Advay Singh Raizada Ruminates

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I’d best start with a disclaimer because I understand that’s all the rage currently. And if there’s one thing I totally get peeps, it’s rage.


You may have noticed my penchant for a bit of random conflagration, ya? Although, I must apologise for the cheap lighters I’ve had to use. Between that wannabe Inspectress Clouseau (who can give him a run for his money in the deadpan staring stakes, btw) and that perma cheerful, I will state the blindingly obvious because  it is blindingly obvious, Tanatan one, my Dunhill ones have got misplaced. Well, either that or they’re somewhere beneath all the stuff haphazardly, but perfectly logically and artistically if I may say so, dotting my room near the pile of dried up noodles. Pot noodles are the thing where I grew up guys!


Coming back to the point at hand, I just want to clarify that these are my thoughts, and mine alone, and I felt I ought to share them with you because, you know, umm… uh… well… I just did, okay. I felt, so I did. Sorry? What was that? All those asides to the camera you ask? Of course they don’t count! All that generic stuff is for the general TRP contributors. You guys are special. So, special pyaar ka paigam toh banta hai.


Having got that out of the way, a bit of social niceties are always good, no? So,




I’ll just wait a bit, Shall I, while you’ll pick yourselves off the floor? 😉


Never fails to baffle me, this fondness you guys have for my voice. But, as it’s helping me here I’m not gonna complain. A soft, husky whisper in the vicinity of an ear, and voila. Goosebumps galore.


While we’re on the subject of getting affected, what’s with the constant blushing and hyperventilating every time I drink something?! Breathe people! Waise, you’ll are giving me more ideas here. I should use my secret stash to go after more people. Depending on my mood, whisky, tequila, vodka, and, of course, the more innocuous stuff for the under age ones. Nimbu pani anyone?


Shall we first address the elephant in the room and get it out of the way? The barrage of mutterings and rumblings that constantly hit me everytime I stand silhouetted in a doorway, is distressing. Let me ask you a question my darlings. Have you’ll seen the pantomime reject shop I’m having to infiltrate? Now could I dress any other way if I want to not stick out like a sore thumb? Now do you see why? I’m actually just the simple guy you’ll saw weeks back, who traipses across parched lands, carrying urns, blazing his own path in life, armed merely with a guitar strung across his back and a pair of killer glares, one of which being the literal sort. Oh, let’s not forget the vintage washed jeans, ya? Sigh, the good old days.


I am truly grateful for those glares though. The sheer amount of bling unrelentingly accosting my eyes in Allahabad is staggering. There’s odd and then there’s odd. That’s all I can say. I remain awed at people’s ability to even move with all the bits and bobs hanging off them.


And, I include Mausaji here. It’s not just the female of the species. You know, the one married to the Engish wali mausiji. The same mausiji who’s swallowed the Hindi to English dictionary wala shabd kosh. And can’t stop vomiting its contents. The one who needs to stop ogling me. It’s getting more than a little weird. Let’s hope her red wala laal lipashictek doesn’t come anywhere near me. Another reason why I’m okay with covering myself with lots and lots of fabric. Shudder.


The other Mausiji has illusions of being the descendent of The Riddler himself. Beats me how deluded people can be. Classic example here of a triumph of SKD over AD, don’t you think? Now, if ever there was a candidate for the personification of enigma, it would have to be Sasuma (not being presumptuous or anything, but I’m willing to bet 16… crores of course, PP baba ain’t gonna be the one calling her that) The aura of ruthlessness melded with gravitas that she exudes fascinates me utterly. The air fairly crackles around her. I must confess to a certain frisson with her around. Imperious and impervious describes her well I think. Saam daan dand bhed should be inscribed on her coat of arms! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Chanakya Neeti is compulsory bedtime reading for her.


Coming to her three betis… what is this strange predilection for having all the women in sets of three? The senior jijjjis, the junior jijjjis, even the blondes who’d dropped in apropos of nothing during the aarti came in a set of three. And I’m the one called Ajeeb here!


