Collaboration by Jigs (Chokri_ASR) and Ruchi (Arshi67), just because we needed a pick me up and an escape to sapno ki duniya together… Happy Reading!


Gomti Sadan



“Amma, it’s been so long since I have eaten from your hands, please can you feed me…”


Garima shook her head in exasperation at her daughter’s nautanki (dramatics) and sat down next her. She took a piece of poori, then scooped some aloo in it before feeding her beloved Khushi.


“If you came home more often from the big city, I would be able to feed my daughter everyday. Bas Khushi, ab bohot ho gaya. (That’s it, Khushi, enough of this.) You’re not going back to Delhi. Your Babuji is much better now and the shop is also back in our hands from that moneylender, Mohanlalji. Now all of the karz (loan) from Payal’s wedding is paid off.”  


“Amma, just one more year and then I’ll come back. I want to make sure Buaji’s pension is safe and the court case is closed.”


Garima looked at her daughter in tender wonderment. Her baby, her Khushi, has grown up so much. Where did that chulbuli, mischievous, girl go in the past three years of being away from home. Did working long hours as an accountant, and being burdened by the family debts completely take away her happy go lucky spirit. Although seeing her now with her mouth open waiting for the next bite, no one would guess that.


“Haye re Nandkishore, ee dekho. Apan Amma ke haath se khaana khai rahi hai Sankadevi. Aapan haath ma mehendi lagaye rakhe hee ka?” (Look at this Sankadevi being fed by her mother. Has she got mehendi on her own hands?)


Buaji’s loud voice boomed, as she walked through the front door with Shashi close behind. Garima stood up as they sat down at the table.   


“Leave it Jiji. Let her be pampered for a while. She’s only here for a couple of days. She’ll be gone the day after.”


Khushi grinned at her father’s words as she leaned over to get some more achaar from the covered jars in front of her.


“Amma, aap ko bhi khilaye kya Buaji. (Should Amma feed you as well Buaji.)” She quipped wickedly.


Ignoring her daughter and sister in law’s long running drama, a concerned Garima looked over at her husband questioningly, “Did everything turn out okay with the Shaadi ki mithai? Did you deliver it all to Sheesh Mahal? Were they happy with it? Did anyone say anything? Did you meet Diwanji? It was really nice of him to have recommended us for the mithai.”


“Calm down, Garima. Everything turned out well. The Badi Malkin, Devyaniji, came out personally to thank us. She said the Mithai looked and smelt lovely. Just the way she remembered Lucknowi mithai after being in London since the last fifteen years.”


“Garima, oo sab chhodo, hum jo dekhkar aaye hai oo suno. Bade bade log ki badi badi baatein. (Garima, leave all that aside and listen to what I have seen. These grand people with their grand ideas.) Sheesh Mahal has never looked so beautiful, not even when her son had got married. They have transformed the mahal into a real sapnon ka mahal (castle of dreams) for her only grand daughter’s wedding. They have spent so much money, that our whole mohalla ki shaadi (neighbourhood’s wedding) could take place for a fraction of that. Lekin man khush ho gaya dekh ke. (But, it was most pleasing to the eye to see)”


“Did they not ask you to stay back, Buaji?” Khushi piped in with a giggle, pointing at Buaji, dressed in her latest Chikankari saree and her finest pearl set. All under the pretext of helping her brother with the delivery, when in reality it was to satisfy her own curiosity about the goings on that were the talk of the town.  


Buaji frowned and smacked Khushi lightly at the back of her head. “They wouldn’t invite people like us! Pagaliya gayi hai kya? (Have you gone mad?)”


“Why not?! What’s wrong with us? Babuji is the best halwai in all of Lucknow. Everyone knows and loves him. Even Shyamji had invited him when he got married to Sheetalji. And they had come all the way from Mumbai for a location wedding. He was so nice to me. Remember that red designer anarkali he gave me?”


