Happy Birthday Jignasha!

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“I’m running away tonight.”


Khushi announced as she stormed into the room banging the door shut behind her.


“Anywhere nice, darling?”


Well used as she was to her friend’s dramatics, Lavanya didn’t bat an eyelid as she nonchalantly continued her stalking on India Forum.


“Lavvu, didn’t you hear what I said?! I said I’m running away, as in running away from home. For ever. I don’t mean just going round to Vimla chachi’s!”


“I’m sure that will be lovely, Chamkili”, Lavanya replied absently as she continued peering into her laptop. “I wonder if this woman is the MID for that other one who had insulted Barun in the IPK3 forum…hmm, I’ll have to have a word with…”


Before she could continue with her investigation, her laptop was summarily snatched from her and thrust aside. Wincing at the disrespect being meted out to her most favourite possession, she gave in and settled back in her chair to listen to yet another one of her friend’s tirades.


“This is serious, Lavvu. My life is finished. Finito. Amma wants me to get married! Me! It’s… it’s cradle snatching!”


“Well, not technically cradle snatching as you are nineteen, Khush, besides…”


But Khushi was in no mood for logic, as she continued with her ranting. She was incandescent at her parent’s decision. Well her mother more than her father, she opined, because Bauji would never have agreed to this had Amma not put pressure on him. Yup, no doubt about it. That can be the only reason why he would agree to a random rishta. There was no mistaking that Khushi was her Bauji’s girl through and through.


Making a mental note to speak to Garima aunty to get to the actual truth as opposed to Khushi’s version of it, Lavanya looked at her friend who was now pacing up and down. Shoving evermore fistfuls of channa in her mouth as she did so.


“Why don’t you come and sit here and tell me more, Khushi. Seeing you like this is making me dizzy. First of all, where did this fellow pop up from?”


She was convinced her friend must have misunderstood something somewhere along the line. Garima Aunty and Shashi Uncle loved their daughter to bits and would never just marry her off like this. But first she needed to get more information from Khushi.


“Some Shaadi.com relative of Buaji’s, I’m sure. Amma Bauji are being so cagey about the details. All they’ve said is that the boy is coming to see me tomorrow. Bas. With Buaji adding her two bit… The rishta is too good to ignore, Sankadevi, hum kahi deyat hai.”


Khushi had always had imitating her aunt down to a T, much to Lavanya’s amusement. But, this did sound serious, especially given… as a thought suddenly struck her.


“I wonder, Chamkili, what if the mystery man is Arnav?! Maybe Shashi uncle has guessed how you feel about him.”


“What?! Him…that Laad Governor?!”


Ignoring Khushi’s outburst, Lavanya continued dreamily, warming up to her idea.


“Hayee, just imagine if it is Arnav. The one and only Arnav Singh Raizada. ASR. Gosh Khushi wouldn’t that be amazing? Waking up to that view every morning… staring at that perfect profile… losing yourself in those pools of melting chocolate when he opens those eyes…”

“Will you stop with your fangirling already, Lavanya! And if that turns out to be the case, you can marry him!”

Ignoring the slight lurch in her heart at Lavanya’s words, Khushi tried to ignore the images her words evoked, quelling the pang in her heart at the thought of Arnav with anyone else.


“Sigh, if only I could… but sadly ASR has eyes only for you. Have you seen the way those caramel eyes melt into limpid pools of honey when he stares at you? I could be one of Buaji’s achar ki barnis for all the notice he takes of me.”


“That’s because he’s plotting of more ways to irritate me. I bet he’s got a whole diary filled with ideas, How to annoy Khushi Kumari Gupta in seven simple steps. Wait, not a diary, he’s probably got a spreadsheet all neatly laid out. Complete with instructions for Aman as well!”


She had known Arnav since she was three years old, her family having moved from Lucknow to Delhi to a house adjoining the  opulent Shantivan. While the Guptas were not quite in the league of the Raizadas, her parent’s Lucknowi background had endeared them to the Raizada matriarch, Devyani Raizada, who was a Lucknowi herself before marriage. And the tiny, chatterbox of their daughter, Khushi, had instantly captured her heart as she flitted about giggling and spreading happiness wherever she went.


Soon, all the inhabitants of Shantivan had come to dote on the little girl. All that is except Arnav. The eight year old had been used to ruling the roost and lording it over everyone until she turned up. Nudging him from his perch as the sole and whole in the clan’s hearts.


