Poignant Reflections


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Kya woh sach mein chali jaayegi … Will she really leave us and go away, Khushi?


The tinkling of his wife’s payals was accompanied by faint strains of music as she stepped into their room. The one who wore a pair exactly matching those payals sat in the great hall downstairs surrounded by friends and family. Her face aglow with the happiness of a bride to be, as exquisite Warli mehendi was applied to her hands and feet. The vivid, dancing figures reflecting the exultation in her heart. The good natured teasing directed at her tingeing her porcelain white cheeks a becoming pink, even while her molten orbs radiated ebullience and insouciance.


Her Mami-Dadi kept up a continuous litany of instructions for the exasperated mehendi walis. She wasn’t exactly known for her tact at the best of times, and age had, shall we say, merely enhanced that trait. Nothing had better go wrong for her favourite great niece’s big day.


Her Bua sat beside her helping her drink her black coffee interspersed with bites of jalebis. Jalebis which only her Mom knew how to make exactly the way she liked them. A beauteous smile refusing to leave her Bua’s face as she kept running her hand over her favourite niece’s head.


Her Bua’s son, Aarav, sat well away from the gaggle of women surrounding his favourite sister, sharing conspiratorial smiles with her at the hoopla surrounding her. His own friends, liberally lubricated with Pimms, keeping him amused. Oh of course there were men at this mehendi. Aahana had insisted upon having Bhai present. And what Aahana wanted, Aahana got. She wasn’t her father’s daughter for nothing!


Speaking of whom, where was he? Her eyes searched the room for the man she hero worshipped above all else. He was her inspiration, her confidante, her mentor. Her father, Arnav Singh Raizada. She knew he wasn’t a big fan of all these ceremonies and the shor sharaaba that went with them. But, she also knew that he would never refuse her anything which brought a smile to her face. A sudden rush of memories of him cajoling a smile out of her over the years swept to the fore, bringing with it a deep sense of melancholia at the impending change that life was going to bring. While there was the excitement of grasping the hand of one she loved and treading the unknown paths of the future, there was also the apprehension of leaving go of the hand of one she loved. The hand that had nurtured her and shielded her and guided her all her life. Allowing her to bloom into the beautiful, intelligent young lady she was today.


“Pa” she whispered, as she looked around the elegantly decorated room once again. Stamps of her mother’s flair for design were evident everywhere, right from the abundance of her favourite Arum lilies to the large, intricate trellises dotted with diyas decorating the walls. Hari Prakash having been given the remit of ensuring the diyas remain filled with oil. The same HP who had had the unenviable task of ensuring Aahana drank all of her morning glass of milk as a toddler and teenager. She had run rings round the poor chap much to his chagrin. And to the vexation of her Amma.


A soft, tender smile stole across her face as she thought of her Amma, Khushi Singh Raizada. Her strength, her rock, her go to person for anything and everything. The one in whose lap she had spilled her deepest fears and secrets. The one whose hands had the power to soothe away all her worries, however large or small. The one whose generous heart and indomitable spirit, she hoped she had inherited a small part of. It was uncanny how her Amma always knew when something was troubling her. “Bas pata chal jaata hai”, was all that Amma would say to satiate her curiosity.


Aahana didn’t have to wonder too long where her mother could be, if her father was also missing. For all that he had been maintaining a stoic front, she knew how upset he was at the thought of her going away. Albeit not too far, but away from him nonetheless. Marriage has a way of changing everything so quickly. The home where you grow up, in which you demand things, in which you run riot, which is your home … remains home, but just not with the same right. Everything remains the same, yet everything changes.


Just as Aahana had predicted, Khushi was walking up to her husband as he stood by the french windows of their bedroom leading to the pool. His clenched hands hidden in his pockets as he stared unseeingly at the stars slowly beginning to  peek out in the pink streaked cobalt blue sky.


“Kya woh sach mein chali jaayegi … “ he asked again, as she raised a hand to his shoulder, clutching it. The pain in his voice rendering her unable to say anything for a few minutes.


