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This past week saw Children’s Day celebrated in India on November 14th, and it reminded me of a piece I had written after watching an episode of the serial, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, where the leads were celebrating their last day of school. Little knowing that they were celebrating the day that separates childhood from adulthood. Which is what it feels like to me when I look back.


That episode had evoked a plethora of nostalgic memories for me. The excited, yet nervous, anticipation of the life that lies ahead. Taking the first tentative step towards adulthood, while still largely clueless about what it really entails. Our mind’s eye visualising glorious days free from the shackles of rigorous discipline, little realising that the freedom will come steeped in responsibility.


School days had a charm all of their own.


The special thrill of a martinet of a teacher calling in sick. Free time never tastes as sweet now.


The untrammelled  joy of rains causing school to close for the day. Allowing us to spend the day with friends, playing tag with the waves on Marine drive while eating bhuttas. Why does walking there not feel the same anymore.


The piling into a car in unbelievable numbers because no one wanted to be the one left out of the fun en route. When did we start seeing that as being squashed.


The careful pooling of our monies to hang out at Sea Lounge with one bhel and two cold coffees with ice cream between ten of us. Just because we could.


And one day it all changes. Just like that.


It’s funny how literally overnight our mental equation with our school, our teachers, our friends, changes. Indulgence casts a halcyon glow over all perceived ills of the past years, as we laugh them away in the glow of hindsight and perspective.


The crazy fun of writing messages on uniforms, the running up and down of school corridors casting pitying glances at the juniors still slogging away, the persuading of the peon to divert the staff room chai to us, the mental bonfire of all the needlework we had been made to do (would have been literal if we could find all the pieces!), the pang of knowing we may now never see so many of the people who had been an intricate part of our lives since forever.


The last day of the best days of our life.


Sach mein, un dinon ki baat kuch alag hi thi…




I would love to hear of your special memories of your school days. Be they from the hazy distant past, or the not too long ago. They remain ensconced in a special corner of our hearts, don’t they? As Gulzar has written, “Ae Umr, kuch kaha maine, par shayad tu ne suna nahi, tu chheen sakti hai bachpan mera, par bachpana nahi.


~ Ruchi



97 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. My Friday just got better, your words ❤️ And you, ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    This lovely piece takes me back to those good “old” days as I often refer to it. There’s something about that time when we were carefree, and our biggest concern were passing exams. Something, I am getting to relive with my children. That indulgence of staying up late, the excitement of a snow day or getting your favorite treat.

    But when I go back in time, I am nostalgic of my first, and only love. Those initial days of a new relationship… the notes, those quick glances, our first date, those little gifts of candy and a plush bear declare those magical three words… I love you. And now all those years later, those three words still make my heart skip a beat.

    This was just what I needed after a busy week to take time out to go down memory lane, and how beautiful it was.

    Thank you my love for sharing this with us, love you hamesha! 😘😘😘

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  2. As did mine… ❤

    Dearest Ruchi

    The things we think of and the things we express – You've made me do both here.. so here go my two cents.

    Nostalgia – evokes my obsession with time, the passage of it, the way we think of it, the way we deal with it or sometimes not acknowledge it at all… and that takes me to that very passage which marks every line on my face, every greying of my hair, every creak of my muscle and bone resisting that very passage. It is a confluence of kinship that I have created with my relationships – with people, spaces and time itself.

    It is that journey, isn't it? That forward and backward, those steps we take with our feet, both literal and mental… that subtext of emotion that weighs us down or elevates us?

    Did I ramble? It would be awkward to apologize as I deliberately set out to create yet another kinship here. ❤


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  3. Truly those golden nostalgic days .
    The free periods in class were fun when there were no substitute teachers forcing us to put our heads down 😉
    Collecting money to splurge on the last day of exams… Not missing out on the Imli’s , Kairi’s , Bora’s etc etc… to give us company while we walked home instead of the bus .
    Those were the carefree days … Never to get back .😍

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  4. Wow! You brought up so many wonderful memories. Where did the time go? Where did the people go? Freedom definitely comes at a price. Summer days were endless and now seasons go by in a blink of an eye. How wonderful it is to look back and smile (albeit a little teary eyed – you’ve got me emotional!). Here’s to many more happy memories to come!

