A Moment Out of Time


Barun’s film is being shown at the BFI film festival!


OMG are you going?!


You have to go!


On all of our behalf!


How amazing is that!


It’s being shown on the 15th and the 16th October …


A small glimpse of the slew of messages that peppered my DM, WA and TL, on the day the news broke. There was a moment when I questioned it’s veracity… could this be true? Was he really coming to the film festival that I have been attending for several years now.


As the news began to sink in, I immediately rushed to my laptop, straight to the BFI site. To my disappointment, bookings opened on the 8th September. So, I went to the individual cinema’s website to try there. Just at that moment, for reasons best known to itself, the wifi decided to slow down to a stroll.


Unbearably frustrated and way over excited I called my husband. Three rings and no answer! I messaged him with a, please call me immediately. It’s urgent!!!  And he did … from the middle of a meeting … only to hear me plead, “Could you please, please get me tickets for ….” Very long pregnant pause from the other end, before he said. “I’ll call you back in a short while.”


I don’t think he understood the enormity of it all and just how big a deal it was. I mean, meetings come and go…


So with BFI duly joined for priority booking, a reminder was set for 10am on 8th September by my long suffering husband. Tickets for THMS had to be booked first before for any other film. And that too for both days. There was no way I was missing out. It was only after I got the confirmation email that I relaxed a bit. And felt the thrill begin to build up. I was going to watch Barun on the big screen again. In London. At the respected BFI London Film Festival. Only 6 films from India are selected each year, giving them great exposure. And his being one of them, made me so very happy for him.


I knew there would be someone from the cast and crew present on both days, but Barun’s presence wasn’t confirmed until much later. Once it was, from that point onwards, sanity went straight out of the window.  All sorts of far fetched and ludicrous scenarios kept popping up in my head as to how to engineer a meet with him.


These could only be discussed with my dearest IF friends, who understand like no one else ever could. I had tried bouncing a couple of ideas off my husband, but his insistence in pointing out their glaring flaws was of no help to my fancrushing heart. It did not douse my enthusiasm though!


My friends were as excited and thrilled as me. We had all initially connected because of our common love for the man, before going on to becoming dear friends. And then started the discussions and debates about what I ought to wear. Suggestions ranged from Sarees to Stella, from jhumkas to Chanel’s Camelia, from jholas to Bottegas, from kolhapuris to Tod’s. Several options had to be kept on stand by given the vagaries of the British weather. Would Barun be prepared for it?


Every single day, Jigs and I would have a chat about my possible meeting with Barun. Her excitement and enthusiasm feeding mine. As the time drew nearer, my excitement went up several notches when there was a possibility that my dear friend, G, would be there as well. But, every single one of my dearest partners in crime were there in spirit. That is what added that extra spark for me.


In the week leading up to the screening of THMS, I saw a number of other films at the festival. And at every introduction and Q&A all I could think of was Barun standing up there in a few day’s time. Walking a few paces away from another famous actor on the red carpet, all I could still think about was, “Hayee, that should have been Barun!” He shared space in the festival with some very august names. And after watching the film, there is no doubt in my mind that it deserves to be right up there, among the top.


Meanwhile, the DM group we’d formed of the Sobtians going to be present on Saturday was further adding to my frenzy. Tales of insomnia and dizziness were shared. News about Barun’s whereabouts and plans were mulled over. Finally, concrete news was shared by a couple of them. We could come to the hotel where the team were staying, to meet with him before they left for the premiere. This was real. It was actually happening. I was going to meet him. In person. Be still my beating heart.


Unable to contain myself, I casually told my husband of this really amazing bar at a hotel I’d been told about. In case he’d want to come with me that evening, or even for breakfast the next morning. Sadly, he cottoned on to what I had probably found out and refused to be part of this “insanity” as he put it. So, I had to wait for Saturday. Much of which was spent getting ready for the Meet.


The hotel doorman patiently held the cab door open while I gathered all my bags and stepped out gingerly in my heels, which were only on their second outing (with good reason as I realised by the end of the evening). Little did he realise I was going to be party to the ensuing mini commotion in his otherwise peaceful lobby!  I could see the relief on his face when he called taxis for us later with much alacrity.