“Arnavji, aap … “


“Our baby … she’s still but little, I don’t think I can do this … Khushi, mujhse yeh nahin hoga. I won’t be able to do this. How can I entrust her happiness in the hands of another? How will he know if she’s hurting, if she needs something? For all that she’s a ‘Shark’ in the office, I know she has your tender heart. What if he tramples that innocence?”


Khushi’s equanimous surface splintered, allowing the turbulence hovering underneath to seep out. The strength she had been holding onto, crumbling at his words. She wrapped her arms around Arnav’s middle and buried her face in his back. Their Aahana, their Angel, embodied her name. She had an inner light which shone luminously. The very thought that someone could snuff it out, or even dim it, was unbearable to think about.


Closing his eyes, Arnav took a deep breath trying to calm himself. He turned around and gently led Khushi towards the chaise longue. Images of a tiny Aahana standing behind him with her little arms around his neck, peering at his laptop, as he tapped away on it, flashed before his eyes. Her non stop questions about this, that and everything used to drive him insane!  She had an insatiable curiosity about the world in general, and about everything involving her Pa in particular.


“Do you remember, Khushi,” he began as he sat her down on the recliner and took his place next to her, “when Aahana had decided she wanted to give tuition classes on computing to raise money for our foundation?”


A tremulous smile made it’s way to Khushi’s face as that memory surfaced. The 12 year old Aahana had overheard her parents discussing their Foundation’s requirements for the following year, and decided she wanted to contribute as well. And not just her pocket money. She had gathered together a bunch of the neighbourhood kids from Laxminagar the next time she had gone to visit her Nani and Nani bua, and taught them the basics here at Shantivan all through term time for a year.


“I wonder where she inherited her love for giving tuitions, Sundariji … “


“And I wonder where she inherited her obsession with the laptop from, Shaitanji!”


Both of them bursting into indulgent laughter, dissipating the melancholy a little.


“And this clever, smart, serious little girl loved playing to an audience as well. Aapko yaad hai, she was forever raiding Mamiji’s make up kit and then rapping away by the poolside, beneath layers of rainbow shades of maquillage. With all of us lined up to watch, her captive audience. Although, we got the sweetest kisses as thank yous”.


Waise, I remember her Amma giving a very sweet thank you kiss as well to a lined up family … shart ke liye hi sahi … but it was audacious of Khushi Kumari Gupta to do that then!“


Haan, toh? I wasn’t going to step back from a challenge.” That challenge still very much evident in Khushi’s voice.


“Speaking of challenges, do you remember the time Aarav dared Aahana to climb up to the highest shelf in the garage?” asked Arnav.


“I do! And you just stood there laughing when you saw her up there. Di and I were so scared she’d fall. She was all of seven then Arnavji.”


“I was standing right below her, Khushi. She was not in any danger. My baby was so brave. She clambered up so fearlessly.”


“No wonder she’s always been her Pa’s chamchi. She has you wound round her little finger. I remember her scolding me once for making your favourite pasta when you were away. This is Pa’s favourite, Amma, she had said. You can’t make it while he’s away. Jaise ki, Pa is the only one who likes it, hmpf.”


Beti toh woh meri hi hai”, began Arnav proudly, quickly changing that to “hamari” in an attempt to smooth his wife’s ruffled feathers. “After all her basketball talent is totally inherited from her Amma, right? Remember that “goal” you had scored?” he said grinning wickedly at his wife, and receiving a smack on the arm for his efforts.


He gathered her close to himself and rested his chin on her head, as she snuggled into him, placing her hand on his heart. It’s rhythm was the symphony to which her heart sang. It’s cadence governed her own. Their joys, their sorrows, their hopes, their fears, all irrevocably intertwined. For hamesha.


“Arnavji, our Aahana needs us to be happy for her. For us to send her on this new journey of her life with a smile. She will always know that we will be there for her, come what may. But she needs to spread her wings and soar freely. Our love for her should be the thing that sets her free, not bind her with our apprehensions. We have to have faith in her choices. Advay is a wonderful boy. Have you seen the look in his eyes when he thinks no one is seeing him watching her? It melts my heart to see her loved so much. He is going to care for her just as much. Aap dekhiyega. Each time I give in to my fears, I think of the love they have for each other. And I know they will be alright.”


