This drabble may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I completely understand that. I thought I should forewarn you before you read… 


She kissed him gently. Her lips clinging to his smooth forehead as her hands caressed his face. The cloying smell of roses and sandalwood filling her. She traced the small scar below his left eyebrow, its origin a mystery to her.


Tumhare har sawaal ka jawaab dena jaroori nahi hain. 


Laad Governor.


Her hand came to rest over his heart. Almost as if it had a mind of its own. Homing in to where her own heart lay.


Jab tum mere paas hoti ho… hamari dhadkanein ek ho jaati hain.


Her fingers curled tightly, bunching his kurta, her heartbeat thundering in her ears. Drowning out the sound of grief that echoed all around her. Her entire being focused on the beloved face in front of her even while drowning in the well of tears that lay pooled inside her.


Hamari aankhon mein se ek bhi aansoo aapke dil ko hazaar baar chhot pahuchata hain. 


Har baar…


Hum jaante hain  


Her glazed eyes remained hauntingly dry.


She looked ahead blankly as Naniji ran distraught hands over her head, her shoulders, her face, murmuring words she couldn’t hear, a mother’s love pouring in rivulets down her lined face. The empty floor lay strewn with rose petals, a pall of incense smoke hovering over them. She was incognisant of how she came to be seated on the sofa.




His husky whisper quelled all other sounds in the room. Feeling the need to be away from the oppressive weight of the numerous eyes surrounding her, she stood up suddenly. She turned beseeching eyes towards Naniji. Imploring her to let her go.


The wise eyes had seen more than their fair share of suffering over the years. Who knew better than her of the moments when the only place to look for solace was within yourself.


She stood by the french doors of their bedroom. Looking out blankly at the dancing shadows cast by the late afternoon sun, as it peeked through the swaying branches of the tree by the poolside. A soft breeze sashayed along the surface of the pool, gently urging the still water into ripples that glistened with a million rainbow coloured flecks. Vivid bright petals from the gulmohar trees that bloomed riotously in the Shantivan garden floated in with the breeze. Settling themselves on the carefully pruned plants that ran along the walls surrounding the pool. His plants.


A sudden gust blew one end of her dupatta across her face. Caressing her face gently before billowing out. She uncrossed her slender arms slowly to reach out for the dupatta as memories arose of another face it had swathed in a storeroom months ago. His face.


A heaviness settled inside her even as a strange sense of calm enveloped her. She turned to walk into the room that lived and breathed him in every inch of space. Her feet carrying her to the recliner of their own accord. She bent to pick up the book lying there. Its pages fluttered in the soft breeze that followed her in.


Lowering herself on the chaise, she lay back holding the book against her heart. The words contained in it swirling in her mind’s eye as they tossed random memories of her life at her. Each time the kaleidoscope paused, his melting brown eyes would be there, calming the storm inside her. In those earthy hues was his soul, a heaven she was a part of. Carefully opening the book, she took out the red rose that lay lovingly preserved between its pages.


I wish ki tumko duniya ki saari khushiyan mile.


She held the rose to her heart as a deep quietude filled her. She felt an immense sense of peace in that moment.


Khushi mujhse vaada karo ki mujhe kabhi chhod kar nahin jaaogi. Main tumhare bina nahin jee paaonga.


A promise she fulfilled. Hamesha.



The doctor pronounced the time of death as between 5 and 5:30pm.


“5:12” he was corrected somberly.


It was when his pyre was lit.






This drabble came about when I was wondering what would happen if Arnav did die after being shot in the show. The producers had planned to introduce a new love interest for Khushi, but, I feel that in such a scenario, she would simply cease to exist. I have always visualised their love, their connection as being almost otherworldly. 


Not the best of times to write of ArHi dying, but the images wouldn’t leave me. So, here we are. Thank you for reading. Stay sane and stay sanitised! 






177 thoughts on “Forever

  1. “It’s hard to turn the page when you know someone won’t be in the next chapter, but the story must go on.” ~ Thomas Wilder

    My love, that was poignantly beautiful, your words were poetry in motion. Theirs was a hameshawala, love, it was meant to play out this way, that is what I have always believed. Without Arnav there is no Khushi. My heart ached as she sought for a part of her soul that been ripped apart, but it also found solace that she indeed fulfilled her promise of being with him. Always.