“Bas Khushi. That wasn’t right. If I had been there, I would have made you give it back.” Shashi said firmly getting up from the table. His titaliya was so naive, it scared him sometimes. “Jiji, can Garima and you come with me to the shop. We need to take care of a few things. We can go to visit Vimla chachi  after that. She was insisting we come for dinner. A potential groom and his family are coming to see her daughter.”  


“Khushi, why don’t you go and visit with Preeto. She’s here from her sasuraal. We will probably be late coming back. Make sure everything is locked properly.” Garima instructed as she took the thali and walked to the kitchen.


“Ji Amma. Have fun. Buaji ki nazar utaar lijiyega jaane se pehle. (Ward off the evil eye from Buaji before leaving) She’s looking sexy. What if the boy chooses her over Vimla chachi’s daughter!” Khushi winked at Buaji, smartly making a mad dash to her room before Madhumati could retaliate.


Deciding to take her Amma’s advice, she called Preetho to check whether she was home. Dejected to know she had gone to her Nani sasuraal, Khushi flopped on her bed and lay staring at the ceiling, trying to think of ways to pass the evening.  Her eyes fell on a brown stain near the fan. Memories of its origin washed over her as a smile lit up her face. A bet. A can of specially bought foreign cola. Some vigorous shaking. There were bound to be repercussions. Not that it had deterred Preetho and her. Both of them egging and aiding the other in all sorts of mischief and mayhem throughout their growing up years. Their innocent smiles and twinkling eyes allowing them to get away with mere admonishments from many a neighbourhood aunty.


As she rolled to her side, Khushi spotted a flash of red through the ajar door of her antique teak cupboard. With reminiscences of the past still fresh in her mind, her khurafaati dimaag (overactive, naughty imagination) began to clunk into drive. A gleeful grin took over her face as she jumped out of the bed.  She pulled out the red anarkali hanging inside and held it against herself. Looking at her reflection in the full length mirror on the inside of the cupboard door, an impish glint shone in her eyes.


“This is perfect.”




She took a deep breath, savouring the cool Lucknowi air, as she stepped away from the house. Her attention was caught by the squeals and shouts coming her way from the garden next door. She took a step towards them, but held back, telling herself this was not the time for cricket. Not dressed as she was. And not given the mission she had assigned for herself today.


She sighed regretfully as she passed by Preetho’s house a few streets away, missing her partner in crime. It would have been so much more fun having her accompany her on yet another foray.


As she turned the corner, her eyes were caught by the bright glow of distant lights. Sheesh Mahal, standing tall in all its majestic glory. The crescent moon hung low over the building as the last vestiges of daylight slowly fell away. Thousands of fairy lights twinkled as they lay draped across the facade of the mahal.


Her feet moved excitedly towards the glittering structure. In no time she was standing in front of Sheesh Mahal, with the soulful wail of the Shehnai engulfing her in it’s plangent yet uplifting sound.


Startled by the sharp blare of a horn, she stepped back hurriedly. She could see people dressed in their finery alighting from their cars and making their way inside. Her own feet itching to follow in their footsteps. And they did. Her impulsiveness coming to the fore, oblivious to the implications of crashing the wedding uninvited.


She hummed her favourite ditty under her breath, as she looked around in awe at the extravagant decor and sheer moreishness on display. Aaj mausam hai suhana, Shaadi dekhne ka hai bahana, Kya khoob aayega maja jab, Buaji ko sunayenge kahaaniya, la la la la la …


“Excuse me…” She turned, feeling a tap on her shoulder, only to be met by liquid caramel eyes trained on her intently. She stared into questioning eyes as their owner waited for her to respond. Unable to find her voice, aghast at being caught, she stood rooted in place, continuing to stare back mutely.


“Do I know you?” The husky British accented voice forcing her to stutter in response.


“I .. uh hum uh … no .. nahin, I don’t know you. I live in Delhi.”


“Oh, so you are here for the wedding? I don’t recall seeing you at the other functions. Did you just come in?”  