Everything about her had annoyed him. Not that it seemed to bother her as she never failed to rush up to hug him each time she saw him. Even as the adults oohed and aahed at her cuteness, he would stomp away grumpily, muttering, Unbelievable, as he did so.


The most galling times for him, he had told her in later years, were when his Ma made jalebis for her, or for little Miss Sunshine, as he had nicknamed her. She had been his Ma, damnit. And then to make matters worse, he would see his Di personally sit and feed her those blasted orange coils. Yuck, he would mouth! Her squeals of pleasure and shining eyes had made him want to smash everything in sight.


As time went on, he took to playing pranks on her at every opportunity he got. The first few times she had gone crying to Ma and Di, and got him a few punishments in the process. But, as she grew older, she started giving back as good as she got. Not that she got hauled up for any of it! Of course not. Their Titaliya could do no wrong. The injustice of it all had maddened him.


Khushi grinned wickedly as she thought back to those times. Such fun it was. Although, he did used to get his own back.


She remembered the times Arnav had been forced to wait for her at school. Unable to refuse his Mom, he used to retaliate by making her run to keep up with him, laden with her heavy bag in the heat. He used to come back and push her along even, shouting at her scowlingly!


With the passing of the years, they had both became busy in their different schools and with their different interests. Khushi’s visits to Shantivan became more infrequent and she made it a point to come when she knew he wouldn’t be around. Perversely, this seemed to irritate him more. He had a sixth sense where she was concerned, Di used to tell her laughingly. Knowing she had been before anyone could say anything.


The only times they met now was at festivals and birthdays, which were always celebrated with much fanfare at Shantivan. Those days would find her rushing all over the place, trying to do everything for everyone. Her lehenga spilling with gotas and pom poms, her anklets tinkling merrily, her bangles jingling non stop as she gesticulated animatedly. Vocalising the words had never been enough for her, oh no… her entire being had to be involved.


Despite her best efforts, her eyes would seek him constantly. She would peek at him from the corner of her eyes when she thought he was otherwise occupied, looking away hurriedly when her eyes snagged with his.  Each time that happened a strange sensation would consume her. What_the! This was that stupid Laad Governor, not her favourite Sallu, damnit! But her heart seemed determined not to listen to her.


And then he went off to study abroad. She could never forget that summer. Her heart had felt so heavy and restive and she just couldn’t understand why. Helping Anjali di as she did his packing, it was all she could do to not burst into tears.


The few times he had come home for his holidays, he had seemed so remote from the boy she had come to know. She had felt awkward and gauche in front of him. Answering in monosyllables to anything he asked. Until the days leading up to her sixteenth birthday, when everything had changed.


Arnav had graduated and had decided to travel before beginning work at a company in New York. Nani and Ratna aunty had put their foot down and insisted he come to Delhi for at least a couple of weeks. Not being able to refuse, he had come towards the end of August, reaching late at night. By the time he had woken the next morning, it had been quite late. Shouting for Hari Prakash as he walked in the kitchen looking for coffee, he startled Khushi who had been told by HP that no one was home. She had been standing on a ladder just about to reach for the flour to make samosas for Anjali di, when the unexpected shout made her miss a step. Bracing herself for a fall, she had instead found herself in Arnav’s arms. She had felt his husky, Hi, reverberate right down to her toes as he looked down at her. Forgetting to breathe, she had just stared up at him, unable to move, until his cell phone had gone off, breaking their trance.


Thinking back to that moment still made her shiver, as a warm blush swept her face. Those had been heady days when the burgeoning awareness between them had swept aside everything else. The feeling had been too special to even confide in Lavanya, her best friend.


On the day of her birthday, she had sought the blessings of her favourite deity, and was coming down the steps of the temple, when she had seen Arnav leaning against his car, his Aviators shielding his eyes. He had come up to her and silently led her to the square behind the temple. Hundreds of pigeons had been fluttering around there, pecking at the scattered grain. Sitting her down on a bench, he had knelt down and taken her hand in his. Brushing her knuckles softly with his lips, he had clasped a bracelet around her wrist.


“Happy Birthday, Khushi.”


The first time he had ever wished her. And the first time he had kissed her. Even just thinking of that moment suffused her heart with warmth, despite the fury fulminating in her at her parents autocratic behaviour.


Lavanya looked at her curiously as she saw the change in her friend. Sure of the reason, she decided to tease her a little.


“Or maybe it’s Bankelalji. Your favourite halwai. Maybe Aunty and Uncle know that the best way to Khushi’s heart is through her stomach.”