The shat pratishat Vashisht warbling trio have some very peculiar set pieces I have to say. I was tempted to ask the ogling mausiji today, that if there can’t be fire without smoke, then how can her nieces create those little tufts of smoke without fire? Having said that, they are ever so easy to manipulate. Despite what old Wills had said, “though she be but little, she is fierce! It’s been such fun peeps. Getting Chandani all riled up and huffing and puffing has been a trifle too easy so far. Candy from a baby really (Just a heads up peeps. Candy stripes coming up soon. Be prepared – Yup you guessed it, I was in the Scouts back in Blighty).


Throwing the Bhole ke Sainik’s (as I had said earlier, just peculiar!) own words back at her feels so delish though. Much as she’d like to believe it to be so, my head is not the one jisme jamta hai dahi… My dimaag is the one jisme jalti hai badle ki aag


The one she provided the sparks for. The one she fanned. The one that burnt to ash my innocence. The one that killed my parents. The one that snatched my brother from me. The one that burns like an eternal flame in my eyes.
After all, jo sach hai woh sach hai.






Advay Singh Raizada came in the form of Barun Sobti. How could I do anything but watch?! All I can say is that, “Yeh ishq nahin asaan!”

Gif Credit: ..Bonanza.. (IF)

91 thoughts on “Advay Singh Raizada Ruminates

  1. “A soft, husky whisper in the vicinity of an ear, and voila. Goosebumps galore.” and “the pantomime reject shop I’m having to infiltrate?” Ha ha ha ha ha! My dearest friend – you seem to have infiltrated his body and soul to bring us this. I don’t know about Advay Singh Raizada, but I can certainly bow to prowess you wield through your quill. ❤


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  2. I loved your errr..Advay Singh Raizada’s pyaar bhara paigaam! 😁😘
    Pyaar kiya toh nibhana padega, even if it’s not easy…haina?!?! 😉😁
    Ruchi, thank you for the giggles and guffaws! ❤️

    Liked by 8 people

  3. Damm !! What is this ??
    You shake me with your words 😁.
    But, here 2 things are “Sach” ~
    …..Ye ishq is not easy 💘 !! Agree.
    ………..& When the words coming from a traffic Amazing lady, our Ruchi~Di….- It’s Dhamakedar 💣💥💥 Hameshaa ki Tarah 😍.
    Aur waise bhi aab jo Sach hai woh Sach hai, aur Sach ko Koi nahi badal sakta 🤷…..Kyun di 😉.
    I just love 💖 it. Thanks Ruchi~ di 🙏🙏. ……Love You Hameshaa 😘😘💕💕

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  4. Ruchi dear this was brilliant. Thank you for starting my morning with giggles and shaking my head in agreement saying bilkul sat pratishat same to same wala feelz. But for our BS who would be watching this utter nonsense that Gul ne khilaya hai.
    Please you gotta write more 😀👍

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  5. For Advay-

    Chalo Kadwa Bharam Toh Tuta, Jana Ke Hakikat Kya Hain

    Kahatee Hain Jisako Phangirling Duniya,
    Kya Cheej Kya Bala Hain

    Aankho Ne Kya Naa Saha, Hotwa Tere Pyar Me
    Chaha Kya Kya Mila, Hotwa Tere Pyar Me

    For Ruchi ji- agli baar Advayji to jaroor bataeaga – aur bhi bahut hai bekarar if he feels like ruminating again😋😋.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Aapka message wala sandesha zaroor pahuncha denge, Monicaji ❤

      Balaein sehte bhi hai, ishq ladate bhi hai
      Chahatein dabate bhi hai, hakikat aazmati bhi hai
      Sach mein, ishq nahin hota aasan

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  6. Ha ha aha I was laughing throughout. I haven’t watched the show coz honestly Gul’s story lines are crappy. She has taken oven kekta Mata… Honestly can’t we have good stories when we have such wonderful actors ???

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  7. hai ruchi di..
    seriously yeh ishq nahi hai assaan..
    per hum usse bhul be nahi sakte ha..
    i am watching only for barun as he is pulling one man show.. i love you advay/arnav
    lipstick ki kasam i want to kill those all extra baggage of costumes and make up.. why cannot they keepit simple another ishqbaaz in making..
    and the plots advay using against chandini mai apna sar ko devar pe satak du..or put my head under a lorry ..common sense naam ki cheez hi nahi.yesterday episode khabutor ja ja ja ud ja
    kay laga raka hai.. dekne walo ko pagal samaj raka hai kya..
    the best is advay promo on band is nice ..i loved him in that promo..he is handsome but that dress not good..
    anyway i will watch him for my happiness after all iam his fan ..
    thank you for this
    love you
    take care

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  8. I agree Ruchi..