I walked into the lobby and just stopped. What? Is that him? Just there? As in just there in front of me? Oh my dear God! It is Barun! Just standing right there. He was speaking to one of the fan club admins with no one else around him. No other cast or crew. Just him, dressed casually in jeans and the THMS sweatshirt with a navy knitted hat covering his gloriously messy locks, clutching a couple of bags. He had just walked in and was on his way to get ready for the premiere. 


ba3Disbelievingly, I walked up to them and said, “Hi Barun”.  He looked up at me. Probably wondering who on earth I was. Whipping out my phone, I asked whether I could have a picture with him. “Sure” he goes. His voice … sigh … Even though he was clearly in a rush, he obliged. And patiently. I don’t know how I maintained any vestige of decorum and stopped my hand from creepily clinging onto his arm! Wouldn’t want him to confirm my stalker credentials so early, given that we were just getting started.


He then rushed off towards the elevators. Leaving the two of us standing there looking at each other. With me in a bit of a daze. I’d just met this man I’d been fangirling over for years. Koi mujhe chimti kaato. He appeared more slight than his pictures. He’s very slim. Has a lovely glow to his skin. A lot of it sadly hidden behind the beard right now. As is that jawline which needs to be on public display.


Did you give him his present?” Jigs asked after both of us calmed down a bit with the virtual squealing. My addled brain then realised I ought to have given him his present. He could have taken it up with him. It’s odd how the first thought that crossed my mind was that of his convenience. I was tempted to ask the concierge to have it sent up. But then the others would also be giving him gifts so I hoped we’d get an opportunity later.


One by one all of them trickled in. Laden with gifts and bursting with anticipation. It was wonderful meeting all the people I knew only by their twitter handles. Although we had only been DMing over the last few days, there was a great sense of bonding through our common love for the man. I have to say, the hotel was remarkably sanguine about the noise level. Between the rest of the cast and all of us, we had virtually taken over the lobby for a short while.


Varun Shah, the producer, came up to us with a bag of buttons of THMS and asked whether we’d like some. Milind Dhaimade, the director, had a chat with us. And even acknowledged us when he was introducing Barun before the screening to the audience – “Barun, who’s brought a lot of fans along with him.” Everyone on the team were very approachable and warm. Happy to answer questions and indulgent about our curiosity in all things Barun.


barun1Finally, the man of the moment for us pankhis came down. He looked amazing. He was dressed in his Ek Jashan French blue suit and a white shirt with a dark tie and tan lace up shoes. Immaculately groomed. Hair in place. He looked gorgeous. And genuinely surprised at the reception committee of excited pankhis waiting for him.


Ladies, the man smells divine. Each time I’ve been close to him, it’s taken all of my self control to not take lots of extremely deep breaths to savour Eau de Barun, and to keep a fatuous expression off my face!


There is a charming lack of guile about him. He’s warm, courteous, friendly, and very very patient. Posing for pictures, signing cards, receiving gifts, answering questions, giving shout outs. And, between us we had a lot of those! Despite the adulation he’s constantly subjected to, he hasn’t let that affect the way he interacts with his fans.


baWhile he was signing cards, his earlier film was mentioned and I went, “Barun, I have to tell you I went all the way to Mumbai to see your film, Main aur Mr Right …” Before I could say anything more he looked up at me and said,“My God, I’m so sorry”. Swoon, thud, faint. How adorable is he?! 



I gave him the selection of malt whiskies I’d brought on behalf of all my friends saying, “I understand you’re very fond of malts”. He looked so taken aback at that. “My God you got me single malt whiskies. Thank you, that’s so sweet. Where have I said this? How do you know this?”


Banda kitna seedha hai?! He really is oblivious to the way his every interview is eagerly absorbed and analysed by his fans.


9u1bydkv-jpg-largePoor guy kept trying to stand up knowing it was time to leave for the cinema, when yet another one of us would hand over a gift. “Isn’t it really hot?” He was feeling the heat literally and figuratively, poor chap. My “I think all of us fangirling over you is heating things up…” Just made him shake his head! I can see the heat plays havoc with his hair. When he said he had to go up to his room to put away all the presents, I couldn’t control myself and just had to quietly and indirectly add, “and to freshen up”. Hoping he’d comb his hair again!  Finally he was able to make his escape. He carried the beautiful hamper G had brought for him, and made his way to the elevators with Milind and a couple of others helping with the rest.