Ducking to avoid the chanas flying her way, she rolled on the bed in laughter.


“Or maybe it’s Happyji at the Kirana shop, so that you can have an endless supply of your favourite soda!”


Khushi jumped on her at that, attacking her with tickles. The two friends laughing hysterically as they collapsed on the bed. Relieved at having improved Khushi’s mood, Lavanya sat up and took her hand in hers.


“Have you spoken to Arnav about this?”


“Of course I have, but all he could say was, if that’s what your parents want, then what can we do. You must do as they say. After all parents will always have our best interests at heart. Unbelievable! Since when did SRK’s atma take residence in him?! Why do you think I’m so furious that I’m running away!”


“Hmmm, this sounds fishy. Or as Mamiji would say, something black in the dal… And not at all like ASR…”


“You are such a pankhi, Lavvu!”


“Woh toh I am, but I’m sure there’s more to this.”


“Whatever! You know what, I’m going to go with this rishta. Let’s see who this namoona is. Let’s see how Arnav likes seeing me with someone else. Maybe that will bring out SRK’s Vijay Agnihotri in him!”


“On that note let’s treat ourselves to your favourite Gol gappas and your Amma’s khichdi” Lavanya jumped up and held her hand out to Khushi. The two spending the rest of the evening chattering away, indulging in their favourite pastime of breaking into song at the strangest of prompts. Leaving Garima shaking her head at the mercurial mood swings of her daughter.


The next day, 9th September, Khushi woke to sunlight streaming in on her face. Blinking, she opened her eyes slowly savouring the warmth. Flinging aside the duvet, she sprang up. It’s my birthday! She looked around eagerly for her parent’s present. She tore open the wrapping to find a beautiful anarkali in the most exquisite shade of carmine. Even as she rushed to hold it against herself in front of the mirror, the previous day’s events came to mind. The random rishta…


She thought back to her birthday last year when Arnav had snuck in through the window at midnight to wish her. Her Laad Governor had to be the first to wish her. She remembered the kisses he brought her birthday in with… and also the silver wrapped other sweet kisses he had given her, making her promise to eat one of the tiny sweet delights every 15 mins for the whole day… telling her to think of him every time she did so.


Determinedly pushing aside her thoughts she went out to seek the blessings of her parents and Buaji.


“Tumko duniya ki saari khushiya mile” her Bauji kissed her tenderly on her forehead, before giving her a red velvet box.


“Another present, Bauji?”


“Another? I had wanted to see my bitiya’s face when she saw them, so I hadn’t kept it in your room this time.”


“But, the dress…”


Khushi paused as a small hope stirred in her. Maybe Arnav… nahi nahi Khushi. Stop with your wishful thinking, she remonstrated with herself as she opened the box to reveal the most beautiful pair of jhumkas.


Turning to hug her Amma in delight, she had just opened her mouth to ask her about the dress when Lavanya arrived, distracting her with her favourite flowers and a huge box of Tiramisu. Squeezing the life out of each other, the two went off to seek Devi Maiya’s blessings.


Khushi looked longingly over at Shantivan as they went out. Couldn’t he even be bothered to call, or even message, but that dress…


As the evening drew near, she grew more despondent. No one from Shantivan had called to wish her. This had never happened. Ratna aunty always made her favourite jalebis on this day. And Naniji herself made Mathura Aloo puri for her.Why was everyone being like that.


She changed into her new anarkali at Lavanya’s insistence, giving in reluctantly. The tiny kernel of hope in her still flickering exigently as she put the finishing touches to her make up before going down. Seeing the smiling faces and twinkling eyes of her family, contrarily had tears springing up in her eyes. Could they not see how unhappy she was. Just because she had made an effort this morning to be cheerful, did they think she was alright with all this. Did her wishes and dreams not mean anything to them.


Before she could venture further into the room, the doorbell rang. Frowning, she looked at the time. Wasn’t there another half hour before those rishta walas were due to arrive. How keen were they?!


She walked over and opened the door only to freeze in shock at the sight that awaited her. Naniji, Ratna aunty, Mamaji, Mamiji, Akash, Payal bhabhi, Anjali Di, all stood there, dressed in their finest, laden with covered trays in their hands.


Bringing up the rear was the Laad Governor himself looking drop dead gorgeous in a royal blue jodhpuri and sporting a devilish smirk.


“Will you not let us enter, bitiya?” Naniji’s amused words brought her out of her stupor as she hurriedly stepped aside to allow them in, bending to seek their blessings as they did so.


