The Compelling Barun Sobti

Barun Sobti


There is so much opprobrium being heaped upon Advay right now, and understandably so. We the viewer are aware of the Dev hidden in Advay, of the machinations of Indrani to deceive the world about her role in the killing of Advay’s parents, but Chandni isn’t . So, if you look at it from her perspective, her life forthwith most certainly comprises of only a series of amavasyas.


Jakad liye hai chand ko kale ghanghor baadal

Reh gayi chandni unke girah mein hokar bebas


Intezaar hai uss samay ka

Jab kar na sakega baadal taghaful

Chandni ki shwaith sheetal roshni ko


Na chahkar bhi pighalna hoga usse

Toot kar bikharna hoga

Apne gham ko barasne dena hoga


Aur tab hoga Chandni ka imtihaan

Jab woh sametegi unn badalon ko

Apni roshni ki nirmalta mein baandhegi unko



The moon lies trapped by the dark tumultuous angry clouds

Helpless lies the moonlight obnubilated


I await the time when

The clouds can ignore no longer

The unblemished purity of the moonlight


Unwillingly the clouds will be forced to melt

Forced To break and scatter

Forced to pour out their grief


And then will be the time of Chandni’s trials

When she gathers those scattered clouds

And ties them together, enveloping them in her healing coolness



And through it all, Barun’s prowess as an actor keeps me gripped. He is both the predator and the victim. And seamlessly gets the viewer behind both these avatars. The nuances and shades of Advay that he portrays so effortlessly continue to compel me to vaar doon sab sense and sensibility uss par.



Ajeebo gareeb kapdein pehenkar bhi

Dikha toh dikha sirf usska chehra


Lal peele neele chaka chond roshni mein bhi

Dikhi toh dikhi sirf usski aankhein


Rote bilakte logon ke beech

Dikha toh dikha sirf usske Nani ki god mein behte ashk

Anginat hote anyay ke beech


Dikha toh dikha sirf phulon ki sage par usske pairon se behta lahu

Ab Kya naam doon iss paagalpan ko…



Amidst the stranger than strange costumes

The only thing I could see was your face


Amidst the glare of garish multi hued lights

The only thing I could see were your eyes


Amidst the crowds of weeping people

The only thing I could see were the tears flowing as you lay in Nani’s lap


Amidst the untold travesties being committed

The only thing I could see was the blood flowing from your feet on that sea of flowers


Now what should I name this madness…


That wall of framed photographs of his gorgeousness in Nani’s room is mine in my head πŸ™‚

Fangirling much?! πŸ˜‰

44 thoughts on “The Compelling Barun Sobti

  1. 😍😍😍 Hayee… this is an exquistive piece of tribute for a man that is responsible for bringing us together to fangirl. And boy, do we kyun? πŸ˜‰ So, lagey raho, we benefit from it when you decide to write about it!

    Coming to the one and only, Barun Sobti… This man can act, and draw us in despite the flaws that surround him. He proves it with every episode, getting into a character we can love and so hate! The man is evil! It will be interesting to see what he does with it, and how he gets further under our skin!

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  2. Awesome poetry πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.. as far as advay is concerned, if chandani does not know anything than advay also is not aware of various manipulation done by indrani through chandani.. & as far as complaining goes, i don’t understand at all.. all of them from makers to actors were clear from get go that advay is unapologetic dark anti hero.. so he is being true to wat is promised as a character.. & there r no words left for Barun.. he is totally slaying it as Dev & Advay..he is bringing out two different personalities with effortless finesse πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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    • Thank you! You’re right, his character is as it had been promised. Dark. Unapologetic. His actions are governed by his perception of what life has dealt him. The rights and wrongs of it will only now begin to unravel.

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  3. Ruchi you have slayed it…. Wow
    You know when I first saw a few episodes of his baat humari pakki hai I was like who the hell is this… I couldn’t believe he became the Arnav Singh Raizada!!
    The many marvelous ffs have actually made me like the character more than what the show etched out. And how much ever I like barun I can’t seem to like the current show but your onsie has me forced to go check it out again let me see… And thanks to my sis m drooling over a few k- drama heroes much to my husband’s annoyance ( all look the same why are you watching it ) ha ha ha ha

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    • I totally agree with you about FF’s having depth to Arnav’s character. They have a very contribution to our ongoing obsession. I haven’t watched K dramas as yet despite a friend’s determined suggestion.
      But, this one please do. And I say this objectively as well, Barun is doing an amazing job.


  4. Ruchi very well written. Love Barun and I am a great admirer of his acting skills but this serial just doesn’t seem to grip me. I watched the first episode was quite disappointed and watch it off and on to see whether there is some semblance of logic to it but unfortunately I am unable to convince my mind to watch it despite Barun. I definitely agree that he has nailed the character which has different shades to it and can also say with certain authority that there are very few actors who could have justice to this character but having said that, a show is not about just one man. The others look like clowns around him. I am now looking forward to watching his movie which has very good reviews and drool over him

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    • Thank you, Asha! There is some improvement in the happenings surrounding him in the serial. But, I do understand what you’re saying.
      The film, THMS, is really good. Do let me know what you think of it.