Looking up at him, Khushi framed his face in her hands and reiterated, “Our Angel will always be our little girl, Arnavji. A part of us. But she is also her own person.”


Tumhe hamesha pata rehta hai na, mera mood kaise theek karna … you always know how to improve my mood,” Arnav said wryly, leaning down to press a kiss on his wife’s forehead. Silently sending up a small thanks to the Devi Maiya he didn’t believe in, for sending Khushi in his life and for blessing them with their Angel.


A knock on the door announced the arrival of that very Angel.


“Pa, Amma, I knew I’d find you both here. You’ve been crying haven’t you?” she demanded as she squeezed herself in between them. Unable to clasp their hands in her henna adorned ones, she jutted her chin out, just as she had always done, and waited for her kiss, just as she had always done. This one, when it came, felt that much sweeter, that much more poignant. Words of a song her mother had always teased her father and her with swirled around her …


Suhaag maangan jaaye banni babaji ke paas

Baba aisyo var dhoondo ji, hazari var dhoondo

Rakhe Gokul ki jo laaj, banni babaji ke paas


Words which evocatively resounded with her today, as she lay her head on her father’s shoulder. Her mother’s hands stroking her head tenderly.





Happy Happy Happy Birthday, My Darling Jignasha! ❤


I feel like I want to gather every happiness there is out there in my arms and fill your aanchal with them. I want to bask in the enthusiasm with which you embrace life. I want to wallow in the fierce care you extend to all those you love. I want to allow my tears to run freely at the concern you shower on me. I want to allow myself to be cocooned in the silence of understanding you envelope me with. Day in day out.


You have a joie de vivre that is so infectious. You inspire me, you motivate me, you force me to believe in myself. I have no idea how you sense my feelings, but you just do. Thank you, dil se, my love.


You had once said I should write about Arnav’s thoughts as the father of the bride, so here it is. I don’t know that I have done justice to him, although I know what you’re going to say!


I hope you have a day as amazing as you. Sending you lots of love and lots of squishy hugs for now … the real ones aren’t too far off!


Yours always,



157 thoughts on “Poignant Reflections

    • Ruchi, my love,

      I have been trying to figure out how to express what this gift means to me… how to say a proper thank you but I am struggling! You know me well,I rarely get speechless, and yet today, I have been.

      My love, thank you so so so much for this beautiful poignant reflection! It was everything and more than what I knew you would deliver when I challenged a few months back. You delivered, and that brilliantly! Your flow of words always touch a chord, deep inside of me. And I am honored to have you write a piece for my birthday. That too, when the past few weeks haven’t been kind to you. How the heck did you do this?!?!

      You have kicked off my birthday with a bang, that I doubt Mr. J will be able to top it! (Let’s face it a new fridge or your OS, no brainer) But we will keep that secret between us 😉 LMAO

      And I can’t wait, FIVE more days till I get my squishy hugs from you. To be able to spend a couple of days with you is the best present ever!

      I shall cherish this, and our friendship, Hamesha!

      Love love love you loads and loads to chanda mama and back,
      Yours always, Jignasha

      PS… be prepared for me to attack you and not let you go!

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    • Happy birthday Jigs! ❤😍

      I wish you a year full of dreams, a year of carefree blue where all your wishes will come true, because you are a magnificent woman! Your patience for the story and its characters is without boundaries, your compassion for your friends limitless. Your comfort level is unique and contagious, inspiring me to enjoy your friendship and want to do better. I have never noticed you doubt yourself, because your confidence is unnerving and although it may look intimidating is also what attracted me to accept the hand of friendship you so warmly extended towards me. You are unflappable.

      May you continue to produce such heartwarming and challenging stories, filled with real and engaging characters. Thank you for sharing your unparalleled insight into the workings of relationships. I wish your desire to better yourself and others around you is stronger than before.

