My First Tale

A First Tale

— A little imagination, a little reality, a whole lot of love


A little Context before you read 🙂


I had written this to thank Jigs and Choti for a beautiful story they had penned for me, Chalte Chalte –

It was their faith in me that gave form to my thoughts, their support that gave me the confidence to post my first Drabble all those months back.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to share it with all of you again. A little imagination, a little reality, a whole lot of love  ❤


My darling Jigs and Choti,


You have both left me in tears at the sheer sweetness and love apparent in every word you’ve written. The warmth, the happiness you’ve always showered on me moves me deeply. It’s a blessing to have such caring, loving friends who’re there with you and for you always. To share my happiness, to worry about me, to cheer for me, to empathise with me, to guide me, to laugh with me, to make me laugh at that what can’t be cured.

A zest for life, a profound sense of commitment, an unwavering determination, just some of your admirable qualities which reaffirms my belief in the goodness of people.

You have always asked me to do something, so this is for you. And it can only ever be for you. Thank you … dil se

Love you both hamesha


A chota sa “kuch bhi” mere Jigs and Choti ke naam …


“Arnavji!” An excited Khushi burst into their room at her usual crazy speed, nearly tripping over a pigeon feather lying on the carpet.


He looked up from his laptop at the whirlwind zipping in. She appeared ready to burst in her effervescence. Even as his resigned dil prepared to switch off his laptop, his valiant dimaag attempted to fight a rearguard action.


“Later Khushi, dekha na I’m busy?”


Uff woh sab chodiya, pehle hamari baat suniye.”

(“Uff forget about all that, first listen to what I have to say”)


Bowing to the inevitable he slammed his screen down “Bolo, kya hua?”


Accha aap pooch hi rahein hain toh hum bata dete hain, humme Amreeka jaana hai, abhi“, she said giggling.

(“Oh well since you’re asking, I may as well tell you. I want to go to America, now”, she said giggling.)


“What?! And what’s with this incessant giggling you’ve taken to lately?” he shot out. He knew his biwi was a bit ajeeb and her mind moved in mysterious ways but this was a bit way out even for her.


“Khushi, the States is not Lukhnow where you can just sit on a train and go! You need a passport, visa … but wait why do you want to go there suddenly?” he quizzed, bemused at this bizarre, even for her, desire.


Woh kya hain na Jigsji aur Chotiji wahan hain aur unhone humein bulaya hain. Toh humein unse milne jaana hain.

(“The thing is that Jigsji and Chotiji live there, and they’ve invited me to come over. So, I want to go and meet them”)


“What_the?! Who on earth are they? And how do you know them?”


Mere sabse pyaare dost hain woh Arnavji.” Khushi said smiling fondly.

(“They’re my dearest friends, Arnavji”, Khushi said smiling fondly.)


Hearing this caused further bewilderment to Arnav. “But you’ve never mentioned them before. I don’t know them.”


“But they know us very well Arnavji. They’ve written a biography about our life and have even published an excerpt. Haye reading it brought back such happy memories. How we met … Wait! My Jaanu, why can’t I ride it anymore? Bablu will give it back to me. I’m sure he’ll understand. Hamari kamayi ki thi woh scooty. Aur Happyji …”

(That scooty was bought with my own hard earned money. And Happyji … )


“Shut up Khushi, I want to know about Jigs and Choti” he ground out attempting to stop Khushi from veering off into pastures new.


“Arnavji, they understood our feelings so well. They even knew how you were feeling! And that is amazing na?! Aap dil ki baat kabhi kehte hi nahin. Aapne khat likha tha kya unhe, lekin apke keede makode wali likhayi unhone kaisi samjhi? Accha aap ne voice recording bheji hogi. Is that …”

(“Arnavji, they understood our feelings so well. They even knew how you were feeling! And that is amazing na?!You never say what’s in your heart. Had you written a letter to them, but your handwriting is like drunk ants crawling across paper, how on earth did they understand it? Aaah, you must have sent them a voice recording. Is that … )


“Khushi, I’m warning you. Get to the point. How. Do. You. Know. Them?” he ground out.


Hum unhe shaadi mein mile the. Woh kya hain na Baaraat mein hum sab saath the, aur baat karte karte hum bohot acche dost ban gaye. Humari khoob saari baatein hoti hain din bhar. Toh I want to go on a mini vacation with them. I love them dammit” she finished triumphantly.