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  5. Eating in class !!! Chori chori 😋 and I would look forward to the children’s day teachers performance and the treats later. So many more memories . Ruchi , this children’s day met a few school friends with our lil ones it was surreal ! We were busy discussing the kids than our school days 😂😂😂

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  6. Thanks for making us remember those nostalgic days.
    Never want to trade any single day for anything, where we just enjoy ourselves without any responsibilities or thinking about the consequences of our actions might lead to. Forming new relationships, fighting with each other for silly things and then making it up without any ego, looking out for our friends, sharing anything and everything, They are really good old days.

    Thanks once again.

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  7. Wow Ruchi your words just took me back to those days wen all we cared for was our results, but I must say those where the best days of my life. Playing pranks on our classmates with my best friend n my partner in crime.
    Or while standing outside the school eating all that we were not supposed to eat.☺️☺️☺️.
    I still have my only best friend since high school, we meet every time I visit home.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely words, you just made my day. 😘😘😘

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  8. Thanks di for make me remembering the memories and for giving a chance to read many memories of the golden days..

    Studied in a girl school has its own fun😅
    In fact most of the high school days spent in imagining freedom in colleges and life😂😂
    Excursions are the only way for the night stay with friends which was the favorite of all..The childish excitement even before a month,preparing the shopping
    list with family as if i was visiting some foreign lands,the joy on the nightstay in our classrooms and boarding on bus early morning,The most joyous thing about excursions were cameras were allowed officially😅

    Free period games, choosing a girl by random as a guard to see the arrival of teachers,chilly fights, even more dramatic patch ups, A team like panjayat system to make peace between inter/intra sections fights, sharing serial/films gossips in boring periods,passing notes with other signatures 😉, forming fan clubs for teachers😆, submitting assignments even before the due date to get a gift of chocolate😶 ,being proud for allowed to visit staff room and share a chat with the teachers, gushing about teacher’s husbunds who dropped them inside the campus😃😃 and pretended to know about relationships and giving advices to the chicken fellows😂

    I will talk for days about it di..But the children’s day was more special,as we were allowed to wear colorful dresses..That was a perfect chance to flaunt our Diwali dress and the teachers will perform special dance or something for us..
    Till school days i never got a function/traditional wear in my uniform’s color..even the walls of our school had the same color paint..

    The simple sweet days with so much innocence were indeed golden..Those were the easy/sometimes facepalming days when i could agree easily on anything my parents say,i could bring out the smile and proud in my amma’s and mentor’s eyes by getting ranks in exchange of a costly chocolate bar and few kisses..Friends who promised to be married/got job in same place to remain connected always..i go through my school slams and images after reading this..Thank you di😘😘💕

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  9. Recently I saw a film.. there was this school with old bell..not electric.. so a bell man would be there..who strikes at the last period for a long time.. that sound.. I can’t express in words what that long bell brings.. joy excitement relief everything.. but now I don’t wish the same… I will tell you a secret.. I have most dreams of my school days.. every once in a while I will be either staying in a hostel with friends.. or attending an exam which I don’t have a clue.. the horror opening the question paper wakes me up most of the time.. if someone gives me a time machine.. sigh…

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  10. Hi Ruchi,

    Thank you for taking us back to the golden days. Never thought it was golden days while I was living it.. Thought that it was freedom once we finish 12 th and get into the adult world.. Understood it later in life that freedom was that days when you didnt have any worries about the world, no responsibilities of other lives, no burden of managing all type of relationships… Wish i could relive that days again..