Arnav waited until the rest of the family had gone in before stepping forward.


“Hi… Happy Birthday, sweetheart.”


“You.. they…what…how…”


“Lost for words, Khushi Kumari Gupta?… soon to be… Singh Raizada…”




I have written this story for my dearest friend, Jignasha. It is her special day on 09/09. I hope you will join me in wishing her a Very Happy Birthday!


Jignasha, my darling, you transcend the word ‘friend’ for me. I actually don’t think I could vocalise what you mean to me. But, I know you will say, “main samajhti hoon”. You allow me to be me with you. You even put up with my random shayaris, patiently listening to me go on and on! The hours we spend chatting and laughing and discussing nothing and everything are special for me. I admire the way you approach life, giving your best in everything you do. The way you are able to look beyond the petty, life is too short to hold grudges. You are so very dear to me and I hope you know you will always remain close to my heart.


Love you hamesha.





233 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jignasha!

  1. Damn you! I love you dammit! ❤🤗😘

    You most certainly have kicked off my birthday celebration this week so generously… and what a way to bring in the day itself with what I hope is the final gift (strict warning this is it, BAS!) If this story, one of the many presents that you have indulged (more like spoiled me) with, then I wish my birthday was every month for a chance to get to read your writing, what say? 😉

    You had me with this shot, many emotions, many memories (AD and SKD) all combined and spectacularly packaged. To start off with Khushi and Lavu, so you and me! And, one of these days Mr. R and I plan on an intervention with your IF obsession… let it go… let it go, before I make you! Then there are spots that take me back to my love, for that thank you. But the most special part, your words, and how it’s written in Ruchi style. As I read it (several times), all I could hear was your voice narrating the story to me. What more can I ask for?

    Thank you for being my constant, the first person I call and speak to for hours, my life would be incomplete without you… and yes, what we have surpasses friendship, at times even family. Iss relationship ko kya naam doon? But then if Arnav and Khushi’s relationship was such, it’s apt that Ruchi and Jignasha can’t be defined… here’s to a hamesha trying to come with the impossible term ❤

    I love you to Chanda Mama and back, my love!

    Yours hamesha,

    PS… while I love this gift, you would have to agree that the kids topped you this year 😉 London here I came!

    Liked by 21 people

  2. Happiest birthday Jigs! When you ask, I hope you find it, and when you don’t, I hope you find all of that and more. Wish you love, laughter and the truckloads of words and stories, Jigs! I hope you have the best one. 🙂

    Ruchiji. I knew. And I was waiting. 🙂

    I will be back.

    Liked by 9 people

    • OMG Niviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, So excited and beyond happy to be getting a wish from you! It’s been a long time, missing you yaar. I have been thinking of you recently, hope all is well! Sending you loads of love and hugs 🤗😘🤗😘🤗😘 Thank you for the lovely wishes!

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  3. A very Happy Birthday dear Jigs! Wishing you a day as awesome as you. May your special day be filled with lots of love, laughter, sunshine, magical moments and wonderful memories! 😍😘❤️

    Liked by 11 people

  4. Happy happy Bday, Jignasha! Wishing you a fabulous year filled with lots of love and happiness. 🤗

    @Ruchi: That was a beautiful one shot!! Why don’t you start a fiction soon as well? If the teaser is this, I’m sure the entire story would be a treat to live through your words ❤️ Maybe Jigs can convince you! 😛
    That was a beautiful gift btw 🙂

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  5. Happy birthday Jigs di♥♥
    Wish you a life-long happiness..May your life filled with amazing happy, fun, successful, peaceful, pride and blessed day 😘😘

    @Ruchi di..I’m yet to read your gift di..will be back

    Liked by 9 people

  6. Firstly Many Happy Returns of the day to your Jignasha Ruchi. Truly wonderful the warmth & love you both share. Bless you many life times of such togetherness. 🤗

    A very Happy birthday to our writerji Jigs…have a great day today and a brilliant year ahead girl. 🎂🍾 Through your words you have given us many wonderful hours over the years, thanks for those and wish to have many more of such hours courtesy you. 😝

    Ruchi the OS was cute, loved the Desi flavor…achar ki barni lavu won me totally here. Long since i read something chatpatta like this. Loved it. You should write more if time permits .

    Liked by 6 people

  7. Many many happy returns on your birthday Jigs darling. ❤❤❤ My wish for you would be to be the happy and successful person you are, always 💖!

    A beautiful story for someone very very very special.

