Iss Ajeeb Khwaab Ko Kya Naam Doon

Iss Ajeeb Khwaab Ko Kya Naam Doon-2

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Shyam Manohar Jha was a worried man. A very worried man. And worry wasn’t something that sat easily on him. He had always been a doer rather than a worrier. His finely trained legal mind automatically started looking for solutions often even before problems fully surfaced. Now you may argue that the outcome of his solutions were quite often at odds with his intentions, but such is life. And no one could accuse him of not dealing with the cards life dealt him with. Be what they may. Because in his view of the world, each problem hid a possibility to be exploited.


So his current state of worry was even more of a concern for him. He closed his eyes in frustration as he ran his fingers through his lush mane to clasp his hands behind his head while leaning back on the recliner by the Shantivan poolside. Involuntary twitches having a field day on his face.


The architects of Shantivan had taken inspiration from the Palace of Illusions in the Mahabharat it seemed, so his privacy was guaranteed. Each room had access to the pool, yet by some marvel of construction, no one could see anyone else unless it was by design. It even had a flight of stairs adjoining it which went nowhere or everywhere depending on the time of day. Sometimes a bedroom lay behind the bank of french doors on one side, and sometimes behind them lay a vista of the universe with specially twinkling stars. Some of which, strangely,  promptly toppled over when glanced at by the resident Laad Governor of the house. In fact, all in all, he had yet to figure out if there was really just one pool or a multitude of identical ones!


Groaning at the absurdity of his thoughts, he forced his mind back to the matter at hand. Signs that had been staring him in the face for months flashed before him mockingly. How in the name of all that’s Lucknowi had he missed them!


The dwindling numbers in the retinue of staff at Shantivan which was now down to just one Prakash brother and the ever faithful Mohan. And they remained  probably because they wouldn’t go even if they were asked to. Serving the Raizadas was a tradition that went back to their great, great, great… whatever. Service before self was an outdated notion in today’s world, according to Shyam. There now remained a solitary watchman at the gate where once had stood a minimum of two fully armed guards at any given time. The fleet of cars that had dotted the imposing driveway were down to just two. And one of those two survivors literally took each day at a time in the hands of  the scion of the house.


The silver that once graced the dining table of Shantivan was replaced with steel and pyrex. The array of cuisines that had the table groaning in previous years was replaced with simple, basic fare. The mango juice twinning with the orange juice, with both tracing their origins to Frooti rather than fruit.


The lush gardens surrounding the house were silently wilting, with the only plants to smile were the ones by the poolside which were tended to by Arnav Singh Raizada himself. Shyam looked around trying to spot any new exotic saplings. They used to be planted in twos he recalled. One for nurturing and one for Laxmi to nibble on. Nani liked to indulge her darling Laxmi and Arnav liked to indulge his dear Nani. Unbelievable!


But the one thing that brought this parlous state to a head in Shyam’s mind was Arnav’s wallet. The one which he had deliberately knocked down from his hand earlier today, looking for the key to Arnav’s safe. The Raksha dhaga had been a mere ruse which Nani had lapped up blindly. He knew Arnav would give in to the emotional blackmail and would compromise by carrying it in his wallet. Far from procuring it from a wise sage, Shyam had sneaked it from the temple in Shantivan itself. But, the tattered state of the wallet had left him horrified. As had the state of Arnav’s worn out shoes which he saw up close when he bent down to retrieve the wallet. He was well aware that despite the famous H on them and on Arnav’s belt, they did not even have a passing acquaintance with the well known store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. After all, he was the one who had bought them on behalf of his gullible wife for her beloved brother. Pocketing the difference. A very large difference thanks to his judiciously compiled Chandni Chowk contact book.


Thinking of the money focused his mind on the grave situation at hand. Seems like he wasn’t going to need the key after all. What was the point of trying to alter a Will if there was nothing left to will! His heart skipped several beats as it went into freefall at the thought of an unkempt ASR struggling to make ends meet. Visions of Arnav in a dhobi’s garb hauling a sackful of unwashed laundry popped up in his eyes, vying with images of him driving an auto on the streets of Delhi. And then it dove off into the murky waters of the pool at the thought of being saddled with a clingy Anjali forever. A hamesha that had endless puja and vrat and aap bhi na on loop. Shudder. Her brother would insist his Di went to her marital house for a better life with her husband.