Hey Devi Maiya, please help me. What do I do now?


Khushi looked around frantically trying to find a plausible explanation. It had seemed such a great idea from the safe confines of her room. Seeing a board which read Anjali weds Rahul, she blurted out. “Kuch kuch hota hain”.




“Anjali and…”


“Oh, you’re here for Anjali?”


“Haan! Bilkul! Wohi toh. I’m a childhood friend of hers, we were best friends.  We actually had spent some time in London at Oxford university a few years back. You know Oxford na? Univeristy hai. We were so cool yaar.”


“Oh really?! I didn’t know that at all. In London you said, yeah?”


“Yeah.” She parroted, but then paused, seeing the glint in his eyes as he crossed his arms across his chest. To divert his attention, as well as hers from the rather attractive fellow, she decided to ask a question of her own.


“So, you are a friend of Rahul? Feroze?” Who knew her encyclopaedic knowledge of the film would serve her so well, she mentally patted herself on the back.


“No” He hesitated before adding. “My name is Aman. What’s your name, Anjali’s friend from Oxford university in London?”


“I’m Khushi. Khushi Kumari Gupta.” She said proudly, but instantly wanted to smack herself for giving away her real identity. But then there was something about him, that had made her reveal her name without any hesitation.


“Kumari …? Nice. Shall we go in?” He extended an arm for her. Seeing her look at him quizzically, he raised an impatient eyebrow and grabbed hold of her wrist to lead her towards the main lawn.


The unexpected caress from his touch on her wrist, caused her to shiver. And she couldn’t fathom why. Was there a chill in the air?


Panicking in earnest now as she saw numerous eyes swivel towards her, she tried to tug her hand away. But, he was having none of it. Seeing her discomfort though, he relented a little and asked whether she would like to go see the gazebo, pointing to a structure a little away from the gathered crowd.


Grabbing the opportunity to get away from being the cynosure of all eyes there, she nodded fervently, giving him a small relieved smile.


Hiding a smirk, he stepped inside the gazebo, with her hand still securely clasped into his. One that was a perfect fit molded together. He urged her to sit before taking a seat beside her.


“Tum theek ho?” He asked in his smooth velvety tone seeing her wringing her red net dupatta.


She looked at him unsure of what to say to extricate herself. Spotting a passing waiter her dimaag ki batti lit up and she called out to him, “Bhaiyaji idhar aaiye na. (Can you come here?) Could you bring something to eat and drink for my guest. He’s from the groom’s side, so we must do his khaatir (take care) properly.”  


“But, he …” Before the waiter could say anything further, he was cut off.


“No, no, ladies first. What would you like to have?”


“I’ll have thandai and jalebi. And some pani poori and some rasagulla and some biryani and then one kebab. Kakori kebab. That’s good for now to start out with.”


“What would you like?” She said turning to her companion, relaxed now that the topic had shifted to her favourite hobby, eating.


“Not sure if there’s anything left, but I guess I’ll have some pasta.”


After the befuddled waiter walked away, and relieved at having bought herself some time to think, Khushi took in her surroundings. She let out a delighted sound and walked over to  the roses cascading down the columns of the gazebo. Lifting her hand to stroke the soft velvety petals, she took a deep breath, inhaling their heady fragrance.


Wanting to see her face light up further, her companion plucked one of the roses and handed it to her. But, her reaction was unexpected.


“You can’t do that!” She shrieked looking around to see if anyone had witnessed it. Though it did not stop her from taking the beautiful red rose, he extended out to her.


“Why not?” He shrugged nonchalantly. “Who’s going to stop me? This is my…” He stopped abruptly turning away.


“My?” She asked suspiciously, her nose scrunching up and her eyebrows knitting together as she looked at him carefully.


“My best friend’s house. You know, Anjali’s younger brother. You’ve met him, right? Maybe at Oxford? Because he also studied there at the same time.”