Gathering our belongings, which were scattered all over the lobby sofas, we made our way to the cinema. Much to the collective relief of the hotel staff, I have no doubt! Once we had settled into our seats, and after a few ‘adjustments’ to ensure most of us were able to sit together, I took out the samosas I had brought with me for my fellow Sobtians. As they were being munched, we looked over to where Barun was sitting, wishing we could share it with him. Sadly, it wasn’t feasible at that point, but I got my wish fulfilled later when they were in the cinema cafe celebrating after the screening. Fortified with the encouragement of my fellow pankhis, I offered it to him. Have to say, dil ko sukoon mila seeing him eat it …


cve0ewyl-jpg-largeBeing at the premiere, knowing Barun was right there watching it with us, was simply special. There were so many of his fans from outside the UK as well. When I went to my front row seat for the Q&A and intros, (my husband had actually been convinced I was going to continue buying tickets until the sold out message showed up!) I met a sweet Bulgarian fan of his who seemed to be in her sixties. She was telling me how even her 3yr old grandson knows of her fondness for Barun and reminds her to switch on the TV when his show’s about to start. The great thing about the film showing in festivals such as this one, is the diverse audience you get. Many of whom would not have seen it ordinarily. And this film deserves all the success it can get.


It is a wry, insightful glimpse into the life of Mumbaikars. Complete with all their quirks and foibles. Not too many films deal with honest male emotions, and this one does it beautifully. Milind Dhaimade has made it from the heart and it reflects the Mumbai he loves and has grown up in.  The wide spectrum of emotions and characters he populates the film with at no time feels too much. Each one has space to show us who they are. And he weaves their lives together using their love of football very deftly. They are all perfect in their imperfection.



The role is almost as though it was tailor made for Barun. In fact, each actor slips into their role with comfortable ease. There is a great sense of camaraderie among them and that comes across well. As someone born and brought up in this great city, there were so many little things that resounded with me. Watching it again the next day, was even better. The nuances were able to be better appreciated. The city may be bursting at the seams, but there is still space to be yourself.  There is a certain matter of factness with the way that issues are dealt with, which goes a long way in allowing the city to even function. The camera captured the hustle and bustle and the moments of stillness equally adeptly.


For the Sunday screening, we were going to be just three of us from our group. So, we decided to meet straight at the cinema. As I was waiting outside for G to arrive, my lucky stars twinkled yet again. Barun steps outside his car dressed once again in jeans and the THMS sweatshirt. He blinked as he did so, running his hand through his hair, looking totally sleepy. And utterly adorable!


barun2My, “Hi Barun” got a polite Hi in return, accompanied with an automatically outstretched hand. He’s so sweet. Yes ladies, his hands are warmly soft. Loath as I was to unclasp my hand, propriety demanded I do so. I told him he didn’t look quite awake yet. That husky, drawled “yeaaah” … total faintwa. But he still obliged with a selfie, even doing the honours himself by clicking it. And it turned out to be one of the best selfies of his that have ever seen. Isn’t it?!


He is unassuming and very down to earth. Standing out on the pavement with a cup of coffee with a couple of the other cast members. And then by the popcorn concession, staring at the second love of his life – Food! Pashmeen will always remain the first and don’t we love him for that?!


I saw Satish Kaushik, a Bollywood producer, walk in as I stood in the foyer.  I’d met him at the screening of his film a couple of days back, so congratulated him on it again, launching into how he was going to love THMS and what a wonderful film it was. My first instinct was to look around to see if Barun was there, to introduce him. It struck me at that moment how deep rooted is this desire in me to want him to do well. He deserves every accolade for his talent. And a larger audience to see what he is capable of. Sach mai farak padta hai dammit!


9w3zgjbhAfter the film, we went to the bar in the cinema for some coffee. Barun was standing just near there munching on a sandwich. I asked him whether he’d like something to drink … The look on his face! I hastily added tea or coffee realising what he may have thought! Poor man was probably wondering why I was intent on plying him with alcohol! To have my wicked way with you of course, Mr Sobti 😉


On a serious note, this weekend was a moment out of time for me. As far removed from what I’d ever do as was possible. Trotting off to a hotel to doorstep an actor … bringing gifts and collecting autographs … taking selfies and videos … yeh tumne kya kar diya mere saath Barun?!




I would like to thank all the Sobtians who I met and who made this possible. It was a pleasure.