      Thank you for the gripping pieces you write and may your imagination soar to dizzying heights!

      Buon compleanno e tanti auguri tesoro! ❤❤❤

      Ruchi, you have a unique talent! The mundane and the normal part of life in your hands becomes heartfelt, heart stirring and heartbreakingly moving. The emphasis you put in feelings and emotions produces such intensity when read. The gentler love you explore through the piece together with the challenges they have faced and are facing at this moment is a breath for fresh air. Their life experiences, their background and motivation for their actions through the words of their daughters and their shared memories make this OS memorable. There’s nothing physical in it, yet the sigh I make at the end of it shows that i want to have such love myself. The most remarkable start to Jigs’ special day!

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      • My Tesoro ❤

        Grazie for the warm wishes… I have always said you are way too generous with your words whether it be me or my story. And I am sticking to it, bas.

        Perhaps that's what selfishly made me extend my hand to you when I first saw your comment on Revealed. Oh and the fact that you knew Italian! I couldn't believe there was an Italian in the mix. Which also meant I needed to be buttoned up when I wrote. But thanks to you I was able to share what little I knew with my readers. You are such a blessing in my life. A caring, strong woman who inspires me. Life is a wonderful place with you in it, and I am honored to have you accept my friendship.

        Ti amo Bella,

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    • Happy birthday for tomorrow Jigs xx May the year ahead be filled with health, happiness, cake and wine.. Hamesha… all celebrated with loved ones .
      A friendship is a privilege to be treasured .. albeit borne out of love for a devil some, handsome guy..

      ‘Yeh dosti ko, kisi ke nazar na lage’ – You both evoke the utmost respect and love for each other.. it truly is admirable..

      Ruchi, my dear you write as graceful as you are.. your words written, are soft and caressing as they are, when you speak.

      A beautiful story, poignant in every aspect.. these characters are so real to us.. thanks to writers like Jigs and yourself.. A doting, protective father who cannot bear to see his daughter leave him.. a mother who soothes him with the right words to ease his fears.. Who created this tradition ..why can’t sons leave their parents and live with their in-laws.

      Their love for each other will always be the one constant in their lives.. it’ll see them through anything, always.

      You captured it all and then some..

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      • Thank you my Lady for such warm wishes, not just for my birthday, but everyday. And yes thanks to our love for a handsome man, a unforgettable show, I have been fortunate to make many friends.

        Friends that exist in this virtual place, yet sometimes feel much closer than the ones in AD. You are one of them. I am humbled to have you by my side reading my work, motivating me but most of all your unconditional support on daily basis.

        Lots and lots of love,

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    • Happy Birthday Jigs !!!

      Jigs, meeting you in this virtual world has been my privilege and you inspire me everyday.

      Birthday is the time of celebration; I hope you have a wonderful day with loads of love and surprises. May your birthday gives you the best memories till the next one, may you have success waiting ahead !!!

      Wishing you all the best, because you deserve only the most wonderful things in life and nothing less!

      Ruchi, what a beautiful tale you have written. Arnav, as the father was a treat to read. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful glimpse into Arnav and Khushi’s life few decades down the line.

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      • Kavi, my dear, it is me who is privileged to have met you in this space. A supermom that always smiles, in spite of it all. I truly admire you for all that you do. And am fortunate to have you along with me on this writing journey who without fail comments with every update. What can more can I ask?

        Stay the way you are always, this world needs more women like you.

        Loads of love,

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    • Ruchi, this was more superb than words can say…..and although we may have read so many versions down the years of Arnav and Khushi as parents bidding adieu to their daughter as she leaves to make a life of her own, suffice it to say here that this one sent a shiver down my spine. If Arnav and Khushi have become an integral part of our lives, so have their happiness and sorrows, as we live our lives vicariously through them! This one was subliminal in evoking just those far away feelings that become so real…an empty nest syndrome that we all fear will be our fate some day….loved the subtle touches of humour, the incredible passion and love for live that Arnav and Khushi continue to hold, their fond memories of another day at a wedding similar to this one…when Akash and Payal were getting married….speaking of them, where were they in the story….loved it all!