“Oh him. Of course. I know him very well. He was such a flirt. Is he still that way? He used to follow me around all the time. Giving me flowers. Writing poetry for me. He even learnt to make jalebis for me. Took me to see Salman Khanji’s films in the cinema hall.” Her eyes taking on a dreamy look, much to the amused fascination of the man looking on.


“He did? I didn’t realise he was so romantic. What happened then? Why did he leave you?”


“Uff, he didn’t leave me! Woh toh, I had to leave him when I came back to Delhi.”


“Oh, so you’ll be able to rekindle your friendship when you see him again today. You should ask him to go with you for another movie. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.”


“He will?” She stood up abruptly as she realised what tall tales she had been getting carried away with. Clearly the adage of ‘stop digging when in a hole’ having passed her by.


“What happened?” Arnav followed suit as he heard snatched mutterings of “Buaji” and “Sankadevi” coming from Khushi.


“I have to go. Anjali will be waiting for me.”


“Wait, let me take you to her.”


“No, no it’s okay. I know the way.”


She bolted out of the gazebo, looking for an escape out of Sheesh Mahal. In spite of not wanting to leave him. There was something about him, that caused her heart to beat erratically. However, she knew it wasn’t an option. She needed to make her escape. That too, jaldi! Bhaag Khushi bhaag…


But, she didn’t make it far before she felt her arm taken once again. As she turned, he pulled her up against himself, his warm breath whispering inside her ear. “I’m not letting you go just yet.”


She tried to wriggle out of his hold, but he tightened his grip. Her eyes widened, and her heart slammed against her chest, when he bent his head closer towards her.


“Kya hua, tumhari … naak laal ho gayi hai. (What happened, your… nose has turned red.) Don’t rush away. I’m only just beginning to enjoy your company. I may have given you a flower, but I still have to write you poetry and take you to the cinema, and of course make jalebis for you… again.”


A soft gasp escaped her mouth, as she stared at him in horror as realisation  dawned. It was his sister’s wedding that she was crashing.


“I’m sorry…” She began, as tears of contrition sprang in her eyes. The guilt consumed her, unable to meet his eyes.


Seeing the tears welling up in her eyes, he immediately loosened his hold. But, before he could say anything he heard approaching footsteps and a familiar voice calling out.


“Chote! What are you doing?!”


“Meet my friend, Di. Khushi Kumari Gupta, from Delhi.” He introduced her smoothly before Khushi could say anything.


“I hope you are having a nice time, Khushi, at my wedding.” The imagined emphasis on ‘my’ rung loudly in Khushi’s ears, causing her to turn redder.  “Chote, I’m sure you’re taking care of our guest.” As Anjali placed her hand on Khushi’s shoulder, she threw a knowing grin at her brother, sensing the undercurrents between the two.




“Coming, Rahul!”


He watched his sister walk towards her husband and turned to take a nonplussed Khushi’s hand in his.


“So, Khushi Kumari Gupta, now that I have you, I, Arnav Singh Raizada, don’t plan on letting you leave me anytime soon.”


Her gaze locked shyly with his as he leaned down, sealing his words and her unsaid ones, with a kiss. Serendipity resulting in her larking to lead to attraction, and not admonishment, this time. Marking the beginning of their journey to hamesha.






Writing Serendipity together has been more fun than the mischief Khushi and Preetho must have got up to, growing up in their mohalla in Lucknow. I don’t doubt for a moment our giggling rivalled theirs. A six hour phone call may or may not have been involved! And a Jignasha shaking her head at yet another of the longest sentences she’s ever read was definitely involved!


Both of us are huge fans of Kuch kuch hota hai, and of Kjo’s Anjali. She lends herself so well to Khushi’s character, doesn’t she?! Those references practically wrote themselves. And I’m sure you will agree, we have all been in Anupam Kher’s shoes where Arnav is concerned, when he tells his student to cut his hair! And it was not because, as Feroze said, “You’re just jealous, Taklu.”