    As I read this, I realized the depth of those iconic dialogues, interpreting them differently given the circumstance. You truly have captured that so well, where it gave me the chills. In many ways, it was haunting.

    While it might have been tough to read, but I am happy that you finally penned this down. Forever was a masterstroke, a must-read.

    Bravo… 🤗😘❤

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  2. My email pinged me with your notification and I find myself here. (It seems I am wedded to my technology more than anything else these days and found my email crumbs faster.)

    Woah!!!! What was that? An ode to loss and grief. Would it be strange to say that the notes sounded so familiar to me? The juxtaposition of her emotions journeying through her with his words were just a brilliant composition Ruchi. Am I surprised? NO! The loud silence of the pulse not ticking was a refrain through out.

    It was visceral experience and I remain moved. Thank you! That you are a master of words is not a surprise; what is surprising is that you can do it over and over, without fail. That sort of consistency is a sign of your mastery.

    Take a bow!

    with love hamesha

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    • Loved every single word! ❤️And, isn’t it amazing how glued we are to technology these days. But then what else is there to do… as my little one says, “should I twiddle my thumbs and stare at the wall…” 😂

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  3. Ruchi!!! I don’t think the warning would deter anyone from reading what you are willing to generously share with us. There is sheer beauty in your writing, and I can’t help but be greedy for more. ❤

    The array of emotions as she goes down memory lane tug at you, and you find yourself ready to embrace the end. It was moving, and perfect in every way. Arnav and Khushi were meant to be together forever. Not sure I could have accepted anything else should the show have continued.

    Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special piece! ❤

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  4. Dear Ruchi,
    You gave Arnav – Khushi – Hamesha a new dimension altogether. The flow of words is so poetic. My eyes moisted over.

    And yes, it can only be A and K. No one else. Bas keh diya.

    Thank you so much for this ‘drabble’ 🥰 🤗

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  5. With a heavy heart I write..

    Lovers new meaning to stay together..till death do us apart..a promise they held close to their soul.

    I didn’t anticipate this ending but beautiful penned Ruchi. I was reminiscing the duo’s bonding and words of love and wondering where Arnav is and why Khushi was deeply in his thoughts..nani caressing her as I assumed she was missing Arnav. Ofcourse she was missing him with a pain that literally stopped her heart.

    Loved how Arnav’s soul confirms her death at an exact time. It was like he was waiting for her to return to him.


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  6. There can be no khushi without Arnav and what a beautiful way to put this up di. That was so beautiful yet it pained too much…
    Can’t even imagine a senario like this..
    Uff u did it perfectly…
    Thank you much love❤😘

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  7. The silence surrounding Khushi is more than silence, it is milo tak phaila hua khaalipan aur tanhayee. The shock waves of hurt that rattle through her being, her acute awareness that something precious is missing, knowing something as familiar as her own breath is no longer physically present, pinches the heart. They were two bodies but one soul. 😥

    Ruchi, this was heartbreakingly sad, but your evocative words interspersed with iconic dialogues from the show elevated this piece to another level. Bravo dear friend! ❤️😘

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  8. What have u done, Ruchi..
    It was so difficult for me to read it till end..

    I m here to tell u only this..
    U can make us feel what u want to..

    How much do I appreciate ur writing skill. I won’t be taking it if u even think of making..


    Main hi Mar jaoon gi iss se pehle..

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  9. A single teardrop leaked out and made a path down my cheek, my dear Ruchi. Such is the power of your words. We all knownwe are reading fiction but the ability to weave such poignant feelings into words that pierce through the heart is exceptional. There can never be a Khushi without Arnav and vice versa. Even though their strong feelings were not always shown the way i would have liked post the remarriage, the emotions of the pre remarriage times was enough to leave a strong impact of the love between the two.
    I saw the notification just as i am ready to sleep after reading up Listed again! And could not resist reading the drabble. Should have heeded the warning and Now i am upset 😢. Again beautifully written. Take care and ❤️

    Liked by 6 people

    • I am being totally selfish and thanking you for not heeding the warning. I know I wouldn’t want to miss out on your words, your thoughts ❤️To know that something I have written can evoke such feelings is very special for me. 😘🤗

      Liked by 4 people

      • Dear Ruchi, my day started by reading your comment and thanks for taking the time out to pen down the words. As a reader it is always heartening to know that writers we hound ! (Like literally) also value our comments. Take care and lots of ❤️ And keep writing 🙂

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  10. Thank you Ruchi, woke up to see this very poignantly written story by You!!! Yes, it was painful but you encapsulated their love so beautifully…the dialogues maybe from the show but you gave them depth and meaning. Thank you again. Lots of love and keep writing my dear, it’s your secret weapon that slays us. ❤️❤️❤️

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  11. Emotional and Heartbreaking Drabble.