    Yeh ishq nahin aasaan for sure!!! We all have immense, mad love for Sobti and I would be very frank that Sobti is the only sane reason I watched the first week of the show. Somehow this time I couldn’t connect to the story and hence have decided to watch the remaining episodes for Barun. ( And most probably only Barun’s part)
    Coz’ when Barun’s on screen I am just glued to it like anything. There is a magnetic pull in his eyes and I am just getting drowned in them!! I love him and this love is forever ❤️
    So IPKKND 3 just for Mr. Sobti 😘

    Thanks Ruchi for your view point and I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement.

    Lots Of Love.. 😊😊

    Liked by 4 people

      • U know guys.. I was just watching Barun’s part in IPKKND 3 and somehow I missed Arnav.. and it happened suddenly. So I randomly picked up am episode from IPKKND and watched it. It turned out to be the episode where Khushi slaps Arnav coz’ a mosquito was sitting on his cheek 😂😂. The episode where Arnav doesn’t want sangeet ceremony in Akash and Payal’s wedding.
        And when I was watching that episode, I realised how much I miss this!! The madness of Khushi, Arnav losing control of his anger and snapping at her and NK for their stupidities!! But a single tear in Khushi’s eyes and he becomes all mushy and concerned and then he goes all “Khushi, tum theek ho??” in his husky voice… And damn I lose all my control. It was not such a major episode where anything important happened but just watching that made me feel a deep longing in my heart!! Khushi’s madness, Arnav’s anger, Arnav’s concern for her, his husky voice, those deep eyes.. I just miss all of that.!!

        Though Barun is the same with all of his qualities intact but somehow IPKKND 1 was different and it is etched in my heart forever and nothing can change that!!
        Wanted to share so just kept on rambling..
        Sorry for bothering!!

        Lots Of Love.. 😊😊

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  9. Yes… only watching it for our sobti boy.. Don’t ask how many times I roll eyes seeing that weird dress he have to put on plus the induced RV.. sigh.. only for sobti.. only for sobti.. just like you..

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  10. After watching yesterday’s episode I found there is no spark between the lead. You only realize they r having their moment when hearing raba ve or so the remains of it.

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  11. I can only say…..Yeh dil deewana hai dil toh deewana hai….deewana dil hai yeh dil deewana…..Just watching it for Barun Sobti.
    I agree with each and every word of yours Ruchi….yeh ishq nahi aasan…Very well written.

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  12. Hhahah Ruchi loved loved this pyar bhara paigam 😀 You just added balm to my self-imposed torture – good to know I have company 😉 But I have to confess it Khulasa mami who makes me watch it otherwise I wouldnt watch this ‘a crap’ for any BS either. Every time they randomly play any background score from IPK my blood boils – nothing short of sacrilege. Aur koi hisab hi nahi hai kab kaun sa music dena hai – nafrat ki aag plus RV Hey DM! Kuch toh baksh dete, somethings are sacred dammit! Thanks for the laughs and the space to rant 😀 Cheers and keep penning

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  13. You had me at…A soft, husky whisper in the vicinity of an ear, and voila….Goosebumps galore…sach mein pyaar kiya toh nibhana padega! Don’t we phankis already do that?!
    The ramblings itself was very hilarious! Though I must admit I have not seen IPK 3 except for the trailer. For me Sobti personifies Arnav Singh Raizada – a role tailor made for him!
    Love your writing always❤️ Also the banner is perfect!

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  14. Hello! 🙈
    Back after a long hiatus. And thought this would be good place to start instead of the long reading list I need to catch up with. So reading about Advay Singh Raizada’s message has gotten me interested. I thought I was one of the few fools watching this show just for Sobti and those Rabba veys. But SKD always gives company , a lovely one to say. Apt description Ruchi. ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  15. There is only person who can make 333 people stare at him over here! Bonanza ji, kya hai yeh? I cannot stop, can anyone else? I challenge you. Such a fantastic banner! The black and white touch is beautiful.