He saw his master plan begin to unravel before his eyes. Anjali had only ever been a means to an end. He had played her like a string and she had hummed every note obediently. Life had been going along smoothly with him being able to take frequent time-out under the pretext of work when it all got too much. Astonishing how words can be deployed so effectively to conquer minds with no blood being spilt.


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in the case of Arnav Singh Raizada, the way to his heart was through his sister. And that is exactly what Shyam Manohar Jha aspired to. Yup. You heard it right. Shyam’s heart beat for the one and only ASR. From the moment he had seen him in a courtroom all those years back, giving evidence against a fraudulent employee, his eyes flashing fire, he had been a goner. He was practical enough to know that there was no way in hell this uber sexy god would give him a second look, so he had begun to devise a plan to keep him in his life in whichever way he could. And marrying his sister was the best one. Sure she was easy on the eyes, but Arnav Singh Raizada was that much easier on the eyes. Breakfasts had been the best time of day at Shantivan. Pranam and undying gratitude to Nani for insisting everyone be present together for that one meal.


The worry gnawing at him receded slightly as Shyam traced the watch around his wrist lovingly. It was one Arnav had given him. Well, to him and Anjali. Looking down it struck him that he hadn’t seen Arnav wear a watch in ages. Things were truly dire it seemed. The last time he had seen him wearing one was on New Year’s Eve. Shyam had been hanging around in the shadows waiting to catch a glimpse of him in the first hours of the new year, when he had seen him stride in with Akash in his usual heart stopping way, railing against NK and Khushi. It seemed Arnav had gone with Akash to Laxminagar.


Khushiji. Dejection hit him with force as he leaned forward, sinking his head in his hands.


The bigger hindrance in his path than Anjali ever was. He had seen the way Arnav and she had looked at each other at the fashion show in Lucknow, and saw what neither of them saw. The shattering of his dream. He winced as the pain hit him again. He had tried his best to lure her away from Arnav, ingratiating himself with Buaji, slumming it in Laxminagar, but all to no avail. The pair of them actually went and got married and he had nary an inkling of it all.


Of course, he had instantly questioned the veracity of their announcement. But a mini stroll through the pages of IF, that bastion of truth,  and that thought, well hope, was summarily dismissed. They were man and wife. Those rabid fangirls kept a tight grip on the minutiae of ASR’s life. Their madness and obsession with him was second only to his own. One of the comments by one Arshi67 had him rolling his eyes at the paagalpan that had engulfed the lot of them at the news.


That night the bells tolled in agony while the heavens wept. The susurration of the restless wind whispered of the travesty that was being heaped upon the innocent. The rising moon hid behind the darkened clouds, unable to bear witness to two hearts being torn asunder. Each step they took up those temple steps left behind shattered pieces of a nascent hope…”


And they have the temerity to call me manic!


But he knew Arnav and Khush’s marriage was the beginning of the end for his dreams. He could see that. Khushiji was not the sort to run away when times get tough. He knew that much about the dratted girl. She wouldn’t abandon Arnav, wealth or no wealth. She would be right there by his side like an albatross around his, Shyam’s, plans.


The idea to doctor the Will had always been part of his master plan to keep Arnav with him. Getting rid of Anjali would unite them in grief, and with him having a controlling share in AR, he would forever be in Arnav’s life.  But, this plan also seemed to have slipped through his fingers like grains of sand. And now the ruins of his dreams were staring at him like that stain on Arnav’s carpet. The diligently cultivated patience of years, fed with the promise of sweet rewards now meant nothing.


They say some dreams remain just that, dreams. Ajeeb to some maybe. Hopes and Ambitions for some maybe. A Temptation to get Entangled in the wistful desires of whispering souls for some maybe…


He let out a howl of agony as his finely tuned devious mind made a valiant last ditch attempt to shake off the thoughts those crazy fangirls were stuffing in, messing with his fine mind, holding his hand and making him write this stuff.