I want to dedicate this to all my friends who I would have never have met had it not been for this man, Barun Sobti. Thank you for enriching my life in so many ways. This entire experience, an entirely surreal one if I may add, would not have meant half as much as it did had it not been for the way you have all been there with me, and for me, albeit virtually. Your excitement, your enthusiasm, your delight, was as intoxicating as meeting the man we are all so nutty about. And after actually meeting the object of our collective adoration,  I can honestly say that he deserves even more of it.


G, my dearest blessing, you rock! You have the knack of turning even the mundane acts of buying water and showing our tickets to an usher into an event! Doing this together was simply special! ❤


Jignasha, my darling, you were with me every step of the way. Just as I wanted. Just as I will always want. Thank you. And thank you for making our man look even better! ❤


Enjoy drooling over Mr. Barun Sobti for a bit!



Introduction of Tu Hai Mera Sunday Cast being welcomed at the BFI Film Festival in London


137 thoughts on “A Moment Out of Time

    • Oh I am still on high, and this just took me back to the weekend where I was privileged to partake this experience with you. Albeit virtually with pictures, videos, text messages, all of it. And to know you, is to truly understand how apt this title is…. A Moment Out of Time.

      My proper, graceful Ruchi, living it up like a true panki for our man! And I couldn’t have been happier to feel that excitement shining through you. I could here the wonderment it in your voice when you called immediately getting home on Saturday evening, then when you woke up Sunday morning. In true sense a dream come true, my love ❤ To hear you indulge mer with a play by play was just superb! Something I will forever cherish. Kash, I was there with you, but damn the personal commitment at home. Otherwise I would have crossed the ocean, if it meant meeting Barun together. But hey, maybe next time, kyu?

      A heartfelt thank you my love for the most amazing surprise gift that had me almost drop my new iPhone 7! Barun Sobti saying, "Hi Jignasha." Damn, it sounds so fucking HOT! I have replayed more than I could count at this point, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon 😉 Who cares if hubby kills me, I will die a happy woman… LOLOL

      Oh oh oh… and my dear G, Thank you, for you know what… I shall frame it and stare at for a long time to come! Grazie, Bella… Ti amo!

      Ahhhh… hayeeeee… on repeat… "Hi Jignasha"…

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    • Ruchi, thank you sharing your memorable moments with us. The videos, pictures and the detailed account of your meeting with Barun, made me feel like I was there with you and G…socializing, conversing and getting an eyeful of The Man. 😍

      A true Koi mujhe chimti kaato experience !! 😘❤️

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  1. A face that launched a thousand writers and tens of thousands of stories also made you a writer. So, Thank you Mr. Barun Sobti! Thank you for giving us a sisterhood of fangirling moments… and more than that, thank you for meeting with Ruchi so we can partake of that joy vicariously!.

    As for you my dear friend – ❤ …bas. The thrill in your messages couldnt be overlooked even by silly AD… SO. VERY. HAPPY. FOR. YOU.


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  2. Oh Ruchi what a beautiful write up!! You have summed it up so very well. In my case I am just lost for words! I still have yet to pen down my experience but its a memory that us pankhees will cherish forever.
    Its been a great pleasure meeting you together with G.

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    • I should have crossed the Channel to be with you, magar ye ho naa saka. But you made me live through the experience Ruchi! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for that. Its as though I was there with you all the time. The pictures and the videos made it all the more real. Haha! You told him about flying to Mumbai for his film! And he apologised. How sweet of him! His humility is his best quality.
      My heart was beating faster all through the weekend in anticipation for all that was taking place on the other side of the Channel. Could imagine the anticipation while waiting at the hotel for that pehli nazar! And forgetting to give him his gifts. I would have too! Hehe!
      This was definitely an undorgettable expérience. Something to be treasured forever. Thankyou so much for making us all a part of it. 😙

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  3. Thank you for sharing you lifetime memorable experience with us……you are one lucky girl to be able to meet the meet him and watch his movie at prestigious International film festival….he deserves best….

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    • I am still reading but I just had to stop and…

      “Barun, I have to tell you I went all the way to Mumbai to see your film, Main aur Mr Right …” Before I could say anything more he looked up at me and said,“My God, I’m so sorry”.

      LMAO! Ahhhh….*sigh*. I forgot why I loved him so. Thanks for reminding me, Ruchi. Muah!