(“I had met them in the Shaadi. The thing is, we were all together in the Baaraat and as we nattered away, one thing led  to another and we became the best of friends, chattering nineteen to the dozen all day. Toh I want to go on a mini vacation with them. I love them dammit” she finished triumphantly.)


At which point Arnav quickly realised he needed to handle this carefully. His wife was serious and once she had a plan in her head … her Devi Maiya herself would be unable to dissuade her.


“Khushi … ” he began cautiously, “why don’t we discuss this properly later…”


Nahin! kuch discuss karne ki zaroorat nahin hain. I want to go bas. Aap hamari itni si baat bhi nahin maanenge?” she pouted, with a slight catch in her voice. A single tear all ready to roll down those porcelain cheeks.

(No! There’s no need to discuss anything. I want to go, bas. You won’t even indulge me in my teeny weeny request?” she pouted, with a slight catch in her voice. A single tear all ready to roll down those porcelain cheeks.)


Much as he tried to keep it at bay, a swirl of Rabba Ve rose to a crescendo around them.


“Khushi tum … ” he began huskily reaching out to cup her face.


Rehne dijiye, hum khud kar lenge. Hamare paas dupatta … uh roomal hai” she sniffed, turning away dejectedly.

(Leave it, I will do it myself. I have my dupatta … uh handkerchief” she sniffed, turning away dejectedly.)


Dammit, how dare she walk away when I’m talking to her?! Even as he opened his mouth to remonstrate, his inner voice cautioned – Control Arnav control, this needs to be handled delicately. Lambi saans andar


“Khushi why don’t we go together once I … ”


Such mein Arnavji? Yay! Let me go Skype them the good news!”


‘You know how to Skype?!” he asked incredulously.


Ji, hum Chotiji ko poochte hain aur woh kuch karti hain aur phir hum Jigsji aur unki awaaz saath saath sun  sakte hain. Kyon? Aapko nahin aata?

(“Yes, I ask Chotiji and she does something and then I can hear Jigsji and her together. Why? You don’t know how to?”)


“What_the! Of course aata hain. I’m Arnav Singh …!”


Khushi interrupted his infamous pompous statement with a “Pata hain, Pata hain” while dashing off to unearth her phone from wherever Laxmiji may have buried it.


Arnav promptly strode after her determined to get to the bottom of this, with his inner voice snickering away – You were Arnav Singh Raizada old chap! As you had once proclaimed, love can reduce anyone to anything … right? Joru ke Gulam Raizada?


Brushing it aside furiously, he reached the poolside to find Khushi whispering on her phone.


Hamara plan successful hua! Arnavji ne haan kehdi! Woh hamare saath aayenge! Ab hum jee bharkar unka makeover kar sakte hain. Baal kaat sakte hain. Woo hoo!!!”

(“Our plan was successful! Arnavji has agreed! He will come with me! Now we can indulge ourselves to our heart’s content. Doing his makeover. Cutting his hair. Woo hoo!!!”)


Khushi knows how to woo hoo?! thought Arnav feeling more and more like things were slipping completely out of control. He hit the speed dial on his blackberry. But before he could say anything, Aman leapt in,


“It’s all arranged sir. As per Ma’am’s instructions, I’ve booked both of you on the morning flight tomorrow for Chicago. Have a good vacation sir. Jigsji and Chotiji are amazing people. You will really like them sir.”


“You know them Aman?! Seems like everyone but me is privy to the goings on in my wife’s life!”


Before he could continue with his rant, Khushi rushed up to him.


“Arnavji, hum aapse bhi, I love you dammit” and planted a soft kiss on his stubble. By the time it struggled through the maze of hair to reach his actual cheek, and Rabba Ve began its journey through his veins, his biwi was already long gone.


Peering into her phone, tapping away furiously with a silly look on her face …


40 thoughts on “My First Tale

  1. The first of many tales, my love. I am so glad that our little tribute for your birthday, made you take the plunge to pen down something… as I read this again, it reminds me of the love and laughter we have shared these past couple of years. We have had some fun, amazing times together!

    Here’s to many more… Cheers or shall I say Happy Writing!