  5. I’m guilty of flipping through the trio of channels, the middle one being star plus, in hope of glimpsing at him while simultaneously trying to show that I don’t care and that I’m as unaffected as the rest of the family. :p

    Very well written Ruchiji! I’ll take Advay through your eyes. πŸ™‚

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  6. Shall I be honest ? Hm here goes the fangirling ifor Arnav singh Raizada I am totally in agreement ( as someone mentioned FF contributed a lot to it) β€”β€” BUT a big But NO to Advay?
    just can’t get that high even after trying hard .Those clothes and sets wanna make me puke and rush back to the the only Hindi soap I completed ipkknd 1, so I decided to keep my happy memories- and read more and more FF- or watch episodes of ipkknd 1 again and get my fix rather that watching crap that will distort my happy fan girling .
    sorry if that is a bit hard but why spoil something that has given one so much happiness 9 ( Khushi)

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  7. Wah..wah…kya bat hai Ruchiji!
    This shero-shairi is awesomeπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    Sorry for a very late comment…life has been hectic recently!
    As you said the man can act – Be it a anti-hero or emoting passion through his eyes!

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  8. Ruchi ji I was seeing Bahubali with my lil one ( his nursery batch seems obsessed with it) one scene in it where Prabhas helps pull the falling statue reminded me of advay ‘s entry they copied it from Bahubali πŸ€”πŸ€

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  9. Ruchi dear!
    You seem to have gone super silent after the sudden demise of IPKKND3! I only glimpse your brilliance on Jig’s wonderful blog. I am pinning for your magical words!!! Ab silence todh hi do πŸ˜‹!!
    Any plan to bring out the awesomeness of Barun, breathtaking beauty of Sanya and the magic of their jodi on papers?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are an utter sweetheart, sending you lots of love 😘

      Arnav and Khushi are always inspiring, as for Barun, kya bolun…

      Likhe toh the hazaaron lafz
      Kya karun lekin
      Har lafz pad gaya fika
      Usski chhalakti shabnami aankhon ke saamne

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      • Oh wow!! I don’t think nobody can word out-and-out devotion to an almost mythical creature, aka our beautiful, soulful and mesmerising chocolate ankhewale Barun, like you sweetheart!! He is one lucky guy πŸ˜‹!!
        Please keep those creative juices flowing. We are so ready to be spellbound 😘

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  10. I loved only ASR , it is because of the writers of Arshi FF, I fell much more in love with him , we are here bcos of him
    As for Advay, I watched him , as he had my ASR s physique( even more hotter / mature ) better hair & makeup , he gave out I am sexy & I know it sort of vibe , which was utterly butterly drool worthy
    His expressions , as usual, I call it 4 expressions per minute was bang on, his eyes spoke , his swag, his accent ( Londoner , what can I say ) angst, revenge, vulnerability, pathos, self loathing , attraction , all through his eyes
    CEO/ Maths professor while doing unbelievable stunts, flexing muscles , jumping off
    the swing from first floor to land next to lady love
    to vanishing printed material ( passport)
    using UV light more than once for mind games
    Color coordinated dress material, to sets to
    lead β€˜s gaudy heavy bracelet, armlet& finger rings
    was so scared for my baby Adu πŸ™Š
    if he would get hurt or atleast bloody scratched

    Seriously woman 🌚, what was she wearing , yards & yards of fabric with no definition or structure πŸ™ˆweapons / gadgets for Jewellery
    They stole the BGM, name , RV, scenes from my ARNAV s Magnum opus
    Felt the makers were more obsessed with ASR than us fandom
    In that case they could have used jigs / Meera / ruchi / Sandhya / juhi s story
    for IPK-3
    I tolerated IPK with all its minus ( realized much after the show )because of one man Arnav Singh Raizada
    IPK is remembered

    of cute characterization, simplicity of emotions , aesthetics ( Lalit Mohan -so dreamy), conflicting
    personalities with drama high on romance
    We still talk about HP, daiyya ho, Bankelalji, Lakshmiji, Lavanya , Rocky, lallan

    But this one inspite

    of a brilliant actor like Barun, the writing was atrocious
    None of the cast made an impression , they were props,
    Chandon β€˜s sisters & Indrani s co sisters were πŸŽƒ
    Murali ASR s boy Friday had color coordinated costume, for what ?
    Could have spent on writing instead of wasting on sets
    & chandeliers πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
    did you see the pool inside the house ? Yuck 🀒
    For trying to trample on my feelings regarding my sacred couple s secret hideout ( pool ) I will never forgive gul & SP
    What can a man do if everything works against him
    Eye candy for us fandom doesn’t ensure TRPs or sponsors , so sad for him
    But don’t worry Barun, we are there for you , love u hamesha

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