Jignasha, my darling, thank you for taking me along for the ride. You share your ideas and words with me so generously. Hamesha. It never fails to move me. ❤


And thank you to all of you for reading and supporting our story 🙂

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  1. There was no better escape away from the elections results, than getting on Facetime with you to write this. We started out with a thought of Khushi crashing a wedding, coming out of our obsession of attending one together, preferably at Taj Lake Palace in Udiapur… to where we ended up with. That is what creativity is all about. No clear destination, but just follow the path that your dimaag leads you towards. Results = Serendipity! And what better way than sharing it with you. It was a blast reliving some of Khushi’s phankiness, or drooling over a Arnav with a British accent or SRK’s “COOL” necklace in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

    Loved every bit of it, but most of all, Love you! Thank you for taking the time, a whole lot of time, while dealing with my hacking and my sexy husky voice 😉

    PS… I lubs your long sentences! And I love the fact that you let me break them apart after a long pause and sigh…. ROTF!

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    • Loved it, ladies, take a bow and 🍷🍷🍫🍰🍬

      NRI Arnav is amused and bemused with the gatecrashing Khushi.💗💖💕

      But how can you stop here…..this is just the first meeting and surely there is a story waiting to be told.
      He still has to take her to salman khan movie, write a poem and make jalebi and so much more….

      Tussi ja rahe ho kahani yahi chood ke
      Tussi na jao 👼👼

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  2. I loved it! Just loved it!!!
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful one shot of Arshi. Doing mischief is always too much of a fun and not getting caught is very much of a precaution. But then, you might relish those memories forever more.

    Thanks again.Thumbs up to both of you.

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    • Generally OSs always lives me craving for more and when it is written by two wonderful ladies, should I even say how I would love if the story is extended further.

      Jigs and Ruchi, this story was super cute.

      Khushi is the perfect Sankadevi here.
      And loved the kuch kuch Hota hain references.
      A flirty Arnav is always fun to read.

      Do continue this story ladies.

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  4. Ladies you both are so adorable and love,love the a week and the next four years will pass in laughter and escapism more please.. There simply is no denying that you both are word wizards and we get such an awesome treat .. One cannot tire of our favourite couple..

    Little snippets and dialogues from the show so effortlessly melded into the story line .. The loudest chuckle that you married off Shyma to Sheetal – Rab himself could not have paired this Jodi better !!

    This stands wonderfully as an OS but if you were to continue it.. Then an SS it would be promoted to.. 🙏🏻😜📖❤️

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  5. Ruchi, Jigs,

    That was one sublime story. Took me right back to the very first episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?…….and left me with that errant thought…..kaash aisa hua hota! If only they had met in just that manner instead of traversing the whole hate-love journey…..this would certainly not have taken a cliched path….we see that clearly. The heart warming start where Khushi is fed by Garima, her contnuous battle of words and wits with Buaji, the red anarkali, Preeto…..and Sheesh Mahal! Such a feel good pot boiler with some subtle differences from the run of the mill! Arnav masquerading as Aman, drawing Khushi in and his ooh-to-die-for firangi accent and manners…….Khushi Kumari Gupta from Delhi was officially a goner! And so were we! I do hope you both will pay serious heed to fandom’s mangein at this point and write a complete short story… the very least! Transform this one…kyun? We will all provide our wish lists! Haha! 😍🤗🎉

    Loved it and love you guys!


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  6. Jigs & Ruchi this is wonderful dear that I feel you should come up with part 2……

    I loved it….. There is subtle romance at the same time there is mischief……

    I simply love this Arnav-Khushi……

    (orchids8888 from IF)

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  7. Loved it ladies 😊. Khushi’s khurafaati dimaag and all….😀 Suave Arnav (as Aman 😝 ) played along cutely 😍. A Rose, a kiss and we are Hamesha 😄wonder about sexy buaji’s reaction now…. please can we have a part 2 …..😋

    KKHH premise fit ( kjo’s best for me) me akso think the vivacious Anjali of K3G was so Khushi here 🤗

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  8. This is absolutely sweetest and very very heartfelt…going back to this kind of Sapno ki Duniya without any conflicts but sweet memories is the best kind of readings. It is mesmerizing and I almost want to cry as this feels like remembering the good old beautiful memories. This is just so beautiful.

