKKND ki 5th anniversary ki badhai.. ummed hai yeh pyaar aise hi bana rahe aur hum bahut saari anniversaries karte rahen apne favourite show ki.. Aap sabhi ko der sara pyaar aur shubhkamnaye ❤

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  6. Happy 5th anniversary IPKKND to all my dearies.
    Ruchi, This is such a lovely walk down of cherished memories of IPKKND days.

    Those piano notes….glares n stares…..I love everything about IPKKND. Thank you.

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  7. This struck a chord deep inside me! All those little, seemingly ordinary, things that made this show extraordinary and unforgettable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ruchi, and reassuring so many of us that we’re not insane to harbor a show inside our hearts for so long 😊

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    • Thank you for reassuring me Jenny! It really is amazing just how much is still at the forefront of our memories. And not just about Arnav and Khushi. Shyamji being hoist by his own petard, time and time again, was most amusing to watch. The epic humour generated by the fandom based on all the characters’ foibles was something else altogether. 😊

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  8. Happy 5th anniversary!! 4 years ago, I had never watched an Indian soap, and that too a Hindi one. I did not know what fanfiction was nor that there can be such a huge fan base for a TV soap. I had heard of people watching movies over and over again and even some TV comedies, but not soaps! “The Sound of Music” is an all time favorite at our house 🙂

    But this show just changed my life – I still watch the videos sometimes and read all the good fanfiction that is out there! Thanks to you and all the wonderful writers for keeping it alive!

    And yes, there are so many things that happen in real life to me that immediately reminds me of either the show or some of the great stories I have read. So I go back and read it again if I can 🙂

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    • I too discovered the wondrous world of fan fiction only due to IPK. It’s been such fun to fangirl and rhapsodise with others who totally understand where the obsession is coming from.

      Sound of Music continues to be a staple of Christmas TV. The good sisters of Nonnberg Abbey singing “How do you solve a problem like Maria” could quite easily be Buaji with her Haye re Nandkishore laments of sankadevi and afat ki pudiya …

      Thank you for sharing your feelings 🙂

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  9. Happy 5th anniversary.. Ipk gave me so many friends .. Otherwise there are so many serials which I never watched more than first few episode .. And since ipk i never watched first few too

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  10. Five years … sigh … but it is as fresh as though it were yesterday …
    Lots happened those five years back … plenty of writers were born giving birth to beautiful stories who in turn re-ignited the urge in many to start reading all over again … a show that captivated a vast audience in a never before … never again to be aired show … kash …
    Thank you Ruchi for refreshing our memories again for the wonder that was IPKKND …

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    • K, lovely to see you here ❤
      Those memories refuse to recede, don't they?! And sharing it with all of you makes them even more special. A unique show which gave us enough to chatter about for the next five years as well!

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  11. Happy 5th Anniversary to all the lovely people out there. This is simply a strange situation for me. I never had the time to watch this show, because of my hectic schedule (not even the repeat telecasts) . I used to watch the trailers , which increased my curiosity so much, that I used to watch ‘selected scenes’ from Youtube only. But , when out of this curiosity, I visited the forum, my life completely changed because of you lovely people (both writers as well as readers) . So, a big thank you & heartiest congratulation to this show, which helped me to meet you people & find awesome friends in you.

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    • Warm wishes to you as well Jayeeta 🙂

      Did you watch the Ismailvegamze love scenes? The person to whom the entire fandom will be eternally grateful. Allowed us to drool and swoon for hours on end!

      The friendships forged here have indeed been special.

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  12. Happiest anniversary to our IPKKND.. From the great cast.. To the superb chemistry between Sarun.. Including the times we laughed out loud over Khushi’s antics or were fascinated by Arnavji’s growing love.. The show thst gave us this unique fandom.. Happy 5th anniversary

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  13. Hello dear
    Beautiful write up .
    This show has impacted me so much, and the madness is increasing day by day.
    And thank u to all the lovely people out there, who r with me in my madness.
    Ipkknd love u hamesha.
    Thank u richi and congratulations for the blog,
    Looking forward for ur stories.
    This is just4this from IF.

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  14. Ruchi Di,
    This piece stirred those sweet moments of IPKKND.
    5 years! Sigh! So much have changed in these 5 years but one thing has remained constant, the “hamesha-wala” love for IPKKND.
    Der se hi sahi, Happy 5th Anniversary!😊

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    • Arunima, happy anniversary to you as well 😘

      Our AD inhabitants may say, “Sab kuch badal gaya”, but we know that “Kuch bhi toh nahi badla” 😉

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  15. A very happy 5th IPKKND anniversary to all… A phenomenal outing which introduced us to a world of excellent writers, heartwarming fan fictions and enviable sisterhoods….Here’s to many, many more years of unparalleled mania!! 😍❤️

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  16. Lovely blog dear Ruchi!
    Sorry for the delay in getting here – I had a very hectic week😀
    Happy fifth anniversary to you and all my fellow readers!
    Your writing is like poetry! Do keep writing…

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  17. Exactly, those were the incidents which has pullus into the magic on two these two.

    But most of all the unspoken message they conveyed through those eye locked momements has entangled me into them and their stories.

    I know, I m late dear, but i had tried few times, but, each time, something came up and it went on like that.

    Continue writing dear, you are good with word, phrases and sentences

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    • Thank you! You’re not late at all, it’s lovely to see you here 🙂

      Sigh … those eyes. As Khushi had said, “Jisse jee jaan se chaahte hai, jab usse nazron ke saamne paatein hai, toh aankhein bolti hai, zubaan nahin” ❤️

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  18. “It really is the hamesha wala pyaar”

    Couldn’t have said better. It will be 9 years in couple of weeks and I’m still not over it. At this point, I have resigned and can safely say that I will never get over it. Life got super crazy in between and I may have been on a “break”. But the love and admiration for the show never left and I’m back again at the first chance I got!

    Despite of all the craziness, I couldn’t stop thinking of this show on every June 6th and November 30th, I couldn’t stop thinking of this show everytime I saw Jalebis, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it on every Diwali. And certainly not when I hear melodies of Jadu hai Nasha hai, Teri Meri, Ab Na Jaa.

    Haha, during those crazy times, I kept thinking “Work paas and na de, Mohabat door Jane na de”.

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