      Jigs, my dear friend, over the years, you have become a sounding board, a moral support and a voice of reason….as we bonded over your stories or shared thoughts of lives that remain similar whichever corner of the world we may all live in….this virtual world today for me has become far more real than my Asli duniya, thanks in large measure, to some unique friendships like yours! Have yourself a fabulous day meri jaan….have a haa…..haa….happy Singh wala birthday…..as Arnav ji would have said…..enjoy your time and thank you for all the good times and endless hours of fun! Baar baar yeh din aaye….baar baar hum sab haaye…..happy birthday to you…..Jignasha meri jaan! 😘🎂🍷💃🏻🎉🎆

      Love you,


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      • Anu, my love,

        Meri jaan is now forever embedded inside of me as you! Whenever I hear or see those two words, I think of you ❤ There's a apna paan with it that makes my heart warm. A feeling of true unconditional love, and as rightfully say, more than we get from our AD. We have been through it all, and to share it with you makes this journey unforgettable. Even when I put our Arnav through pain in Revealed, but trusted me nonetheless and stuck by me.

        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and allowing me to be your jaan!

        Love you hamesha,

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      • Anu, Arnav and Khushi are so very real for us, aren’t they?! Thank you for your lovely thoughts. 🤗

        And I second your wishes of “Baar baar yeh din aaye, baar baar dil yeh gaaye, Jigs jiye hazaaron saal, saal ke din ho pachas hazaar” 😘

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    • Happy Birthday Jigs…May your birthday and everyday be filled with happiness, love, laughter and the warmth of sunshine. 😘❤️
      A heartwarming tale of parents Arnav and Khushi overcome by their memories of every moment in their precious daughter’s life leading to her wedding day. Loved your portrayal of doting Pa Arnav who is disinclined to vida karo his dil ka tukada.
      Beautifully done Ruchi !! 😘❤️

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      • Jujubee, I shall never tire calling you that, sach mein 🙂 We might have just gotten to know each other the past year, but I feel likes much longer. You have been an remarkable supporting me, one that I will never take for granted.

        Thank you so much for your wishes!

        Love you always,

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    • Jigs,
      Wish you very happy birthday. Hope all your dreams true. Have a great day and year ahead.

      This is lovely reflection of the wonderful memory lane we all had cherished.
      I would say Arnav and Khushi’s daughter Aahana getting married on the day of Jigs birthday is simply awesome idea. Enjoyed reading the snippet. Thank you..

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    • Its your birthday Jigs, and we get the gift. Thankyou both you and Ruchi. Hope you have a dhamakedar birthday. Have a wonderful birthday.
      Ruchi, loved this glimpse of an emotional Arnav, the farher, on the eve of his daughter’s wedding. His Khushi is always there with him to lend support at this emotional moment. They are sad at letting her go and yet happy that she is marrying someone who loves her so much. Beautiful story. Wish there were more such birthdays and we’d get more of these stories from you!

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  2. Many many happy returns of the day Jignasha!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and I like the take away gifts or the return gift idea mentioned above. I would read anything you write and it doesn’t have to be only Arnav- Khushi stories 🙂 So keep writing as you every time you write you gift us something so precious 😘!

    Ruchi I think you owe us a lot of return gifts too 😜! I really hope and wish you write more often. I didn’t get a chance to read it properly yet (saving it for after work) but what I skimmed through quickly with my boss glaring at me was so beautiful! Thank you !

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  3. Happy birthday dear Jigs😘😘 May you be blessed with happiness and fulfillment!

    Dear Ruchi, this was a very emotional and beautiful story – every girl and every parent can relate to it! I always love to read about Arnav, the father. He just so different!