It was no wonder that Shyam Manohar Jha was a worried man.






A bit out there I know, but if Shyamji can’t be out there then who can, right?! Karela or Jalebi, you tell me. This came about because of a comment I’d made on Listed! As always, Jignasha is uppermost in my mind when I write, but a special shout out to @Sherya and @Bookworm for their comments leading to mine in the first place 🙂 




153 thoughts on “Iss Ajeeb Khwaab Ko Kya Naam Doon

  1. I always get what I want! ❤😈

    This takes me back to the good ole days watching IPK, and pulling my hair out just like our dearest creepy Snakewa. He’s right you know, there were a lot of things that were worrying! First and foremost, I mean, how did everyone’s room face that Goddamn pool, or the fact that the pool was only 1 or 2 feet deep. Really?! Would it be possible to get the blueprints? Shyamji, please do share them with the fellow phankis when you get a hold of them. I mean if there is anyone that can, you can. May the force be with you!

    Oh, then there’s Arnav’s so called designer wardrobe… At first, just like Shyamji, I was so far in another galaxy with blinders on like the Raizadas and Guptas, drooling over Arnav that I didn’t realize that they were knockoffs. The horror, I tell ya. But then I should have known, Burberry, yeah that’s believable but Hermès, I don’t think so. But I guess I overlooked it despite the flaws all because the cheap ass Snake. Though I don’t understand, how can the Snake not want anything but the best for my man?! How can you not, have you seen that face, his eyes, his nose, the eyebrows, the lips, that ass… well there was one thing that could use… nevermind, we will leave the moppy hair out of it. I am with Shyam on one thing, I mean how can you not love that man, ASR. Love at first sight indeed! Always, Forever, Hamesha.

    Now you listen to me SMJ, Arnav is off limits! You have Anjali and even had inched towards Khushi to get close to him, so let us keep it that way! Keep your filthy hands and evil eyes off of my man, got it?

    Accha, now go keep on asking yourself Iss Ajeeb Khwaab Ko Kya Naam Doon like I do all the bloody hell time. There’s so much ajeebpan…

    Ruchi, you my love have a knack of twisting and squeezing so many elements from IPK, please don’t stop. Ever. A lamba sa piece filled with humor and wit that had me laughing like a damn fool from your brillant pen. Thanks for indulging Binita, Sherya and myself!

    Now can we get another, perhaps a piece of the mandir scene that inspired you to write this OS…. please 😉

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    • As usual the mention on Shyam makes you worried and thinking about what deviousness is he upto now, but Ruchi, trust you to twist the story.

      Shyam for Arnav? It was a big LOL / ROFL moment. Never in my wildest dreams, I could’ve predicted that and to think, I thought I’m absolutely crazy. 😱😅

      This was also a satire of sorts on the show – the pool angle, mind-boggling house layout, the wardrobe, the details of house and so much more. Added to that, was the IF memories of fangirling and obsession about the show. God, what amazing times! ❤️
      It still amazes my siblings how I ‘wasted’ my time then. Good thing, they don’t know about the fictions here.. yet. 😉

      Ruchi, you gifted natural writer, why would you not bless us with your fiction soon? It’s been too many T20s now, time for a ODI/Test match now! ✨
      I’m adding this to my wish list of 2020. It’s about time! 🤞🏻


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  2. To say this is well written and funny as hell doesn’t even scratch the surface! “ The architects of Shantivan had taken inspiration from the Palace of Illusions….” has me laughing out loud. I needed a stress reliever. Thank you!