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  9. Ladies you both are adorable and so as your OS…..enjoyed the story totally. I loved that Arnav played along cutely…..dono ek dusre ke liye bane hai. I am wondering what will happen to her buaji….ladies please can we have the second part….greedy aren’t we 😉

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  10. How i wished this never ends n you guys could extend it to a SS or something. A hopefull pnakhi could could only hope 🙂 .
    Loved it. Specially the little little things that reminded the very beginning of our IPK. But seriously Shyamji got married to Sheetalji 🙂 this cracked me up.. .
    A flirty n carefree Arnav is a delight to watch.. Craving for more as usual..
    Thank you both for this lovely surprise..

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  11. Wonderful shot.. loved it so much.. Khushi bhi na.. but felt nice to see Arnav being so warm person who didn’t got angry at the girl for crashing in the wedding and lying.. a very different Arnav..

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  12. What a cute romantic tale!!!!!! Could you please continue and tell us what happens next till Arnav learns to make jalebis for Khushi.;) Do convert this OS into a full fledged fan fiction… at least half a dozen parts more.

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  13. Can this continue somehow I just read it again!!you guys should do this more often…it’s a treat to read about them in any given senario!!!!how many times have we imagined Arnav go along with Khushi i her sanak…such an amazing shot!!!luv violetgirl

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  14. Serendipity: what a lovely collaboration

    Khushi and her Buaji, a match made in heaven.

    Arvan and Khushi, a match made is Sheesh Mahal.

    I m sorry, internet is getting into my way. The connection is terrible and its been like this for nearly a month.

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  15. Arrey,..what a fun story! You girls rock!!

    A sanki & head-in-the-clouds Khushi attracts the attention of a flirty Arnav! Trust Khushi to get herself into trouble par achcha hua sachmuch ka Aman nahin tha wahaan!!

    But, surely this is just the beginning of their story…what about the rest? Please use Facetime, Facebook, Skype, phone, long sentences, short sentences…whatever it takes..please just come up with more stuff! Please, pretty please?!

    Lou you ladies…big hugs coming your way!!

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  16. Wow what a sweet surprise Ruchi .
    If gate crashing into someone’s wedding will give me ASR , I am ready to attend uninvited *wink*
    Only Khushi can goof up like this especially when she is in ASR’s radar . Arnav has played all along , that was so sweet of him .

    loved it

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  17. Admist all the intense virtual environment, this OS came as a heart flutterer.
    The mischievous Khushi and suave Arnav and ofc K2H2 references. We all have loved Anjali and seeing her glimpses in khushi was very refreshing.

    Cute OS. Keep it up Jignasha and Ruchi many more 6 hr long phone calls to you 😃

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  18. Oh my:)! I’m speechless😊! Such a wonderful, and funny as well as cute story. Loved it👍😃. Thank you guys for this awesome adventure and please write more of this light hearted and heart fluttering stories. You guys are brilliant👍😊.

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    Thanks jigs for giving link of this awesome story. Loved it.
    This shot need a full story to be written. Will love to read more of it.
    Thank for writing it.


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  20. It was fun reading the story. Khushi the sankadevi who just caught red handed while lying too much. And the person who caught her was none but Arnav! He sure was impressed bu her impromptu false story and of course her ethereal beauty.
    Khushi is really unique. I heard guys usually furtively attend wedding or parties as uninvited guest, but never heard girls do it! But yes only Khushi can do such stunt.
    Really enjoyed it.