    Ruchi, this is a beautiful read and thanks very much for sharing this special moment with me as well.

    Liked by 8 people

  8. Happy wala birthday jigsji🎂🍫🍬🍺.. u r a gem of person.. for me you r very dear coz your words allow me to interact with so many lovely people.. Can’t say enough thanks.. wish u all d success, happiness & good health.. may u write more unforgettable sagas.. just a lame attempt to appreciate power of your words on this special day-
    मैं लेखिका तोह नहीं, मगर ऐ जिग्स पढ़ा तुमको जबसे मैंने, मुझे लिखाई आ गयी।

    Much love & love to u.. njoy your special day..

    PS- ruchiji your simple, sweet & superhit story like khushi’s jalebi & sallu is not a only gift to jigs, but return gift to all of us, coming to celebrate this joyous occasion.. & story tho will even make arnavji say i love it dammit.. but why, oh why it end there? Plz 1 lil nanha sa love scene toh banta hai hai re nandkishore😉.. cheers

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  9. Happy Birthday Jignasha !!!!

    Have a happy, healthy, and rocking birthday Jigs.

    Today I take this occasion to thank you for all the wonderful stories you have given and many days when I was feeling low, your stories have always cheered me up and given me new hopes and joy.

    Very sweet OS Ruchi. You should write more Ruchi.
    Reading your stories has always been a pleasure.

    Liked by 8 people

  10. Happy Birthday Jigs🎂🍾Hope you have a fantastic Birthday and an equally Rockingly awesome life.
    Ruchi this is not only a gift for Jigs but us too.Its like a party where everyone goes home with a present…So what can I give you Ruchi except a heartfelt Thank you and an opportunity to witness a friendship like this.Its precious❤️

    Liked by 7 people

  11. Happy birthday dear Jignasha💕 Hope all your dreams and wishes come true, hamesha😘😘
    Such a cute, cute story dear Ruchi and perfect for Jigs! Took me back to the old IPK days. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story🤗

    Liked by 6 people

    • Simply fabulous one shot….and like all your other readers have said earlier…does it have to be a one shot….make this a regular affair for us, kyun? Will tells Jigs to push you. May be the best way forward! Loved all the beautiful IPKKND imagery you brought into this one….from all of Khushi’s favourite things including a daantte, koste, hamesha caring and yet haughty Laad Governor…..and the sweet and sticky jalebi coils…and the jhumkas and Lavanya……heady stuff. Seven years on, I have started watching the show again in bits and pieces, and am shocked to find my obsession very much in tact. So won’t believe Ruchi, Jigs, if her IF obsession persists. Mine too does dammit! Sadly no more time in my AD even to handle the essentials….so needs must, I suppose. The story was an original fairytale for Arnav and Khushi fans, so Ruch, take a bow. A true tribute to our birthday girl, too. One of the challenges with reviewing a story of yours is it is so full of beautiful layers…..it seems a shame to leave any one thing out. So will just say, loved it to the moon and back dammit! You are a star for managing to put something like this together, will rank among my favourite ArHi fictions of all time!

      Love and hugs,


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  12. Yah so I’m not on twitter on all that shit😔🤣🤣 Yeah yeah I’m lame AF 😛😏 so I decided to come here to show my darling sweetie pie Jigs some special love on her special day😍😍😍❤❤😍😍😍❤

    🎉🎊🎈🎁Happy birthday my darling dear Jigs 🎉🎊🎈🎁 I wish for you the best birthday ever, one so fanfuckingtastic that it lives in your heart forever. Get you freak on! Drop it like it’s hot!😜😁 and party like it’s your birthday (oh wait yeah it is) woot woot💥 ! You’re brilliant, intelligent, amazing and a superb writer, you’re all in all. I pray that the grace of God will always be with you making all your dreams and desires come thru and to continue blessing you with such exquisite writing still. Stay safe you and your family.. Enjoy your day to the fullest! Lots of love❤❤❤❤ hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗 and kisses😘😗😙😚…

    P. S. Ruchi your a bebe😚😚😚 and save me some cake dammit😋😄

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  13. Happy birthday, darling Jigs.
    I hope you are thoroughly spoiled on your special day.🤗😘🤗

    Ruchi – anything you write is such a treat and this oneshot is no different.😍

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  14. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Jignasha! May you have all the happiness! 💐🎂🎊🎉😘🤗

    Ruchi- I absolutely loved the story. Loved AK’s sweet journey from their childhood to marriage. I am always eager to read anything you write. Please write more….please? 🤗

    Liked by 6 people

  15. Dearest Jigs,
    Happy happy birthday to you! With Ruchi’s dedication and your wonderful family and friends, I am sure you have already had a great start to your janamdin. Have a great year ahead!! 😍🤗
    Love you loads!