    Pot noodles in London or Allahabad? Raizadas have improvised their menu for sure.

    Oh and the Hi! It is deadly, undoubtedly. My mum’s favorite line of his is Oh really! Wonder if Bhabhi ji remains in a trance as well.

    ASR and ASR – They are different and interesting. His portrayal has and even now is leaving lasting impressions. Ignoring the glitches of IPK 3, it is a treat to watch him on screen and I feel he surpasses Shah Rukh ji too when it comes to romance.

    Mausi ji’s and future aadhi-gharwalis – ASR ji is surrounded by way too many women. I find it odd. But then Di, Mami ji, Nani ji, Bua ji did as well. It all worked well in the end. Chandani’s ma and Raizada ji have khatarnak chemistry, I must admit.

    Ruchi di, YOU should tailor make a role for him because he deserves it as an actor. Sach ek hi hai, aur yehi sach hai.


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  16. Hello Ruchi!
    I accidentally came across your blog and God oh God, what a delightful durghatna it was!!!😁
    I always look for like-minded, total Barun-crazy who does not shy away from over the top kurta-pharnewali fangirlism and lo and behold, there you are with an open platform to ogle THE ONE!!
    You, my dear, have a god gifted talent for writing. You are funny and immensely readable. I have a good feeling that I have only scratched the surface. Please let me be a part of your literary world, that is my humble request.
    With anticipation

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Ruchi dear…just read this beautiful masterpiece…..what can I say yaar….totally spellbound!

    Advay Singh Raizada@Barun…..apane spaarkaling pighala hua aankhen…apane achchhe dikhata hai….aapka karkash aavaaj…Meraa dil pooree tarah tumhaaare ooper fidaa hai!

    IPKKND3 dekhana aur keval bardaasht sirf Barun par….Bas!

    Loved it Ruchi!…..❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Your words are spellbound as usual. We all know how much you Pyaar Barun. He do deserve that, Ruchi, you fan girl and make us fan girl with you. Now the show is toning better some characters like mama and Nani are complementing, elder trisul sisters is replaced by sharp sword Indirani, who will be a excellent to bring our Advay’s acting skill. And won’t it be nice to see that side of Advay who gives tough time to tough Indirani. Chandini, is starting to devolp her character, hope the show makers etch her with equal importance like Advay.

    Liked by 1 person

    • K, lovely to see you here. You are always indulgent of my Barun madness ❤

      Like you said, I hope they develop all characters sensibly. I have to say the interactions between Advay and Indrani are scintillating. Two great actors with superb screen presence.


  19. U have a way with ur words,Ruchi ..
    This’s all I can say,FRIEND..
    I watched IPK 3…obviously for Barun ..
    Still I m unable to say a word about it .. I don’t like to disrespect anyone.. whether it’s Gul .. or the cvs .. or the other cast .. or the storyline ..
    It’s for first time that I m typing anything for it..
    There’s not a single day that I won’t watch IPKKND scenes, Arshi VMs n read Arshi fiction ..
    There’s not a single day that i have ever watch any scene,any vm from …..

    Lekin ek dafa dekh ke apne favourite Barun Sobti ka haq tou ada ker diya ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  20. What a hilarious post Ruchi.. as usual i am way too late to the party.. trying to scrape the left overs 🤪. I saw IPKKND 3 on hotstar immediately after watching IPKKND 1 on hotstar… i watched it only for sobti but imagine the shock of having to watch 3 after basking in all the pleasure of watching 1. I was shocked but didn’t stop watching till the end… and then went back watching 1 in loop… i don’t know how you girls survived and kept the flame burning for almost 10 yrs now…. is there an antidote ..?? I wonder..
    yeh ishq nahi aasan for sure

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! Thank you and welcome to my blog 🤗

      You went straight from IPK1 to 3?! My commiserations!!! Like stepping into an alternate galaxy right?

      As for an antidote to ArHi paagalpan, there is none. “Aag ka dariya hai, doobke jaana hai” 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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