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  4. Arwwwwww what a beautiful experience you have had with him he seems so so sweet bless him so happy for you that you finally got to meet him ❤️❤️
    That video though where did he say that he liked that I knew that he liked malts
    Anymore picture will be happy to see them
    Hopefully we get to meet him soon ❤️

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  5. That’s such an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing it with us!
    The selfie was perfect. I wish he had less facial hair😉
    Cute video!
    I am happy for you😘 and I hope Barun gets all the success he deserves!

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  6. Thank u for sharing ua experience di….! that was so lovely and ofcourse special…❤
    Lucky you Lady….!! 😍😍😍
    P.S- Apart from Barun’s Husky voice i noticed your’s “sweet one as well..”

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  7. Thank you Ruchi, so sorry, a la Barun, for being so impatient about reading your experience with him. You have summed it up so well, it was as though we were all there with you😊 So happy that you got to meet him and he lived up to your expectations and more.

    I wish I could have come too, but I managed to send my son and daughter in law to see it and they loved the film. Though my son said that Barun didn’t say much at the q&a on the Saturday show. He sent me a pic of the cast on the stage thaughty:).

    A big hug Ruchi, you are the best and am so glad that Barun got to meet his most graceful and elegant pankhi😘🤗

    I agree barun needs to do away with his beard…jigs get him to ny and get him that makeover please and also suggest a media training session. He’s a fab actor and great on one on ones, but needs to up his ante in interviews etc.

    Love you Barun, and thank you for getting us all together.

    Cheers to more success for Barun and meetings with him

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  8. You have penned the experience of meeting Barun so aptly . I felt like i was standing there watching everything you have described .
    Barun’s voice is so captivating . Thank you for posting the video .
    I Love BARUN

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  9. While I honestly cannot do such fangirling in zillion years, I am so very happy and thrilled for you all, Ruchi and others. I could feel all the wonderful amazing moments you write about quite literally. He looks great and lovely that you could chat with him too. You rock girls, u really do.

    And you write it all so well…….😊.

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  10. Thanks for sharing this Ruchi, feeling like I myself lived that moment.. although I would not have been able to get a sensible word out of my mouth seeing him in front of me in flesh n bones so this is much better (u representing me 😃)..
    Barun rocks ‘thumps up’

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  11. Hi Ruchi, congratulations and thank you for sharing this with all us other minor fans! Im so glad someone else thinks he needs to eat some more ;). Can I just say, what a lovely husband you have. Not saying anything to be dragged out of a meeting, then sending you away for the weekemd to enjoy yourself, meeting you favourite actor♥ .. oh yes and you got to go all the way to india to see his ‘oh sorry’ film.. loved that from him. So sweet. Take care and sweet dreams

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  12. Wow! Ruchi lucky girl you are and lucky Barun who got fans like you. No really you have to be that die hard fan to show this level of dedication, Not a lazy ass like me. And the whole experience was so lovely to read. Guts hain boss, you TALKEd to him, I would have stood in some corner and sirf dekhti hi rehti…
    The lol-ing moment was when he apologised for your Mumbai Visit. Aww.. do you have video or audio rec of that?
    And rest I know you will cherish this moment for your life.
    And I will definitely watch this movie as soon as it will release in India and my city. 😉

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  13. OMG!!!! You are sooooooooooooo Lucky to see him from that close ❤ ^_^
    Damn I am so jealous …..But ALAS!! i am from the other end of the world and i cant help it 😦
    And Ruchi…..I was smiling whole through this as if i was there ….Thanks for sharing your experiences with us….:)
    But I have a question HOW WAS YOU ALIVE??? Damn I would have just died *daydreaming* and you saw him….talked with him…..gifted him and make his so surprised…AAHHHH..That's so sweet….and even he sounded so surprised and sweet…..i just love him ❤
    I would love to meet him one day….:D

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  15. Hey Ruchi,
    Congratulations! and I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and making us a part of it.
    you have beautifully penned down your meet with him. when you described him with words like ” charming lack of guile about him” and that is so true. It does come across through the screen in his interviews and through his performances. Being in the same city I never came across him and everytime I step out of my house I have this little wish that I would bump into him today. I have never felt this way about any other celebrity. And even if I meet him I wont be able to be as eloquent as you were. It would be hard for me to utter a simple”hi”. The best part of the converstaion you had was where he apologized to you for MAMR. aww that was so cute.
    I wish that everyone of us should get one chance like this and Barun may get all the success that he deserves. He is one lucky guy to have fans like you.