    Don’t remember watching Arnav being shot in the show. Probably they might have edited knowing viewers will never accept Arnav die and replace someone else in his place for Khushi.

    Khushi reliving her moments with Arnav, she missing him, finding peace in his gifts, she keeping her promise of not leaving him, and finally, Arnav’s soul telling her exact time of his death though it was painful to read but was penned down beautifully.


    Liked by 4 people

  12. Ruchi , it’s beautiful. Your well chosen words bring the story into our thought and the description of the settings transports us right into your live story.

    Liked by 3 people

    • The cocktail of emotions – love, pain, longing and suffering – these words held, had me blank for a while after reading this drabble. It was truly heart wrenching. Forever, though overused, is a promise that only few find the strength to fulfill.

      And, it’s so befitting for Arnav-Khushi.


      Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece, Ruchi.<3


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  13. Good Morning. Ruchi.Though the weather is dismal.cold and west and sad as I was reading. Yes her breath would have stopped the minute her Laad Governor had breathed his last. They could not live without each other.
    The story should have ended with Shyam’s removal from Anjali’s life and they all would have lived happily ever after. At least Barun Sobti would have been there till the end.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Good morning, Hansa. It is quite the morning for melancholy, isn’t it. I agree with you, they should have ended at that point. Everything after bore no relation to the quality the show had earlier.

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  14. That was a nice drabble Ruchi. Alive or dead Khushi and Arnav Hamesha. That was poetically explained. Who better than you can do justice to that?
    As someone said, this is the only soap where protagonists have shared equal screen time and were given opportunity to showcase all different emotions especially of love. Obviously Barun and Sanaya have done justice to what was given to them and took a permanent place in our hearts. We can’t imagine Khushi without Arnav or vice versa. They can be with others before their meeting, but, once met, they are together always.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Thank you, Raji. 😘

      Each character contributed to making the show what it was. Even Rocky and Lallan! The jury’s still out on Bubbly and Masala Mama though 🙄

      You’re right, imagining ArHi as anything but together is impossible for us fans.

      Liked by 3 people

  15. Very well written. I think it’s easier to read such stories than to have been shown this on the serial itself. I guess their pairing was such a hit that it would have been difficult to see either one with someone else.

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  16. That was very touching. Though a reality one wouldn’t like to face it. But accept one must. This had propped up in my mind too time and again but had always changed my thoughts from dwelling into it. Lovely usage of iconic dialogues to stress the eternal love between the two. Wonderful piece of writing Ruchi.

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  17. This is a sad sad one.Its your story,original and beautifully told…..O I am happy it never happened on screen.For me the saddest part of the story was Arnav’s expressions when he saw Khushi in Shyam’s arms.It made me hate the show for a few episodes….but even during those episodes there was hope.But death…its so final and sure💔
    Curious…is it the pandamic ?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you 😘

      Barun totally aced it that day. The way he was able to show the change in a matter of seconds was just amazing. A literal “myriad of fleeting expressions ran across his face.”

      The pandemic is a part of it certainly:)

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  18. I stopped watching IPK way before this track was introduced, I don’t even remember when. I love the way you have brought out the emotions..they hit really strong. Some couples are meant to be together. Thank you!!!

    Hope you are doing well.

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  19. Rooh kaisi he aap?
    Har baar ki rarah iss baar bhi aapne dil mein hulchul machaadi…kuchh aahat sannatey mein gunjati hai woh teri yaad hi sahi..

    Ek geet iss chhotu si kahani ke naam…

    Tere bina zindagi se koi shikva toh nahi..
    Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin zindagi toh nahi…

    Love n hugs
    Take care.