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    • This was pure jalebi’s, a delight that I am savoring with a giddy toothy smile, seriously my mouth is hurting but who cares…

      You truly made my morning with this story that is just so spectacular in every way. What a way to take me down memory lane with a character that made me scream and want to throw something at the TV screen. And today he is spot on pointing out the obvious from the Palace of Illusions that had us Entangled from the first episode. No matter how Tempted we were to shut the screen off at the absurdity that was presented to us at times, we couldn’t. At least not until all of Shyam’s karnama were Revealed to the Raizadas and Guptas. How invested were we just like Shyam to stick it out for the end result. After many pheras and slaps, we got there only to be trapped once again with an ex and half a son. HRN. And, if the show was still on, I would be right there worrying with Shyam glued to my seat.

      This whole thing is a riot from start to end, narrated so well. I loved every bit of it. Like others here, you need to write more! Thank you for caving into our paagalpan 🙂

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  3. Palace of illusions indeed. If you look at it closely the whole one shot is one man’s illusion vs reality … Wonderful and witty . Ruchi ji plz plz write more….
    And you have included some of the best fics out there…. Wow .just wow.

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  4. That was hillarious one.
    Enjoyed reading Shyam’s worries from his POV.

    Yes, there are many things which we overlooked it while watching the show. In spite of all that we hooked up to it and still are.

    Thanks, Ruchi.
    As Jigs asked can we expect an OS from you


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  5. Shyam having hots for ASR!!! Ha!Ha!Ha!. Great ajeeb kahani Ruchi. Loved it. You pointed out all the things wrong or right in the serial. The RM looked like a palace in the first few episodes and went downhill after became shabbier and shabbier. The mysterious swimming pool and the stairs that went nowhere..I loved how you gave a different version of the story. Everything happened because Shyam wanted to keep Arnav in his life. Though how do you explain the kidnapping and attempt to murder his beloved ASR? Perhaps it was Lallan who wanted something from Shyam and took ASR as a hostage.
    Haridwar I mean Harvard returned ASR was so clueless that he never saw what Shyam was doing? As for his tatty shes and wallet, he loved his designer gear so much that he did not want to part with them.
    Thank you, Ruchi for the different take on the story.

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  6. Palace of Illusions 🤣
    Enjoyed your humorous and witty OS .
    Shyam wanting Arnav madly 🙈

    How can I forget those Shoes.. With the H .
    No watch , the pool and only 2 feet deep .

    But we overlooked it all 😄 Nothing else mattered and still doesn’t besides ASR .

    Keep writing Ruchi . It’s a pleasure reading your work .

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  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 initial reaction.. okay back to normal land- kamaal ho aap ruchiji.. this is just d perfect dose i need to breathe in my suddenly busy life. Your subtle comments on Richie Rich Raizada, on marvellous architecture of Shantivan & insanity thy name is Shyam Manohar Jha was👏🏼👏🏼..🙏🏼 for u.. sabse mahatvpoorn baat Shyamji going pankha on Arnavji👨‍❤️‍👨. Toh hum iss khawab ko naam denge- shubh mangal zyada savdhan 😉
    Thank you ruchiji for making my day.

    PS- Jigsji sry for being absent in your last class. Hopefully i will b bk in your nxt class..

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  8. Hi Ruchi, I just woke up and saw the notification. The story started with SMJ? That is something new and different concept. I scrolled through the comments, The long comments suggest this is going to be an epic. I will read it leisurely and post my comment later.

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    • That makes sense. I think the name they originally thought was Chote ka woh not Di ka Souten. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon indeed! It applies to anyone and everyone.
      Shyam would have happily settled for ‘woh’ in “Pati Patni our woh”.
      Hilarious shot Ruchi. How can we forget the declining life style of Shantivan inmates including the bread winner himself? The only thing that remained rich was, forever new Di’s wardrobe. I don’t think she ever repeated a sari or jewellery. She made a big fuss on Teej, but, after receiving a hamper from her MIA husband and after gushing over it, I haven’t seen her wearing any of that stuff. Her discarded clothes and jewellery would have been sufficient enough to take care of Shyam’s expenses and Shyam would have gotten to see his eye candy Arnav/Sale Saab day and night (keeping in mind the access he got through the poolside and his wife’s penchant to barge into her brother’s bedroom whenever she wants).
      Lovely take. Would love to see more from you.
      PS: Today I randomly selected a movie to watch on Yup TV and the first scene I stumbled on was of a grand mother pounding something using a metal mortar and pestle to annoy her son just like our own KKG did to annoy ASR and as if that was not enough the next scene was panned on to their TV where they were watching IPK and the episode was from their second wedding. Can you believe it?