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    • Ruchi girl,

      Thank you for the beautiful and heart stoppingly cool narrative….a moment out of time it certainly was I can see, and we relived every bit with you now. Thanks for the pictures and the lovely videos. I am now quite certain you will be well remembered by Mr Sobti….single malts and a man….always the best choice of gifts. So thoroughly enjoyed that account. I do hope we get to see the film soon enough in this part of the world….but I think it is a tad more tricky in my region….anyway…soon enough it will be online I hope. Though you are right. Watching it at a film festival with Barun….nothing to beat that surreal experience. You were luckier than we were when he came down for a play in Dubai……there were all sorts of restrictions then to meet up with him. Enjoy and cherish the memory and then put it into a little box to take out and share with your grand kids when that happens….notice I never said kids….husband’s and kids….just as you said…never really understand the euphoria…..my two teenagers give me baleful looks to see me gushing over some dude on TV, as they put it. Sigh! Iss paagalpan ko kya naam doon……..prior to Barun, life was so suljha huaa….of course lacking in the adrenaline doses that are so needed for that little bit of masti! Haha. Loved it, Ruch! 🤗🙏🏼🌺😍



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      • Anu, iss pyaar ko kyon naam dein hum 😘

        All credit to the Tu Hai Mera Sunday producer and director for welcoming and allowing us to spend time with Barun. There was a great atmosphere between all of them. And you could see Barun was relaxed and that made so much of a difference.

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  16. Wooow Ruchiiii !!! I’m so overwhelmed n delighted n this is just so exhilarating!!!! Extremely n Immensely Happy for you n thank u thank u thank u n all the girls for representing all the phankis on our behalf!!! Love yaa. 😍😘😘

    N 🙂

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  17. I started reading with a small smile, it just grew and grew into a big grin and I just laughed out loud at “Ladies, the man smells divine.” Just that single line united us all the fan girls to what extend we will go to drool over this man. Thank you for this detailed emotional write up, it is as if I was there with you experiencing this.

    And Jigs! You lucky b! 😀

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  18. totally and absolutely delighted for you, ruchi. and for mr sobti who got to meet you, also get some good whisky. yes yes, ply him with the stuff and ahem have your wicked way with the fellow. so many years of phangurrling, must be fairly chaotic meeting him. i am a bit envious and yet, since i must take note of my advanced age and weak heart, guess, i better not make any attempts to meet the boy. but kidding and all that apart, so happy for you… and anu. hotwa, huh?

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    • Indi, this boy needs meeting. You need to be able to see how much more vibrant he is in person. His photos don’t do him justice. And he’s so warm and charming 😍

      And I hope you haven’t forgotten that glass we are going to share one day 😘

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  19. OMG, My heart is beating so loudly, I read your experience first thing in the morning, I think rest of week is going to be lovely. Thank you Ruchi for sharing such a lovely experience. Wish I could have been there to see Barun (heatthrob) I envy you.
    HAPPY DIWALI to you and your family. Best wishes.


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  20. I’m so lost these days university team trials,exams,projects and BAM I see this I felt as if I was there,you know Ruchi Di your words are magical… Petition for you to write more!!
    I was in the college cafeteria reading this (apparently with huge silly smile with hearts in the eyes–my friends description:P) and they wanted to know what it was,and after reading their reaction–“We thought it was only you who acted crazy?!”Hahaha this world of us fangirls😜 nobody else gets it..sooo happy for you❤
    P.S.Can we get a Full-fledged story? Please?!

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  21. Ruchi,
    Beautiful write-up on your special experience I am speechless and know what? My heart was beating faster and I can’t put right words to show my happiness.

    I really wish he get all the success he deserves.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful moments.

    Love and hugs.😘

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  22. I’m grinning like an absolute idiot Ruchi! So happy for you, so so happy that you shared this with us too. Thank you! I’m fangirling like an idiot and happy sighing looking at Baruns face. Oh my God he’s so handsome, bless! His voice, his everything! Whether I get to meet him in real life ever or not, having the opportunity of a glimpse of happiness that would come from it means a whole lot. Thank you again!

