A Summer’s Day


Viridescent hues surrounded her. Myriad shades of emerald as far as the eye could see. Vast carpets of grass calling out to be tread on. Rustling leaves whispering invitingly to come peek behind to catch a glimpse of the whites and pinks of the cherry blossom they cloaked.

Dappled sunlight played hide n seek through the canopy of winter’s once gnarled branches now preening in their new foliage. A gentle breeze wafted by intermittently, lazily, teasing her dupatta to billow out, before rushing back to her. Whipping up errant strands of her hair, cloaking the world from her hazel eyes. Tresses which rejoiced in the freedom of being away from the one who never failed to overpower them, determinedly tucking them back.

She made her way to her favourite oak tree, heedless of the beckoning beauty of the others along the way. Loyal to a fault, as always. Uncaring of the dust she sank down against its inviting trunk. Wishing it would fold her in its arms and let her sleep. For evermore.

Unwillingly, high pitched shrieks and giggles made their way to her. Deeper remonstrating voices accompanying them. Tinged with indulgence. The sounds of tiny feet rushing, the thuds of bouncing balls, the thwack of willow, the accompanying gleeful screams, all swirled around her.

Yet, inside of her, an oppressive silence reigned. All consuming. Drowning. Leaving her a mere shadow of the chirpy, vibrant person who had personified her name. Aeons back.

She stared, hypnotised, at a woodpecker relentlessly going about its business. Drumming rhythmically. Unceasingly. Its goal the insects lying hidden in the silver birch. Food for its young ones. Its babies.


My baby.

Why my baby, Devi Maiya?




I wrote this based on a prompt given on a Leisure Writing IF thread. The words to be incorporated were Tree, Silence and Hypnotise. So, this is what came to mind. As ever, ArHi are never far!

116 thoughts on “A Summer’s Day

  1. ❀

    Expect the unexpected is the takeaway from this magnificent piece… In just a few words, you have made the reader feel an array of emotions, visual painting it in front of us. I walked alongside her on a summer day with the sun beckoning to only stop to find the lingering cloud above. Following her on the journey of life. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful… can I be selfish and ask for more?

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  2. Poetry in pain, threads woven so tight that I couldn’t find my way out. I wasn’t sure that was even an option, no exit sign posted. Your words bound me tighter than the knots of those knarled tree trunks!

    Take what you will from this , I know I will.
    Those dusty footprints that fit into my palm, that make way into my heart.

    Thank you for this brief trust! What a lovely rendition my dearest friend! Stray they are not, reflecting momentary moments they are for sure.



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  3. Ruchi .. Hugs .. It’s the ones we never get to know .. We yearn for them more .. We listen to the silence as it resonates the loudest .. We ask why and then we ask why again ..

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    • ( I pressed enter too soon ) .. The summers day provides warmth .. Embracing you as would the little one .. There will be days where tears will mingle with raindrops .. And days where the brutal cold will cut straight through .. An emptiness with it xxxx

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  4. Beautiful.
    Beautifully written about her pain when everything is so vibrant in a lovely summer day.
    Even in such a day can’t make her pain go away. In such a short way you have shown given us a whole story.
    Marvellous ruchi.


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  5. Very emotional.

    A loss so deep that all the natural beauty around her, reminds her of her loss.
    A loss so deep that has made her forget who she was, once.

    Very beautiful Ruchi.

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  6. Beautiful, yet painful. Your a gifted writer my friend please write more, there’s a lot of talent in there waiting to be devoured by us all. Thank you Ruchi. Hugs

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  7. Beautiful depiction Ruchi! How do you weave this magic all the time when you write….you are blessed just like a rose which speaks in the language of it’s fragrance…your talent speaks when you pen it down! Hugs xoxoxo

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  8. Calm is the armour worn by the most beaten ,who have learnt to survive as the strongest. They relish in the serenity the nature offers. Silence is their weapon against more turmoil, yet so powerful that words can’t stand it.

    It was pure bliss reading such a poignant and heart touching piece. Truly heart rendering.

    Thank you for such an insightful summer day that evokes the memories of all seasons.

    That last lament, ‘ my baby’, is soulful.

    Loved it! 😊

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  9. The fine summer day completely in contrast to what khushi is going through
    Words are beautifully weaved together
    Kudos girl ..more power to you ❀️❀️

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  10. This is beautiful dear Ruchi! Your writings are always so poetic and deep!
    This was such a contrast – the vibrant hues of summer to her pain!
    Simply alluring!