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  4. ohhhh……what a beautiful piece of love it was ❤ ……awesomely written ruchi 😀 …..i loved how arnav and khushi's conversation brings out the beautiful memories of them and their bundle of joys, their babies……there were love….happiness…..hope….passion…..humor…..mischief,,,,and arnav & khushi….loved it Ruchi…..great job done…..:)

    and again Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl Jigs…..May Allah Bless you and the people near your heart ❤

    with love
    Mrs.Hulk ❤

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  5. Happy Happy Happy Birthday my Darling Jigs!!!

    On your birthday, on this ninth today,
    It is time to reflect
    How life had made its way

    On your birthday, on this September day,
    It is time to celebrate
    How love had shine its ray

    On your birthday, on this Friday,
    It is time to give thanks
    For all the blessings you give every day

    On your birthday, on this Summer day,
    It is time to party
    Because it is simply the best way

    On your birthday, on this very day,
    It is time to say you are loved
    For all that you are and all the way

    On your birthday, on this day,
    Let me just say
    Jigs, have a wonderfully fantastic day!

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  6. How beautifully you describe the poignancy of the the emotions that the Raizada parivaar undergoes while their Princess takes that big ‘marriage’ step.
    As a mom who will be in a similar situation in a few years time, heart strings tighten already 😜 …..btw the black coffee & jalebis cute touch !

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  7. Over the few stories that I had a chance to read your work, I just wish more anniversaries come and you decide to write for those. 🤓
    This was beautiful, poignant in every terms to read Arnav as a father, feeling so scared and doubtful for his daughter’s happiness and leaving away from him. The mother Khushi as always has been a support to the bride as well the father and brought some peace for the time being. I loved how you interwove little memories of the serial in their talks and reminded us of those teeny tiny events in the sequence of their love story. The daughter is a stellar performer and a mix match of her parents. Her love for everyone of her family was genetic, I say!
    Have always admired the love you both have for each other. Wish it grows many folds over the years and some more. Have a great meeting both of you.
    Happy happy happy Birthday Jigs dear! 😘

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  8. Jig, happy happy happy wala birthday. Wish you health, success, happiness, and arshi craziness too.

    Whenever I read yours or Ruchi’s comments, support to other makes me wanna have a friend like you two are. It makes me wanna believe that friendship like yours and many others can be formed in this virtual world and than strengthen by the love, respect and support you have. I wish for your friendship to only get stronger over time.

    Ruchiji, this story of arshi and there lovely angel made me nauseated with the good old memories of the good time and love they shared and made us fall for them. It made me cry with the feeling of having to let go your own daughter for her to make her own world. It made me remember my bidai and fear the inevitable for my daughter. This Father in Arnav, you made me love him some more.

    P.S. I’m all game for return gift idea.

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  9. Happy Birthday once again Jigs
    Have a wonderful life filled with all the happiness ahead.

    Loved the beautiful shot written
    The bond between the parents and a child, the parents feelings when it was time to send their child into another family was so Awesome.


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  10. Ruchi, a heartwarming tale of ARSHI at the time of their daughter’s wedding…what a beautiful name you choose Aahana. Loved this glimpse of an emotional Arnav….and what to say about Khushi, she is always there for him.
    Wish you a very Happy Birthday Jigs, God bless you with lots of happiness and love always. Hope you have a rocking day and ahealthy and happy life!

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  11. Happy Birthday Jigs!!Have the best birthday ever 🎉🎂May your life be filled with happiness today and always.Health wealth contentment and pure bliss be waiting for you every day❤️
    Ruchi Thanks for presenting this opportunity for Jigs’s readers and for this heart warming masterpiece giving us a glimpse of our dear Arshi as parents of the bride.

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  12. Wishing you a beautiful day and happiness forever Happy Birthday Di!!
    This is such a beautiful tale,reminded me of my sister’s wedding Dad was the most subdued person around..you should definitely write more I would read anything you two write Hamesha☺
    Off to catch up with the lady and rakshas tests are done and a bandh is called wohoo
    Happy birthday once again🎂🎊🎉

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  13. I was enthralled and Awwed by the OS. A drop of water did fell from my eyes. And I am not a crying emotional. I do know how to keep them in check . In my defence, I am in that stage of life where I know that the time has come, I have to leave ‘my’ home and had to start a new life somewhere else. This OS struck a chord.
    I can relate to Arnav’s apprehensions. I saw them in my Ma’s eyes sometimes.
    You have penned it beautifully. Words fall short to explain how I felt reading this. Emotional it was.