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  23. Hey Ruchi so happy for you.. well thanks for write up.. Have always enjoyed reading fans reaction on meeting Barun Sobti.. one of the most human actor one could come across.. he is dynamic person.. so down to earth and the best actor.. so so happy for you and all the Sobtians who got this superb chance of meeting Mr Sobti.. Thank you Barun it is because of him we all who are away in distance but close to each other via the love we all share for him.. Always stay happy Mr Sobti and the same never change and we too will never give up loving you.. You are best thing to happen to so many of us.. 🙂

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  24. Ruchi, thank you so much for this wonderful write up.

    You and G, are indeed lucky to have met him not just once but a couple of times.

    I was smiling and blushing all the while I was reading it.
    Indeed the love for this man has given me an alternate universe which gave me so many good friends, so many amazing stories to read and many many wonderful journeys which I can cherish for a long time to come.

    I loved watching the videos and the pictures. I am unable to decide if my favorite video is of him wishing Jigs or his reaction when you gave him the gift hamper which had the malt whiskey.

    He is such a talented guy and I hope he reaches great heights in his career.

    Thank you again Ruchi for the detailed writeup. I felt like I attended the premier along with you and G.

    I know it’s personal but just wish I could see your and G’s picture along with him.

    Liked by 5 people

  25. Oh ruchi , Iam so so happy for u – oh that is a real dream come true moment – aah I wonder whether I will ever have that opportunity – Iam so so happy for u –
    Thank you for giving us such a detailed write up of your meet – I felt like I was witnessing ur meet – of course with me all drooling over him
    Jigs, did he just say that – wow wow – that was super cute – I am jumping up and down – so I can imagine ur plight dear
    Thank u ruchi for sharing it with us
    Thank u Barun for making my world so pleasurable

    Liked by 2 people

    • I wish that you do 😘

      So many famous people leave you slightly disappointed when you meet them. Feeling like that’s not quite how you thought they’d be. But Barun … sigh … I actually adore him more now, if that were even possible.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. You know wordpress should have an icon of love also beside like. i loved reading about your experience. I am glad for you that you met him and actually not only met him but got some time to interact with him too. I’m yet to watch the videos (I probably can’t do that in office) but I’m happy reading and seeing his pics. Not only you met Barun but you also got to watch his movie. I’m a little J 😛 Hoping it releases soon for everyone to see and hope it receives accolades all over.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. I’m glad you shared your experience here rather than posting on IF…. 😀 (*coughs coughs* ^_^)
    haha enjoyed reading it 😀 and yes Barun is a gem of person. I really don’t want to talk about what happened in the past and all the issues he had faced and we all have faced actually when IPK went off air…. 4 years have passed… it’s high time to cherish our IPK memories and forget all the hate…..
    Thank you Ruchi for sharing….. loved it! ♥
    Maria (lazychick.maria)

    Liked by 3 people

  28. Ruchiiiii!

    I can feel your infectious happiness and this post just makes me want to jump with joy even if I wasn’t even the one to meet Him! 😀

    As you said, I’ve always wished he does more than well and is at the receiving end of the best of opportunities. There’s a desperation, a hope and a prayer that he’s happy and gets the success he deserves.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It made my day, week and probably the month! 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  29. This ought to be the best fan girl moment account Ruchi. What can I say?! I felt as if I was there with you enjoying the Barun moment. God bless him with success. He so deserves it. God bless you for writing this.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so, so much 😘

      I love how you put it, “Barun moment”. It was seeing a side of him which makes you adore the guy that little bit more. He disarms with his unaffectedness from the adulation he receives.

      Liked by 2 people

  30. Ruchi my dear .. I rember when we met .. Both of us discussing if we would ever get over our love and admiration for Barun.. We agreed it was unlikely and I think I confessed to you Barun really is my second crush ( Kabir Bedi resides slightly above Barun)

    The possibility of meeting Barun was but a dream… today I believe in miracles . I think most of our hubbys deserve sanity medals for putting up with us!!

    You have made us feel as if we were there with you .. What a gem of a guy ..no airs ..no graces .. He’s so deserving of this adulation and success ..may he continue to remain so blessed and loved ..