    Liked by 6 people

    • It’s been an exhilarating and moving time my love. Tall tales and fun tales and endearing tales and emotional tales and wicked tales … all woven in with the special thread of friendship and care. One I continue to treasure ❤

      Liked by 4 people

  2. Ruchi,

    Haha! Fun one, my girl. Thank you for that. Jigs aur Choti ke naam pe hee sahee, we got you to wield your pen once again for an IPK drabble. Lovely! May this be the first of ever so many more. Bhagwan tum sabkee dostee ko salamat rakhe! Yes, as Arnav said in his musings, He used to be Arnav Singh Raizada, now Joru ka Gulam more or less cuts it. So do we have a Arnav and Khushi coming to America version next? Good job, girl! 🎉😍



    Liked by 4 people

  3. Aww so sweet.

    So Jigsji and Chotiji, did Khushi and Arnav make it to Chicago to meet you girls? 😉

    And what about you Ruchi, did they have a stopover in London?

    Very beautiful piece of work Ruchi
    You very sweetly brought out the essence of Arnav and Khushi in this small writeup .

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Ruchi, this is heartwarmingly beautiful.❤️
    Arnav from a ‘Khadoos’ has become a ‘Joru ka Gulaam’, and the cute, par thodi si paagal Khushi has become a ‘Shatir Dimaag’. 😉😂
    Khushi emotionally blackmails an unsuspecting Arnav into traveling with her to Chicago to meet her good friends Jigs and Choti, (Ruchi will be on the first BA flight to Chicago to be a part of the revelry). 😉😘
    Bechara Arnav totally clueless of the epic makeover the girls have planned for him!! 😂😂
    Loved your ‘First Tale’.😍 Excitedly waiting for the second, third, fourth…😘

    Liked by 4 people

  5. The mighty ASR? One wouldn’t think of him this way seeing his interaction with Khushi. But never has he been able to refuse even the silliest of her requests. Fallen that far in love. XD

    Khushi knows to Skype and questions if Arnav doesn’t know it; I laughed a lot. Who would’ve thought this day would come?

    I guess Aman has Khushi Bhabhi as #1 on speed dial and then his boss. 😉

    Makeover? Can we have a part 2 to this starring Arnav with the Diwali haircut? 😉

    Wonderful tale Ruchi!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thank you! That Diwali haircut made him look sublime, didn’t it?! 😍

      Aman would have quickly figured out the lay of the land I suspect. Arnav can huff and puff with all and sundry, but one faint strain of Rabba Ve, and he will melt instantaneously 😉

      Liked by 3 people

  6. I always knew we had a great writer in our midst 😉
    That was a great piece of writing and imagination !
    What all love can make one do … from Khadoos to Joru ka Ghulam !!! hahahaha …
    Yeh Dil Maange More …

    Liked by 4 people

  7. This was super super super cute. You have narrated their love so sweetly with all the rabba ve and craziness and Joru ke gulaam Singh Raizada. Loved it 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Hello friend
    It was very cute, so sweet.
    Thanks for such cute story
    Pls continue to write about their married life with such cute incidents and show how they fall in love all over again
    Hope ur not upset about my request.
    Thank u

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Hey dear…it was so cute and hilarious, we have such an amazing writers and I love reading their stories.
    Hahahaaa…Arnav Singh Raizada and Joru ka gulam😆. Khushi sach mein Arnav ko pagal kar degi.
    Please continue dear.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Hey Ruchi,
    I have jst come across your First tale..
    And trust me when I say this.. You are simplyyy amazing..
    It was one Hilarious shot.. And i loved it.
    I really hope that the friendship between u people blooms like never before!
    U are superb and I am waiting to read more from your side..coz I knoe u are one superb writer!
    Keep going..
    Loadss of love

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Hi Ruchi di,

    How is it going? Where is the second tale? Amreeka ab door nahi.

    Choti and Jigs ji definitely deserve the praise, if it wasn’t for their encouragement we would have been devoid of this awesome tale! It is cute, nevertheless heart touching. The trio should now colloborate and make this a series, what say readers? I am sure Khushi would love to have more friends on board especially if Mr ASR is unaware about it.