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  11. Such a beautiful piece Ruchi!
    That freedom and carefreeness is never going to be back again!
    My nostalgia about school days is when we would eat ice cream on the last day of school every year. We would look forward to that indulgence on a very hot summer day!
    Thank you for sharing this and reviving those memories ❤️

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  12. Hi Ruchi Di,

    Belated Children’s day wishes to everyone here!

    I had the privilege of studying into 2 excellent schools. At both places I was and guess still am remembered for my khana packed by ma. And of course, my unique pigtails. My brother and I were the only north Indian duo/sibling pair at school.

    Thank you for this lovely journey down memory lane. I have a microscopic memory and do not want to delve deep because I ramble, which oddly I didn’t during childhood. Ha ha!

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  13. Wonderful words Ruchi. Life has gone so far ahead that we really don’t pause and think about our memorable days like our school days; the times we had, the people who made a mark on us. 😔 ..I will say as mother’s we still slip into our children’s early school days and our woes then 🙄more easily than reminiscence about ourselves…
    Thank you for taking me there today. I had a wonderful time at school, good and bad days sure but they all are wonderful and made me who I am.
    I am going to touch on some memory which others haven’t above 😉. Not long ago, during one of my Gyan sessions with my grown up daughter, I had a great time sharing about my huge school ka crush 😝 I was telling her how i had many a sappy days and days when I hurt so much that I cried..she was like what 😬 why would cry for a crush ! And now talk about it with a big smile and also be in the same watsApp group with guy now 😳
    Many things in life get beautiful while aging, we are able to look back at tough s days happily and say “I might have had less, but those are my best days”. The days were carefree full of freedom without the pressures & fears this gen has to contend with. I cycled to school in a metropolitan city but could never allow my daughter the same pleasure with all the dangerous traffic enroute. I have had so much fun picking and munching on wild berries & flowers and trample in some odd places to see shed snake skins, share funny looks watching cows or dogs mate ( without hvg a clue about anything 😳), fishing in water bodies with hook & worms…..gosh many many such adventures… going to school in small groups, wait for huge steam engine trains to pass as we waited to cross…mind you no parental supervision, even playing Holi with full gusto in a South Indian city where the festival then was hardly an event…. .those were the days Ha feel so happy and rejuvenated recalling…🤗..thanks Ruchi for this outing.

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  14. Loved it, brilliantly written that made me nostalgic on my childhood school days. I remember being with my friends teasing on crushes and boys, being there for each other, staying for after classes together and having fun. Time flies by and before you know it, you’re a grown up with different responsibilities and tensions.

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  15. I loved school. From Std 1 ( when I started school I did not know any alphabet or numbers) to Std. 12 (when I left with 4 languages, maths, and Sciences) They were wonderful happy and carefree days. Raiding other girls lunch boxes and eating in the class, running around the class to avoid teacher’s punishment when caught. But we had the best teachers in the world. In the last year as seniors, we could just barge into the headmaster’s office just because we wanted to, park ourselves on his table and talk away. ‘Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end. We’d sing and dance forever and a day. Those were the days, Oh yes, those were the days.'(Mary Hopkin)
    I am lucky . 10 of my classmates also live in London so we meet up often and when we meet it is as if we are 16 and back in the school in Dar es Salaam. Wonderful Days.
    Thanks, Ruchi for Nostalgia.

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  16. Our bags were heavy, but the head and heart were light.

    I miss those days! We took turns in getting “stuff”(all the junk food), reading books together,finding fandoms, singing hymns and it was a party everyday.

    I got into IPKKND due to my friends. One day they were discussing this hot hero in a show and there was no turning back.

    Playing for the school getting away with eating junk on game days.. aahh nostalgia 😍

    And since Christmas is near I miss the celebration. There is no Christmas party like in a convent🎂🎇🍫

    Thank you Di, for this trip down memory lane❤️❤️

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    • Damn the last bench💕
      I forgot to mention it..Me and my besties are around the same height and always the last benchers for the entire school life..