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  20. Human beings are weird they tend to look for happy endings because like life doesn’t guarantee those.
    But in this one it made my heart ache, while you made one realise the symbolic dialogues it also made me feel that these two characters cease to exist without one another. It is like they lived for one another. The Hamesha was so impactful and the idea that he lived within her was the only thing Khushi knew about.
    She did not how to live about next.

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    • I have always felt their love to be all consuming. Like they are subsumed in the other. Every other relationship was a duty / responsibility. Even with their respective siblings. As Arnav had once said, “I don’t need anything else”. A realisation and acceptance that just was.

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  21. I read this, with an elation of the poetry in the writing and the underlying threat of the dread to come at the same time hoping it never comes. Left me quite emotional. The power of your writing is… (give me a few days and I will try to find the write word)

    Even with you warning it was not easy to accept. They are destined forever. A love like no other. In a way I am glad she exists with his memories.

    Finally, I am glad you posted this Ruchi. And double glad Jigs pushed you into posting this. How dare you try to hide this poetry from us!

    Do write more…

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  22. Such an emotional drabble Ruchi.
    I can’t even imagine Arnav and Khushi, without each other.

    But if it did happen, can Khushi really move on? Can she love again?
    Maybe yes or maybe no.

    Beautifully written Ruchi.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. Till death do us apart sounds lame in the face of love that transcends death. Beautiful Ruchi. Heartbreaking but beautiful.

    Thinking Of death at this moment is not the easiest thing to do but give me love like that and I can give my life up right now…. I mean it! couldn’t help that feeling …. Wishful thinking I know …. but hey! That’s the beauty of this IPK world 🙂

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    • In my heart and head I have always believed that ArHi will live and die together. I have always believed that with one of them gone,.other will succumb too. Not because they will choose to die but the heart will stop working. Like how it happened in the movie Barfi. Yes that’s the end I have always imagined and believed for them. Together in life and death.

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  24. God…that was heartbreaking. I can NEVER imagine Arnav died in IPK, honestly. I mean Arnav-Khushi…hamesha. One can’t do without the other… Right? Most of the times, I avoid reading where either one of them passed away, but still, my curiosity seems to over my heart and mind which lead to me to read the story anyway. Some were well-written and this is one of them. Love how you wrote this…it is heartbreaking, but somehow soothing at the same time. Not sure if many would agree, but that’s what I feel. Call me a hopeless romantic or what… still, this is beautifully written. ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you for not bailing out once you saw what was happening 😘🤗

      I think all of us IPK fans are of the hopeless romantic sort… kya karein, they have “apne vishwas par vishwas dila diya”

      Liked by 3 people

      • Besides Jigs’s stories, I’m following yours too so I’m always interested to read whenever you posted one. 🙂Your forewarning captured my attention and once reading the first paragraph, there’s no stopping me from reading the rest of the story. I had to Google Translate the Hindi words 😃 since I’m not native Hindi speaker, but it was worth doing it. 🙂Besides once I started reading, can’t stop coz I’m a sucker ❤️ for love stories especially Arshi’s. ❤️😊

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  25. It took me a while to garner the courage to read this drabble, Ruchi. I had skimmed through it the day you posted it, but couldn’t bring myself to read it properly and write a comment. Made up my mind to read it today, so here I am.
    Each one of us deals with grief in one’s way. Khushi lost the love of her life. You managed to bring forth her grief and sense of loss without making it morbid. One could feel their love for each other in every sentence. That was the beauty of your writing, Ruchi. Loved it.

    Liked by 4 people

  26. That was a tear jerker Ruchi . Such a soul stirring drabble .
    I did expect the end , but you essayed their love story so Beautifully.
    I stopped watching IPK around a few episodes after Holi . Found it very difficult to relate to the ongoing circus .
    A & K had such strong well defined characteristics, that it would be difficult to imagine one without the other . They were meant to be together .. In life or death .
    You did complete justice to their HAMESHA .
    The flash back dialogues , Khushis need to return to THEIR room , and wait till she was called to join him was heart breaking , yet I would have it no other way .
    A love like that so sublime was defined so well by you .