    What I love about your writing is genuiness and sincerity imbibed, no one beats you to that! You love to write and it is a clear indicator showcasing the depth with which you care while you pen down thoughts interweaving a story. If your comments can leave a deep impact on the writers, it gives me immense pleasure in watching you sail the same boat now.

    Such a wonderful way to start the day and the week by coming across this piece, totally uplifting and a definite reminder that friendships are ships that never sink.

    Waiting eagerly to read more anytime,


    Liked by 1 person

  12. Hi
    Jigs, Choti,Ruchi, Arshi67. love you all for the lovely stories.

    I think I am watching IPKKND for the 100th time and still in love with every episode, very nice tidbits, about ARSHI. love. but I wanted one of you to write a complete story same as IPKKND but with the it should have happened.1. I always think why Khushi kept quite when ever Shyam was harassing her, why couldn’t she have told her buaji about it. and buaji would have kainchava dabaufied holding shyam’s collar, 2. when Khushi could understand Arnav’s untold actions and mute voice why she could not understand her Bauji’s distress and try to read his lips when he was trying to say something.
    3. why Khushi couldn’t slap Shyam when ever he was trying to touch her or lurk near her. And Payal so so self absorbent and self centered in her world that she also did not understand why would Khushi marry Arnav without a strong reason. (payal always told khushi that she can read her face and understand that khushi was in some kind of distress) and why could she figure it out and protect her.
    4. why did Akash keep quite and blame payal for not being honest when Syam and his beloved mom blamed payal for planning to lure rich guys like akash and arnav. It was akash who was trying and behind payal.
    5. Payal and khushi should have brought buaji to that they were telling the truth and shyam was a con man telling all lies. or atleast they should have made the bujai make a visit at the same time when all these things were being revealed so shyam wouldn’t dare lie and turn the tables against Khushi and Payal in front of buaji.

    Oh I so much wish they remake the story with all these corrections so the show could go on for few years.

    junk shows went on for years together without any strong story line, good story with such nice actors and actress could go on for some more time. unfortunate they had to chop the show. such a heart break for fans like us 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Not to stalk or anything, but i have started going through your blog, just to read around and enjoy myself more of Arshi and I saw Nivi’s comment about Barun’s Diwali haircut.

    You don’t know how happy I am to know there are people out there who actually love that haircut. OMG, that’s the kind of haircut I need in my man!!!!!!! I’m really glad to know that there people who love it and my choice isn’t stupid at all. Barun looks amazing but that look is beyond sexy.

    On a side note, this was really v sweet. The lil bit of ASR and Khushi mixed with this, was really fun to read!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. OMG!! This is the bestest thing I have ever read so far!!! Too good…Good thing I didn’t read it at work.Was laughing out like crazy at – “You were Arnav Singh Raizada old chap! …Joru ke Gulam Raizada” 🤣😅😀😁😆

    So did Khushi & Arnav make it to Chicago finally? And did bitwa get the makeover?

    Liked by 1 person

  15. 😂😂

    Oh how I loved this and that dig on his makeover and long hair. I almost forgot that Barun desperately needed hair cut at the end. Me thinks, what would they have done amidst COVID-19?

    On a serious note, from a reader’s perspective, it is so wonderful to see your bond with Jigs and how thick it is even today! Kaun kehta hai ke TV dekhne ka koi fayda nahi hota?

    P.s. I apologize for spamming your inbox/blog today. I just couldn’t help myself from scrolling down various quick takes. I promise this will be the last one of the day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Can I confess I’m sad this was your last for the day? It’s been just lovely reading your thoughts. I’ve ended up rereading a few of them after ages!

      One of the best things to come out of this pagalpan over this serial has been the friendships that have endured. So, so special. Mad me had even mentioned this to a puzzled Barun at his film premiere in London 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  16. “Mad me had even mentioned this to a puzzled Barun at his film premiere in London”

    😲 You met him?! How was the meeting?! Was it how you expected?

    I’m sure they enjoy and appreciate all the love that’s showered on them! And they already think that IPK fandom is a crazy bunch.

    Kudos to you for having a conversation with him. I would be too shy.

    I am looking forward to reading more. I am hoping I can by end of this week! 🙂 I promise to leave a comment for every shot I read.

    P.s. Now that you have read some of your shots after years, you must accept how amazing writer you are! Please continue to write more as you chance! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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