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  9. Bloody hilarious. This was on point Ruchi Di. The only thing that got me through that show is the cast and maybe finding IF and all of you. The fact that they managed to pull off all that you brilliantly mentioned and still have fangirls reading stories kind of but not really based on them is astonishing, hats off to the cast.

    Can you please write more??? Forthnightly an OS or monthly? I will take anything🙏

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    • I laughed so hard..this is so true..every room had access to pool and you knew it’s just the same pool but still..
      The architects of Shantivan had taken inspiration from the Palace of Illusions in the Mahabharat it seemed, so his privacy was guaranteed. Each room had access to the pool, yet by some marvel of construction, no one could see anyone else unless it was by design.

      The whole story is so hilarious. How in the beginning of any serial they show the richness like they live in pompous and then slowly cost cutting and lay offs 😄

      Those rabid fangirls kept a tight grip on the minutiae of ASR’s life.

      That night the bells tolled in agony while the heavens wept. The susurration of the restless wind whispered of the travesty that was being heaped upon the innocent. The rising moon hid behind the darkened clouds, unable to bear witness to two hearts being torn asunder. Each step they took up those temple steps left behind shattered pieces of a nascent hope…”

      Oh how much Shyam must be tortured by all the fan girls and on top Khushi no longer available. The torment, the agony must have made him miserable that even the flowers wilted and the wealth started to fade away, the silver plates disappeared and even the daily wear became wear and tear!!!


      Loved your take on Shyam and his agony and the state of change in episodes. You have a sharp eyes my dear friend. You should write more!!!!

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  10. It was bad enough to see Shyam Manohar Jha going after Khushi, but it was downright creepy to see him lusting for Arnav. But it was funny too 😁 When I started reading, I had no idea the road will curve in this direction. The thought was a bit revolting, but so damn funny!! The fact that he lured Khushiji into his trap, so that she is out of Arnav’s radar had me in splits bwahahahaha 😂🤣 Genius, you are Ruchi!!

    This OS is an example of your amazing observational skills, and also the creativity with which you incorporated those observations in the plot. Palace of illusions LOL. Inspite of watching the show 100s of times, I haven’t figured out Shantivan’s architecture. Too many pools, or maybe it was just one as Shyam pointed out, and random stairs that led to nowhere. Total mayajaal! All the remarks hinting towards the declining Raizada wealth were spot on!! Dwindling staff – I remember in the initial episodes, ASR had bodyguards and Shantivan was bustling with cooks and servants. Over time, they were only left with Prakash brothers and finally to just one. Even the comments about the stained carpet, Arnav’s wallet and shoes were perfect! There was an offscreen video where the entire cast – Sanaya, Barun, Akshay and Diljeet are making fun of Raizada wealth. I will post if I find it. Twas super funny.

    Why don’t you write more frequently Ruchi? I love the way you bring out some hard hitting truths disguised as humor.
    BTW I did not get a notification for this. Thanks to Raji, who dropped a note. Maybe I need to check the settings.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment Gauri 🤗

      I’m happy the twist was unexpected 😈

      Ishq mein kya kya na kiya uss ne
      Kitna kuch saha kitna kuch gawaya
      Usse paane ki khwaish reh gayi sirf ek khwaish
      Koshish ki har ek sihar dil mein umang le aati thi ek baar phir
      Lekin na jaane kab reh jaati thi woh har baar bankar saraab 😂

      Re the notification, maybe unfollow and follow again?
      Writing more… dimaag ki batti zyaada flicker nahi karti ☺️

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  11. Ruchi, This was howlarious! 😂🤣 Snakewa in louw with our Hotwa.. married to Anjali not for her Raizada millions but to be “close” to his uber sexy Saale Saheb! 😂 If the said Hottie came to know of his Jeejaji’s strange obsession he would have

    and thrown him out of the Palace of Illusions aka Raizada mansion before he could squeak Rani Saheeba. 😅