    Happy birthday Jignasha! Truck loads of happiness to you. Keep smiling. Be happy and also, never Stop writing 😊

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  14. So very well done, Ruchi! I loved how you have interspersed the moments spent between Arnav and Khushi with the love they feel for Ahana and the thread of sweet pain at her impending vidaai…well written! 🙂

    Also, a very Happy Birthday to Jigs 🙂

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    • I’m back!

      Happy happy birthday Di! I don’t need to tell you how much you mean to me, because I hope you know — your presence in my life has truly made a difference. You adopted me as a younger sister, and that’s a bond I will always, always cherish. I hope you have a day as lovely as you are ❤

      Ruchi Di, as always — you never fail to amaze me with your words. It's just so easy to read your writing, and this one was no exception. I loved the interaction between Khushi and Arnav as parents. It's something so many people go through — and although I'm on the other side with my parents right now, I could see them in Arnav and Khushi, and I recognized their emotions. You caught those emotions perfectly with your words.

      Love always,

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  15. Loved the OS.. so so beautiful and emotional as well… I guess this time of the life is equally taxing for everyone… No girl wants to leave her home but still has to do as a tradition… And it is equally hard for the parents to let their baby go..
    Beautifully written and the little glimpses of arnav and khushi’s past made it even more beautiful…
    Lovely one..

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  16. Ruchi, this was a beautiful piece. ❤
    Papa Arnav tugs at the heart strings strongly. There was the sadness of having to give away a part of his heart as she flies away to embrace her new beginnings, interspersed with sweet memories of her antics, her compassion, her love – all of them etched onto the heart. They make a lovely family.
    Your words always leave me sighing at the beauty of they bring forth for us to soak and revel in.

    Happy Birthday Jigs! I’m assuming you were instrumental in pushing Ruchi to write, so thank you for that. I hope your day is spectacular and zabardast!

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    • I am known to be pushy forcing her to write, think she gets tired of me asking nonstop so writes to shut me up LOLOL

      And now I wait for a new piece from you, Nivi, it’s been a while, ya? 😉 My inbox has been feeling empty lately…

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  17. Jigs, Happy B’day darling……………….. Lots of love………………….

    Hope you have a fun filled day with your loved ones & hope your dreams get fulfilled…………

    I feel honoured that through IF, I first got to know you………..

    You have talent & you are gifted…….

    Stripped, Revealed & now Temptation; these 3 FFs have the elements to become best sellers…………..

    Happy B’day dear once again……….

    (orchids8888 from IF)

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  18. Happy Birthday Jigs .
    It’s so nice to have this chance to wish you the best of everything a whole year

    Thank you Ruchi for writing this OS .
    Arnav as a father after two decades , he is more composed , calm but still the same lonely little boy of 14 years fearing the unknown . His love for his daughter is very adorable
    loved it

    Liked by 4 people

  19. Happy Birthday Jigs,
    Many, many happy returns of the day.
    May you be blessed with everything good in life… and for purely selfless reasons limitless inspiration. Hope this day is everything you hoped for and even better.

    Ruchi, beautiful as always.

    Love and regards,

    Liked by 4 people

  20. Chalte chalte, log tho mil hee jaayenge bahut
    Per yu hee koi, humsafar nahi banta

    Padte padte kahaniya bahut mil jaayenge
    Per yu hee koi, dil oi dastak nahi deta

    Manate manate, janam din tho mil hee jayenge bahut
    Per yu hee koi, dil ko hasake nahi jaata

    Jigs, As a fan of your writing, I hope my comments do some justice. As a fan of you as a person, I don’t think even a million words from me can do justice. For someone who is gifted with the art of etching a smile on the worlds of many people, on this special day, blessings are a foregone conclusion. So I will wish the best of the best to one of THE BEST person I know.