      Not awards though that was a special mention for anything weird..We got it for reading,story telling,sharing the stories😆
      IPKKND happened a bit later than my last school days..
      A bunch of my classmates got a mention for ‘Obsession for Harshad Chopra’ and the infamous twilight 😁

      We were gathered for collecting certificates from school and literally last meeting chance before moving on to college,somewhat a glommy situation..still i remembered that day for funny side😂my crazy bestie ran fast towards me and not even noticing the teacher beside me shouted i watched the promo😂😂

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  17. Golden days ☺
    I use to eat in class and pass the snack around 😂 My BFF and I use to bunk school during sports or annual functions also and go watch movies 😁
    I miss those days… My BFF is far away from me now… Miss her heapz😭

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  18. Definitely some nostalgia moments. I miss the feeling of being care free. Back then I didn’t have anything to worry about. I miss school, I aften dreamt that I’m back there with all my friends lol. Those times were one of the best time in my life, I didn’t have to be a grown up🤣🤣🤣🤣. Good friends! Great teachers but probably that one annoying teacher I didn’t like😏… Love free periods and field trips. Love when school was out but was so eager to go back to see my friends after the break! Fridays were my best days; my friends and I would save some of our lunch money during the week so when Friday comes around we would have enough to hang out at our favorite food joint. College was another story ugh😩🤣 all I know is that I miss the food there👀😛.. You definitely brought back some sweet memories of me Ruchi bebe. Thank you! Your the best😚😚😚😚😚😚❤❤❤❤

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  19. Ruch,

    That was beautiful, thank you for rekindling the nostalgia of halcyon days when quite literally as Jigs said, the biggest care was whether I could pass the dreaded Math exam. So much stress for the entire household!😂 And the angst of the bad boys in class trying their dramebaazee and amateur teasing at a time before Me Too! Delicious lunch boxes, and equally delectable gossip, inane issues like another student getting a half mark more in English, because I simply believed it was my right to top the class, mentorship selections, rainy day holidays, using up all the stationery to make paper boats and then having to fib that the teachers gave us too much to do to explain where those pages went… picnics, enjoying the mango vendor’s beautifully cut up fan-shaped green mango pieces with chili powder and salt……SUPW period, where the teachers tried teaching us to shape crepe paper flowers or fancily embroidered and completely useless art and craft…..oh, what days those were….loved them and love you for giving us the opportunity to reminisce!🌈💐❤️



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  20. Jane kaha Gaye woh din…you did take me back a long way down memory lane….I miss those days were we got away with missing class to practice for annual day performances…a few of us just went for company as helpers 😉 …
    Lotza embarrassing tales to look back on but I can laugh about them now when I get with my friends…
    Thank you for bringing back memories …we grew up too fast…

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  21. Na kal ki chinta na kal ka gum,
    Bas us pal ke liye jeete thein hum

    Ek pimple ki wajah se sara ghar sur pe lete the hum
    Aur principle ki daat soonkar who cares bolte the hum

    This in nutshell describes most of us at school.
    I miss those bike rides to school. I miss chatting on roadside which would go for hours. I miss being young and carefree.
    I miss those trips to library before exams. I miss those hostel days where it was ok to not do a dish until they start molding. (Now i can not even bear a plate in sink). I missed talking over those phone for hours with friends especially when mom asked us to complete a chore.

    But most important i miss my then carefree boyfriend who is lost somewhere in playing the role of that perfect father, son and husband.

    Ruchi, you have opened up the flood gate of nostalgia with your well crafted words dear.
    Wish all is well at your end dear.


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    • “Na kal ki chinta na kal ka gum,
      Bas us pal ke liye jeete thein hum

      Ek pimple ki wajah se sara ghar sur pe lete the hum
      Aur principle ki daat soonkar who cares bolte the hum”

      Wonderfully said, Ami 👏🏼💕
      Kash humein tab hosh hota toh kuch aur jee lete woh pal…

      I hope the carefree boyfriend of yore peeks out occasionally to surprise you 🤗

      Great to hear from you. I’ve been well, thank you. How have you been? Are you already in the midst of the winter there?

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