    I loved all your references to the classy dinner service being replaced by cheap substitutes, reduction in house help, depleted fleet of cars, a murky waterbody masquerading as a normal pool, tacky room furnishings, vanishing potted greenery and worse of them all fashion mogul ASR’s non-designer wear (suits, belt, shoes) sourced from Chor Bazaar! 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

    This totally original concept with a collection of hilarious moments and witty observations had me ROFL!! 😆🤣 I loved it…please continue. 🙏🏻 Dil abhi bhaara nahin! 🤗😘

    “Twadi likhawat takdi rava
    Shabdon pe twade hansdi rava
    Pagal main khud nu banandi rava
    Tussi likhte ravoh mein padti rava
    Padti rava…”

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  12. Divya, I’m beaming reading your lovely compliment! Thank you ❤️

    Aapke lafzon mein hai jalebiyon ki mithaas
    Hain unme khushi ka ehsaas
    Sambhaal kar rakh loon main unhe
    Rakha tha kissi ne kabhi gulabi pom pom jaise…

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  13. Here! 😀

    Oh God! 😂 This was hilarious, Ruchi! What a pleasant surprise to know that you write too.

    You reminded me of the good old days when we used to mercilessly troll IPK for the absence of all good logic and be labelled “basherz”. What fun that was! 😁

    Are you really surprised at the downward spiral of Raizada wealth though? I mean, when did the CEO attend a meeting last? When has he not worked from home ever since a certain Khushi Kumari Gupta entered his life? And even when he works from home, he is perpetually distracted. I for one am surprised that AR was even up and running by the end of the show. You have penned down the plight of unrequited love beautifully, now only imagine the plight of the shareholders!

    Oh and Snakewa having the hots for Arnavji, who would have thought? Why of course! It all makes sense now. We have been reading the incessant twitching of facial muscles all wrong! Arnav and Shyaam is still ArShy by the way, just saying (all ArShi shippers unite in collective nausea!)

    “A hamesha that had endless puja and vrat and aap bhi na on loop. Shudder”- LOLOL. Amazingly witty, Ruchi. Thank you for the dose of laughter.

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    • Thank you, Sabi 🤗IF feels paraya space somehow 😉

      Basherz be the best hamesha! Pity a lot of folk were unable to differentiate between laughter and mocking.

      ArShy – I can’t stop laughing now! Oh but for the want of a spellcheck, an entire fandom was led astray 😂

      I’m utterly delighted to have made you smile. Thank you for the epic doses of laughter you give 😘

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  14. Thank you Ruchi for this hilarious OS..i cant stop laughing thinking SMJ had eyes only for our ASR n he tried his best to lure away Khushi Kumari Gupta😂
    Oh God poor Shyam…how can anybody resist our Laad Governor charm!!
    Ooh n thanks to clear the confusion of how many pools there are in Shantivan thanks to the architect of Palace of Illusions😆😃..oh hell i miss them all in our ipk..but one thing for sure is that our ipk cast was unique…even Laxmi one could have done better job than them.Thank you Ruchi.😍

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  15. Loved this hilarious khwaab! Ruchi you are brilliant. This was just the dose I needed to make me laugh and reminisce about those crazy IPK days! Thank you so much. love and hugs.

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  16. Haha! This was a touch of brilliance! Loved the idea. Does Shyam know how lany fangirls will eat him up alive for daring to even look at Arnav with his ‘buri nazar’? Loved this new take on IPK. Had a good laugh. You really manage to uplift the spirit with your writing. Loved this one, Ruchi. Please write more often for all our sakes. A shoutout to Jigs for pushing you to do so! 😘

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    • Charu, bohot sare shurukiyas 🤗

      Shyam has convinced himself he is the number one pankha 😂And is mentally going “Aane do” 😉(much like the object of his affection had once said) to all the fangirls out there 😂