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  21. aww it was like fairytale.. cinderella meeting her prince charming but not in castle but in sheesh mahal nd not in ball but in shaadi.. nd with the help of two fairy godmother ruchi and jigs..
    aww perfect.. :-*

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  22. This was such a fun read! A laughing riot all the way! KJo’s Anjali is iconic. And so is our Khushi!
    Ladies please expand on this one whenever you get a chance! Would really love to read some shayari by Arnav!

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  23. Lovely!!

    I never expected Khushi to be this mischievous!!! Crashing a wedding and then getting caught by the person before whom she was bragging about things..

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    Lots Of Love.. 🙂 🙂

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  24. Aww dil khush kar ditta tusi ☺️ O very very good ji – my punjabis are going to stone me for donning this cliched Punjabi avatar but as bhaiya ji said “kaunsi badi baat ho gayi” ! So thank you-shank you for this

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  25. Awww this was adorable… I loved it completely and Arnav her was a sweetheart… So gentle….
    It was a good read and I am looking forward to read more of these one shots…

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  26. Iam extremely sorry ruchi and jigs – Iam too late to comment
    Read it as soon as it was posted but missed to comment
    Jigs, I did that to the last chapter of stripped too
    Iam taking advantage of you guys
    Will be back soon darlings

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  27. Oh come on! This can’t be all of it?
    No, right?

    Abhi abhi toh kuch kuch hua hain,
    Bahut kuch hona baaki hain.

    What I absolutely love about both of you and your style of writing is how effortlessly you maintain the essence of the show, the characters and transport us back to the good old IPK days. Your words transformed the screen into the same old Gomti Sadan, Lakshminagar, Sheesh Mahal, and the sanki Khushi we love. I could actually imagine her in that lavender night suit with plaited her, placing the red Anarkali over herself and perusing the result.

    KKHH! Not sure of our Videsi babu, but I didn’t miss a single reference.
    And I snorted in a very unlady-like manner, seeing two words. Shyam and Sheetal. XD

    Such a wonderful story, Ruchi and Jigs! And I wish you many more hours over the phone and many more giggles. Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s just what this Monday needs.

    PS: At this rate, I’ll just stick a ‘Sorry for the delay’ sticker on my forehead.

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  28. I know i’m late to read and comment, but right now felt like a very good time. Especially, in this drought of Temptation updates (no thanks to plagiarizer), this OS seems like the sweetest drop of rain.

    I agree, I was always able to associate khushi’s character and her crazy antics with the Anjali from KKHH. KKHH is one of my all time fav movies just like DDLJ. Now I’ve to watch them both over the weekend.

    Thanks for the lovely OS Jigs and Ruchi.

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  29. Awww…. Kuch kuch hota hai Ruchi tum nai samjhogi 😋😘
    I loved this altogether alter universe where both have dealt with there problems and have already gotten out too without much of complications and met in a situation which was more of fun then a drama though drama was there but it was sweet one and well when you have KKG in story its really hard not to have her antique and drama and Kuch kuch hota hai indeed kya use kiya aap logo ne story mein…. ☺👍
    Totally loved it

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  30. That was a fabulous story Ruchi and Jigs… Loved the way you have put Khushi in a spot and then showed a lovely side of ASR… Yes absolutely… KKHH is a movie for merry hearts… Love it… The number of times I have seen it! I better not mention…

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Ruchi, did u co-write with jigs ?
    SRK is god of romance yaara,
    His COOL necklace was pulled so hard between two of us, pyaariyon,it broke into a jumbled mess at our foot
    when little Anjali talks about MAA at school function , it was so 🤧
    Not only is he older now , it feels like I belong in a senior home
    This was fun, NRI Arnav catches gatecrashing kh , takes her to the gazebo & kisses🙈
    Once a creepwa always a snakewa 🤢
    Did SMJ gift red anarkali to KKG ?
    How could you girls ?
    But he is married to Sheetal, good one 👌
    Enjoyed thoroughly

    Liked by 1 person

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