    Thank you for sharing your dream come true moments Ruchi .. Xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sita, after this I don’t see myself getting over the guy anytime soon! Our husbands most definitely need medals 😂
      Thank you for sharing in my excitement both before and after meeting with Barun 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg!
    I can’t stop. U got to meet Barun Sobti n even had a chat with him.. Omg!
    Wat u have written is awesome. It felt like my own experience. Really!
    Thank you soo much for sharing..

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Hai hai!
    You are so lucky to interact with Barun and taken pics is even more awesome!

    I’m drooling over Arnav from past 3 years …pls do add me to the droolers gang.

    He looks so homely and comfortable. His voice, I die .. Hummm dreamy

    Thanks tons for the blog!

    Liked by 2 people

  33. Wow! Lucky U!
    Thank you for sharing this amazing experience of yours.. Loved the first video. When I read about him asking where he had said about the malts,I was wishing I could see his reaction and tada! you had granted my wish!
    Thank You once again.. It is through people like you that we get to see him like this..
    A little bit of J and a huge wala hug,

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Ruchi,
    This is awesome and truly “a moment out of time”. Enjoyed reading every word of your rendezvous with Barun and his sweet gestures. Lovely video and pictures. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. Pingback: Letters 95 – 97 : Desperation & Devastation – In This Moment

  36. I’m finally back!

    Thank you so so much for taking a moment out of time *wink* to write this post, Ruchi. With your words, you’ve made sure that all of us on the other side of the ocean made it to the premiere right along with you! We all knew it, but it was good to have it confirmed by someone we all love and trust that Barun deserves all our adoration and more! I still laugh every time I think about the “My god, I am so sorry” comment. It is just so him. Goddammit, I miss the guy!

    He was one half of the equation that made *all* of this possible, the friendships and the stories. The man that launched a thousand fanfics, as MB put it, and you made me feel like I met the guy, so can’t thank you enough for that.

    Getting down to business though, I know this was the first time and we didn’t want to scare the guy, but he is an asset, Ruchi. The next time one of us sees him, we are taking him to a barber or a barber to him and getting the deed done. Bas! Bahut ho gaya. I dealt with the hair, but the beard!? To cover up that jawline is criminal and I will not allow it!

    Love love love this. And my god, your voice! You sound so posh, but so so sweet. I love it! I love everything about this, and you!

    Love x 1000,

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww Ridz, you are the sweetest 😘 Moments are special, aren’t they?! 😉

      Barun is such a delight. Just lovely. I wish you get to see him for yourself ❤ (I'd be happy to come over as well with him 😂 )

      Liked by 2 people

  37. WHAT THE!
    When did this happen. You must be on top of world Ruchi.
    I am so not in touch with the latest and greatest of IF gossip.

    To think of meeting someone you adore is really great. I am glad that you had a la grand time with the man himself. Were you speechless? Is that your voice in the video. You have a very sweet voice.

    Are you still in your sapno ki duniya?

    Liked by 2 people

  38. You guys make me proud, that there is just not me but people out there who love this dude and crazy about him and infact much more crazy than I ever try to be.

    Your account of him, the hilarious tid-bits, were so endearing. I had a goofy smile all the while I read about your encounter.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us and also reaching out love to Barun on our behalf.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. ❤️❤️❤️

    Oh man, I don’t know where to begin! I am soo overwhelmed just reading about your experience! I am genuinely verrry verry happy for you!

    Thank you so much for sharing every little detail from ordering the tickets, to every little conversation and recounting your feelings throughout the event, including describing Barun’s smell and about you bothering your husband in middle of a meeting at work with “rather urgent” matter. For IT IS a priority and truly once in a time experience. I loled at your craziness in prep for the meeting with engineering your meet to finalizing the perfect outfit. I travel a lot for work and every time I have to go out of town, I think of all sorts of scenarios in my head of my reaction/interaction with my favorite celebrities. But you definitely have guts to approach and speak to Barun. For I know I would be too shy and just admir him from sidelines. I loved your first picture! Haha, at a first glance, I read that “Ruchi, you are my Sunday” and was like you got him that Sweatshirt and he was gracious enough to wear it right away! It took a second to see that “Ruchi” is a watermark. 😂

    Barun in that suit looks sooo handsome. Just imagine his IPK “Diwali” look in this outfit. Thud..

    You know what I loved about your meeting? It’s the fact that it confirms that the person we all love dearly in virtual world is humble and a good human being!

    Once again thank you for sharing your moment of time with us! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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