  17. OMG! Ruchiji!! An IPK story from you!
    A fantastic story I must say…it has everything that was always a puzzle to us – the phankis😉
    The Raizada house was truly a house of illusions…every damn room lead to the pool yet there seemed to be privacy! And those staircases – I always thought they were like the ones in Harry Potter world – connecting when required! It was truly magical😄
    One always questioned the disappearing wealth of Raizadas except for the sarees and jewelry on Anjali and Mamiji! Poor Arnav always carried everything just on his looks. Even today I cringe at the vision of that chocolate/ brown suit! But everything was forgiven for the species that made that man. Shyamji is right – everything was forgiven just for the love of one man!
    This one is definitely a jalebi….a huge pile of jalebis😍

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  18. Ruchi, I enjoyed reading this OS.
    Never could have imagine Shyam having the hearts for Arnav. But then who cannot have hearts for Arnav right, be it a woman or a man.
    But poor Shyam’s one sided love story reminded me of the song “Har kisiko, nahi milta, yaha pyaar zindagi mein”

    And yes the mystery of the pool in Shantivan is like the Palace of Illusions in the Mahabharat. And the mystery still remains!!!!

    Such a nice piece of writing Ruchi. You should write more.

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  19. This was definitely a good piece Ruchi babe! It was different, fresh and unique. I was surprised I tell you🤣🤣🤣🤣. I wasn’t expecting Shyam to be infatuated with Arvan… I was like wait what no it’s supposed to be Khusi🤣🤣🤣. I would have love to see Arnav’s reaction to all this or better yet all the family’s reaction! Seriously though you depict this OS so beautifully well. Your vivid details on Shantivan refreshed my memories like I was actually watching that scene play out on my TV… And that mystery of the poolside lol. The description of Shyam was on point… I really hated that annoying face twitch uhh😩😒🤣🤣. Serves him right that things didn’t fall it to his favor😒🙄. After all Arnav belongs to Khusi and I only period!🤣🤣🤣

    Beautifully written babe, I enjoyed reading this❤❤❤. Until then be safe😘🤗❤

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  20. Why is there no option of laugh or heart .. just Like..

    U r really something,dear..
    U didn’t leave a single thing odd about Shantivan..

    U did an excellent job by saving my Khushi from Shyam .. n in stead of her,Shyam’s love object was ASR himself..
    I laughed too hard that my jaw ached..sachchi..

    Pls keep writing OSs if u don’t feel like writing a full fledged story..

    I m sorry for my late response..
    I have been at River’s side as Meera has reopened the blog..
    I have not read it before..

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    • Awww thank you 😘I can feel all the “laugh and heart” in your words here 🤗
      No apologies please… how lovely to be experiencing the first gurgling sound of the River as it makes its way to you ❤️

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      • Good that u can feel my laugh n heart..

        Haan yaar..I m reading chapter 10 from book 3 right now .. Wanna finish River before Meera closes it again.. I hope she keep it open forever..

        Liked by 2 people

  21. Ruchi! I have know you to be a writer and it is no surprise to me that you do write so well. The poet in you brings the beauty of thought on to paper so evocatively. I am struck by this, “Astonishing how words can be deployed so effectively to conquer minds with no blood being spilt.” The pen, in your hand, is truly mighty. You not only conquer hearts, you have my mind in love with the way you wield language! Wah.


    So the snake lusts after the Laad-Governor himself… And the best is the spin on Khushi as the haddi in Shyamji’s khwaab ke Kabaab.

    It was a truly Woodhouse-ian experience reading. I was waiting for Jeeves to jump out! I do think my favorite line is “A hamesha that had endless puja and vrat and aap bhi na on loop.” There was a Whotthe at the end of my snort!

    Apologies for such a late response…<3

    Liked by 3 people

    • No apologies between friends, my dear Mirabell 😘❤️
      Thank you, as always, for your warm belief in my reflections 🤗crazy as they may be 😂
      Speaking of Wodehouse, Shyam’s state at the moment is best summed up by his,
      “He had the look of one who had drunk the cup of life and found a dead beetle at the bottom.”