    Loved it Ruchi 💘💘

    Liked by 4 people

      • Sorry Ruchi my mobile has a way to send a tx without me completing the sentence😊. Like i was saying a sad n emotional glad the show ended before they showed Arnav dying n Khushi loving someone else..i cant even imagine this! For me Arnav and Khushi are the eternal lovers like Radha and Krishna.Arnav and Khushi Hamesha❤❤❤.One doesnt exist without the other Arnav died in your drabble n Khushi shortly followed him there..u ended yr drabble very beautifully. Im not finding the exact words to describe my thoughts!All i can say is for me it will always be Arnav n Khushi Forever💕

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  27. Sorry Ruchi my mobile has a way to send a tx without me completing the sentence😊. Like i was saying a sad n emotional glad the show ended before they showed Arnav dying n Khushi loving someone else..i cant even imagine this! For me Arnav and Khushi are the eternal lovers like Radha n Krishna.Arnav and Khushi Hamesha❤❤❤.One doesnt exist without the other Arnav died in your drabble n Khushi shortly followed him there..u ended yr drabble very beautifully. Im not finding the exact words to describe my thoughts!All i can say is for me it will always be Arnav n Khushi Forever💕

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  28. So beautifully written! Even if the makers had ended it like this, i would have accepted it. Though I would have thrown a tantrum for killing our laad governor.
    There is no Khushi without Arnav or vice-versa. One thing I’m happy is that, they didn’t bring another Khushi or Arnav with usual “accident” and plastic surgery or another love interest.
    You brought out some of their iconic dialogues so beautifully and I can imagine your entire drabble along with the original ipkknd.

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  29. Hi Ruchi di,

    Hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

    Lovely to see so many friends here as well. Wishing the same for one and all.

    What a lovely, picturesque way of describing Arhi’s hamesha! You have a way with words, it has been said a million times and deserve to be said another billion times. I love how intricately you include nature and its pleasantness in your depiction. It shows you have such a pure and wonderful heart, know how nature truly is! It is calm and peaceful, bet that is exactly the same vibes you emit (sorry couldn’t think of a fancy word here!)

    It was nice to see Nani ji help Khushi realise what she already knew. When a person leaves, their memories grow stronger and deeper. Even in their absence, their presence is felt in abundance. I keep teasing my Nani ma that Yamraj ji can wait, speak with living beings like your kids, grand kids pehle on this dharti! Grandpa passed away more than a decade ago, yet one gets to relive his memories, his presence through her tales and prayers every single time we interact with her. It is a unique and divine bond which only the person going through really understands, we are mere spectators. But all in all, it is always a beautiful way to celebrate the individual, even in their physical absence. In a way, it helps bind everyone for moments of joy and even, laughter.

    Khushi ji is amazing and bold. She has such a vibrant personality and that alone will help her retain the memories in her own unique ways. The dialogues were wonderfully intertwined. No once did it occur that Arnav ji was not around, she knows how to keep memories alive. Even in the show, I think she was more mature than Arnav when it came to living life with no parents. Arnav ji had a different perception altogether initially, she managed to change the same. I mean she has a positive influence and spreads Khusiyaan like none other, Khushi is such an apt name!

    Chaliye iss baar bas itna hi. I always cherish and enjoy your writings. They are rare and beautiful, just as a reflection of your personality, your thoughts, your heart.

    Take care di,

    Maafi for dropping by late, no excuse is permissible when the tale is this gloriously magnificent! Humein toh utakh baithak hi aata hai. 100 kaafi hain?

    Liked by 1 person

    • No maafi, and uthak baithak toh bilkul nahi for the wonderful thoughts you have left for me. Thank you, Zeffy! Hope you and your family are doing well in these troubled times we find ourselves in.

      The love our grandparents give us is indeed special. Your Nani Ma sounds so lovely 🤗

      Stay safe and stay well 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aapka pyaar bhaara hukum sar aakhon par!

        Thank you for the lovely words Ruchi di. Everyone is coping and managing here as well.

        Nani ma doesn’t make Samose like yours but certainly does make yummy laal gajar ka halwa. Thank you very much! Unka aashirwaad sada bahar.

        Taking care, you too as well.