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  11. Wow just wow.. from d start it sends me bk to my hindi poetry & prose classes where i have re read again just to get d depth & beauty of a piece correct.. u r one of d writers for whom i thanks jigs.. its my 1st comment on your work.. but this one i can feel it deep.. being on threshold of being a mother this resonates deep in my heart.
    Truly magic of words..

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  12. A vivid picture of beauty and nature opened to pleasure the senes witha beautiful summer day only to halt at the loss of such magnitude to dimnish this beauty.

    Words, so eloquently written that each emotions speaks a story of its on.

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  13. A fervent piece…. clearly depicts Khushi’s pain of having lost her baby even though she is in the midst of a beautiful summer day! Could picture her sitting under the oak tree watching children play. Could see her expressive face blankly starring at all the beauty of the season and could feel the pain of losing ones child in your words.
    Beautifully written, hope we get to read more!

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  14. A summer day so beautifully described through her eyes.. vibrant hues and so much liveliness around her yet she is in so much pain!! She can see people happy around her yet she is not.

    Beautifully described Ruchi!!! πŸ™‚

    Thank you πŸ™‚

    Lots Of Love.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  15. Hello Ruchi di or Roo’ ji,

    Technically, the summer is still on, so I am on time.

    When half the words go over my head, I know I am at the right place. This time with a pen and paper in my hand. Yes, Chokri ji my dictionary is still lying untouched and I have begun making a list.

    Every single time you leave the reader with a loss of words. Is this a natural trait? Where do we bring them from when you write about nature’s beauty like you may have created it. I can justify the statement. Every evening my mum and I watch the live telecast from The Golden Temple, Amritsar via PTC channel. Recently, they have started displaying translations of the scripture/s for youngsters to understand and it leaves the both of us satisfied spiritually at the end of the day. Reading your work, makes me realize you have reached a level which many want to attain. You are gifted and your humility towards the same astounds me.

    A lay man needs to have a true sense to understand what you want to convey. There is a reason when friends and fans here ask you to write more. But then, it struck, you already are the master of the art and do not need practice! Rarely, you pen down but when you do, it leaves an everlasting impact. One can easily re-read every word you write, to cherish life in abundance.

    The way you bind things (I am sure there is a better word) is amazing. There is a lot of thought in not just the flow of narration, but the way in which descriptions are done, a tale weaved along, leaving us wanting for more.

    Now I cannot stop wondering, when will you start an FF or a short story? It is time consuming and you take your work very seriously. But, do you ever think about it? You are a regular reader, anek writeron ko break de dijiye, please.

    Oops, forgot to mention about the tale – I like how you took up the writing challenge and have left every one spellbound. Do you ever meet expectations? Because I think you always exceed them. Children – I think parents exist in this world only for them. This is a blessing which all living organisms endure. Khushi is strong is what I can gather. Was it her perspective about the beautiful summer’s day that we read about? If so, that allows me to appreciate her even more because she has the strength to indulge in nature to know what she is missing, use it as a medium to both repent and appreciate the beauty simultaneously.


    P.S – Jigs ji the banner is stunning!

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    • Setting aside the technical, you are welcome here at any time Zeffy πŸ€—

      You leave me overwhelmed with all the praise you heap upon me! Sach mein, kya bolu main?! Thank you, dil se ☺️

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      • Hello Ruchi di,

        Oh why did I have to turn off the email notifications! I missed your reply.
        Thank you for your sweet words. Your humbleness is beautiful.

        Has IPK 3 piqued your interest?

        Also, heard about London news a few mins ago. Hope all is well.

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          • Lovely! I am definitely looking forward to your take on the show now. What did you garner from the promo?

            There seems to be no fear left in the minds of crime-committers. Hopefully stricter measures are taken soon to make people feel safe.

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  16. Ruchi sis,
    your words are brilliant!!.it’s an art to express the beauty and rawness of one’s pain..her inner world and outer worlds are contrast to each other..you captured the beauty of a summer day perfectly sis..however the surrounding world is ,A mother’s heart always in her child na..
    the banner is perfect!!

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  17. Hello I’m here πŸ€“ In all the ongoing chaos of ipk1 vs ipk 3 here I found the sweetest brief lines that reminded me of a laad gavernar and titliya and their choti si duniya no one can compete nor can replace that sweetness if only people realised it πŸ˜’πŸ˜­

    Cheers Ruchi di if I may call you that 😘

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  18. Your ‘A Summer’s day’ Transported me to our local park. It feels that you could have written about my park. Wonderful description of the flowering Cherry trees and huge oak trees lining the children’s playground. One never knows what goes on a person’s mind when they sit under the tree watching kids play. A mum missing her child or someone like me remembering the time spent with young nephew Sachin playing cricket.

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