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  16. Happy happy happiest birthday dearest Jigs 💐
    An amazing person who you are have known through the lines which scribbled down your updates and as notes. Stay blessed and happy throughout life.
    Keep writing 😊
    Hamesha ❤️

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  17. Tooo damn lovely and adorable glimpse of Arshi!!❤️
    Especially the scene Arnav kisses Khushi’s hand for the first time!😘
    At first I thought where is this going?? Khushi is 19 and lavvu is her best friend with lad governor already in her life!🤔🤔
    But then the the subsequent birthday sneaking and gifting was too cute!
    Loved the sweet consumption and thought evoking sweets!🙈
    Missed you guys( jigs and Ruchi) too much…but medical exams sucks the life out of you!😓😓
    Saw jigs new story…would be starting to read it ASAP!

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  18. Happy Birthday Jigs!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful day and wish you a great year ahead with yours and Ruchi’s friendship gets stronger by the day.

    Very lovely and cute OS Ruchi. Like Arnav and Khushi’s bond in this OS, yours and Jigs bond has become stronger over the years thanks to this SKD. Hope its stays that way for always!

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  19. Ruchi!! This was such a sweet OS. Perfect antidote for a brutal Monday. Love the way you sneak in humor – “… Complete with instructions for Aman as well!” LOL. That’s exactly how ASR will operate 😀 Any chance this OS will be extended to a TS? Would love to read the journey of a jealous kid to a besotted teenager and finally a possessive(?) husband.

    P.S. – Didn’t realize you write. Will be back after the tour.

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  20. Haa… Haaa… Pa… Payal dikhi kya, Jigs ji? Suna hai, she has opened a confectionery. If all the meetha of the world exists here, how is she supposed to make sweets?

    You and Ruchi di give a solid takkar to Arhi in the ❤ department.

    Tales always end up with her Jiji and Jethji, Payal and Akash were a decent duo as well. What a weird way to begin a wish!

    Janam din mubarak ho, Jigs ji. Aapki dil ki har khwaaish puri ho, aur hazaaron saal jiyen!

    P.S – Arre, yeh kiya? Flowers ki mehek-wa aa rahi hai. Ruchi, shayankaksh mein hai kiya?

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  21. Happy Birthday Jigs, once again but two days too late 😦
    It is a nice story Ruchi.
    Vijay Agnihotri, which movie was it from?
    I wish you both a friendship filled with unconditional love Hamesha.

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  22. Happy Birthday Jigs.. 🙂
    Wish you a very wonderful year ahead filled with happiness and joy 🙂

    Ruchi.. this was great and obviously makes it more special for u as well as for us as it has been written for ur friend.. U did a great job..

    Lots Of Love… 🙂 🙂

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  23. Iam so sorry I am late
    Life is very hectic these days
    Iam feeling very bad that I couldn’t wish my dearest jigs on her birthday
    Sorry jigs – my heartfelt belated birthday wishes to you – hope you had all the fun in the world on that day and forever. May God bless you always.
    Ruchi, dear, I wish it was jigs birthday everyday so that we could read such awesome treats from you. Only the best for our jigs. It was super duper.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. OMG im 10 months late for wishing Jigs a very happy birthday!!
    Hi Ruchi im Jay Sree..you liked my comment on Jigs Entangled n by doing that i got to know about your stray reflections thoughts as well..i cant believe im reading amazing and simply beautiful arshi os wrttten by you.i hope im not dreaming all this☺.very beautifully written os Ruchi❤❤❤.Im on cloud nine with a big big smile on my face at 00:49 here in Mauritius.im actually seeing Lavanya Khushi Buaji Arnav n the whole Raizada clan enacting this os.oh im in love with this Arnav😉

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  25. Belated bday wishes jigs 🌈🔥💥⭐️🌸
    Ruchi , is jigs inspiration behind this kh of yours, positive, loyal , happy & enthusiastic , drooling over ASR& gorging on jalebis
    Have known her only through her works( Stripped days ) though haven’t interacted with her , (until this week)would leave a comment , nonetheless
    Ruchi , I came to know you only as late as last month ( while reading River marathon in the comment section )
    Your friendship seems like fun & games , very happy , is it because of IPK?
    Stay Blessed both of you

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