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  22. Checked my account after so many days today and found this. I must say although there is no ArHi here I found this idea of Shyam mooning over Arnav hilarious. Loved how you presented Shyam’s thoughts. His ways might be stupid but his love for Arnav is pure😜😂

    Liked by 1 person

  23. February 7th, glad that it didn’t extend until April 7th! Ha ha…

    Ruchi di, dropping by after a really long time. Hoping that all is well, you and your family are safe and sound.

    Jald lautenge, lockdown ho ya na ho


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  24. 😂😂🤣🤣

    An amazing satire, where reel meets real hilariously.

    You took me back in time … ah! What days they were and what memories ❤️

    Arnav’s worn out shoes and fake belt were totally it… believe it or not I actually laughed out aloud. Gul is such a pathetic producer. She introduces heroes from the richest families but doesn’t spend on props to back up the most basic premise. Feels good to vent again … lol

    As always Shyam’s biggest problem is Khushi … albeit here she is the kebab mein haddi who is keeping him from Arnav 🙂 what a plot twist …

    What an out of box idea, Ruchi 🙌🏼 it made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me nostalgic…. I was so happy to go back in time yet the next moment I was sad. I miss those days…. so much. All the chats, comments on FFs, making friends … sigh! Thank you for bringing me back here 😘🤗

    Liked by 2 people

    • They really were such fun days! The characters Gul created flourished in spite of her right?! 😂Even her villain was special… who’d have thought he’d work diligently to prove Newton’s law in his every dastardly deed… for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction 😉

      It’s so lovely to see you here, Sandhya ❤️

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  25. RM was nothing but a set designer s nightmare
    ( Palace of illusions )as much as it was for costumer bhaiyya
    The pool was static, never cleaned , only once maybe they changed the pool water , as there was epidemic outbreak ( pointed out by a fan girl he, he )
    Open pool , had access from all the rooms , while first floor had viewing facility into master bedroom , lol
    ASR ‘s cupboard & door had no locks / latches
    he had 2 shiny suits & 🍊 night wear
    and managed 45 days in a banian
    We drooled forever ( even now ) in his white shirt / jeans from Holi
    His fake leather wallet / torn shoes ,holed socks , & awful flip flops never deterred us from loving our hotwa
    All he had to do was swag in his ASR avatar with BGM, or close his eyes in remorse or RV kh by the pool
    Heard gul wanted ASR swimming in the pool
    2 foot deep, think she meant junior ASR 👶🍼
    They blew off the budget with his helicopter ride , rentals on sheesh mahal for his opening short , then it was down slide .
    Remember seeing one gif of SMJ & ASR
    What fandom wants : ASR throttling SMJ
    But reality : they were sleeping on the sofa ( in between shots )
    So many quizzes on Abbas mehta,
    about his weight , religion , orientation
    was very disgusted when he was ogling kh trying to videotape her while they were applying haldi at GH
    He trying to eat mirchi dal was too much to digest
    He was in the hated list forever
    After the second marriage , the steps were peeling , so was the ground floor
    All was forgotten , for the man himself , his shiny suit was forgiven for his eclair ,drinking chocolate aankhen, his stilted ‘excuse me ‘
    We were still in lala land nahi arnieland
    Anything for that man
    Still talking about him
    Long live ASR & his famed shatir dimaag he never used once , not even trying to escape his own kidnapping
    Shyamji toh door ki baat

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Hey Ruchi,
    I wish we could get more doses of humor during Corona time. I read this long back but your kurafati dimag ko kya naam du. Awesome,my friend! Shyam lusting over Arnav is wow. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the os.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. This was such a hilarious concept.
    All the times I used to wonder why would a millionaire have such limited clothes in his wardrobe. ASR wearing a watch just once throughout the IPKKND run only to serve as attacker to Khushi’s precious Gotas.
    Shyam and his big eyed looks for ASR…I saw their connection too😂
    And yes their house layout always made me wonder. Oh and why would anyone have a 3ft pool I just couldn’t understand.
    Thank you for making such a masterpiece out of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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