    Ruchi, you matched Jig’s today in writing. Knowing you, I don’t think I can add anymore to that :-). Thank you for lovely Bidai and inviting us to join the celebration.


    Liked by 7 people

  21. Many many happy returns of the day!!
    I hope you had an amazing day and that you have a great year ahead!!
    You’re a beautiful person who’s got me totally addicted to her stories and you don’t seem to be helping me get rid of my IPKKND obsession… But I love you anyway! 😛
    Loads of love to my favourite writer ji!!

    Liked by 5 people

  22. That was super Ruchi… Thrilled to read your thoughts .. You have captured the apprehension of the parents of a bride and even the solace they take from the thoughts supporting each other beautifully…

    Many Happy Returns of the Day Jigs…

    Liked by 4 people

  23. You are amazing Ruchi!!!!
    Brought me to tears!!!
    I am in total mood to say no to my probable marriage!!!!
    It was really touching!!!
    True, that day will be the last day of my life as my parent’s baby!!!
    Truly beautiful!!!!
    Happy Birthday Jigs, hope you had a great day as good as this story!!!!
    Take Care!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  24. Such a sweet and emotional story.. Father-daughter bond is always very special. and when the father is Arnav Singh Raizada we know he will be highly insecure of letting her daughter go because he has a habit of keeping his family close to him, under his wings so that he can protect them from any potential harm.
    PS: Belated happy birthday once again Jigs!! 🙂

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  25. Would you be so kind to leave a few words… How am I supposed to find them when Ruchi di writes? Speechless and beautiful are all I can come up with. One is a reaction and the other a simple adjective which clearly do not justify this masterpiece!

    If every father in the world were to read this tale, he would never let go of his little Angel
    If every mother in the world were to read this tale, she would always have the right words to pacify
    If every friend in the world were to read this tale, they would bring out the writer in each friend

    It is not a gift, you own the emotions, feel them while penning them down. The realism and beauty intertwined is beyond magnificent. Why do you need a challenge to begin with? A celebration is all it takes for you to come up with such a piece, then I declare everyday to be Jigs ji birthday! You are depriving the world of your art.

    Jigs ji, I take pride in dropping by late because I know for sure I am the first one to wish you for 2017. It is never to late to wish someone, hope you have an amazing year ahead. May all your wishes and dreams come true.

    With every comment that follows, I am not surprised that you and Ruchi di share an unbreakable bond of friendship. If Ruchi di is able to comprehend your thoughts, it is because of your constant motivation. Sharing the credit would be fair.

    This is the best way to start off the Diwali celebrations! Wishing you and all your fantastic readers a wonderful Diwali.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Zeffy, you always convey your thoughts so warmly and in so heartfelt a manner. Thank you 😘

      The credit is most certainly shared with Jigs ❤

      Happy Diwali to you and yours as well!


      • Thank you and your welcome di. You must know that you are way too kind with your praises. They always bring a smile on my face.

        Hope you are having a dhamedaar Diwali as well.

        Liked by 1 person

    • This has been one of my favourite of Indi’s edits for ages now. I had seen on the Blast from the Past thread. So, when I wrote this piece I asked her whether I could use it. And, she very kindly agreed to let me 🙂


      • You didn’t need a thousand words to glorify her creation! The title is no less than poetic, I forgot to mention that earlier.

        I would love to see how you depict Khushi as a MIL, if there is an ASR Jr ready to get married.

        Liked by 1 person

  26. Ah, Ruchi. How we let you get away with not writing for so long, I would never know. To think we could have missed out on all this. *shudders*

    A beautiful, beautiful tale about the emotions that transpire on the night of your child’s wedding. Arnav’s silent heartbreak at realizing his little girl is all grown up, contrasted beautifully by Khushi’s perspective on life. It isn’t that Aahanna is going away from them, it is that she is gaining one more person who will love her to the moon and back. ❤

    Happy two month birthday anniversary, Jigs. Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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