        Will be in touch,


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  30. This is disheartening to read Ruchi( ji) but better than seeing kh with another love interest
    The filmy line exactly surmises our beloved couple
    Arnav aur khushi ek doosre ke liye bana hai
    There can no other like how they could feel , each other , before coming face to face ,the gentle breeze, dhak dhak, slow piano notes , to the full fledged Rabba ve ,eyelock, hug , trip/ fall / catch for a mere 5 min 😘leaving us unfulfilled, wanting more , while the entire (Raizada) clueless clan assembled in the living area ,while away their time doing nothing
    Thanks for pure nostalgia
    All the iconic dialogues from the show have made an appearance 😍👍🏼
    Well done

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Ruchi,
    Just to indulge his pagal phankis, dear departed ( 🥱shubh shubh bol )ASR makes a cameo in his sexy husky 5-13 exactly
    Master stroke 👌
    River & Ocean analogy perfectly suits Arshi
    Merging of the two even after life was so emotional
    Give us a light hearted romance now
    I don’t like tears 😭, pushpa

    Liked by 1 person

  32. The essence of IPKKND is all of its characters. I wouldn’t wanna let go of any one of them. And losing our Arnav is a nightmare
    This to be honest is a tear jerker. Just imagining our Arnav dressed in white like that breaks my heart. I can never have just Arnav or just Khushi. It has to be the 2 of them or nothing.
    Arnav and Khushi hamesha.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Ruchi! Now I get why everyone always kept telling me off for writing sad endings 😂

    But this was so eloquently written and while I loved having a glimpse into the what if of our beloved show, may I say I am glad it didn’t end this way? I’m also glad we got an idea of what it would have felt like, the devastation and the heartbreak we would have felt, handled by your capable hands…loved it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  34. When protests began towards the end, I wondered if it had to do with Barun’s replacement with Viraf or Arnav’s impending death. Thankfully, the makers bowed to the audience (I didn’t like the way was trolled though). Because handling Arnav’s death isn’t something we could have been capable of

    Liked by 1 person

    • It all got very vitriolic and unsavoury, didn’t it. I know I just can’t visualise anyone else as ASR. Wonder how they would have shaped his character had it remained on the trajectory Gul had envisioned and hadn’t had to tone it down because of Star’s interference.

      Liked by 1 person

  35. Ruchi
is such a gifted writer
She is the first commentator in all of her friends‘Arshi FFs
I am amazed not only by her comment, but she brings her own take on the particular scene , a new perspective even , which often tempts to go read the update once over
She co writes with most amazing writer friends
    I am sure she is great friend
Saw her pic with a friend in front of Arnav ‘s fictional office , how cool is that ?
The list of Arshi FF s was bang on
    Thanks BM, forq&a session , i got to know a little more about this woman
When I started reading Arshi FF ,
Ruchi was the first one to welcome me in the comment section which was filled with friends / acquaintances of several years
I was scared to post for the fear of being ridiculed or ignored
But it didn’t happen, all thanks to Ruchi
As a show of gratitude, I always connect with her on every comment of hers ,I come across

    This was my comment on BlueMystique’s Rendezvous with Arshi67( Ruchi )

    Liked by 1 person

  36. I can totally understand what you meant, that they breathed for each other. So much like barfi’s priyanka and ranbir.
    Because in so many ways – khushi aur arnav ki dhadkhan toh ek hi thi! Humesha se. toh woh ek dusre ki bina kaise reh pate?
    Ya, but ya this is still bittersweet

    Liked by 1 person

  37. They do not cease to exit…
    Light shone…brightly…
    How can My steps falter…
    I am here…safe You will always be…Hamesha…
    Beckoning Her…Hamesha…
    There She was all ethereal…my love….Hamesha….
    There was twinkle in those warm orbs…..Hamesha…👀
    Always those arms wide open…Hamesha…
    You and Me…Us….Hamesha…..
    No more waiting…..I am joining….Hamesha….
    Without You there is no sparkle…..✨
    I am ready…just for You….Hamesha….
    Hold on….it’s an easy journey with You…Hamesha….
    What are We waiting for…let’s enter the Milky Galaxy…together…Hamesha..💫🪐🌙⭐️
    This transition is easy..just one step….
    Come ..take my hand…Hamesha
    You lead and I will follow……Hamesha…♥️.
    Two Souls melded into one….Hamesha….
    It rained….thunderstorms…clapping….⚡️💥⛈🌤☀️
    Welcoming them ….never to be parted….


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