A Basket Full of Love

“Arnav, Arnav, Arnav”

The chant reverberated around the court as thousands of voices willed the man in the centre to score. Seemingly oblivious to the cacophony surrounding him, Arnav Singh Raizada fixed his eyes on the hoop and neatly tossed the ball. There was a sudden silence as fans and foe alike held their breath. The ball arced up and came to rest precariously at the edge of the basket for a second before it tipped in , just as the final whistle was blown. The entire stadium erupted in wild applause.

He had done it! He had equaled his idol’s record of the highest points scored in a single game. He sank to his knees as the enormity of the moment sank in, before flinging his head back to look heavenward, tears glistening in his eyes. Within seconds he was surrounded by his teammates who lifted him up and carried him round the court to a standing ovation. Every electronic scoreboard in the stadium flashed his record equalling score, ‘ASR – 81’.

It was a while before he found his feet back on the ground, and Arnav knew exactly what he wanted to do next. He slipped off his Number 23 jersey and flung it in the crowd. To the casual onlooker it may have appeared as a random throw, but he was not an ace shooter for nothing. He knew exactly where he wanted it to land. Smirking as he saw it caught by the intended recipient, Arnav turned away to deal with the cameras and microphones waiting for him.

“OMG! Did you see that, Khushi?! He deliberately threw it for you. I told you he fancies you. I’m now even more convinced he does.”

“Don’t be silly, Lavanya. You and your wild theories. I may know all there is to know about Arnav Singh Raizada, me and a few million others that is, but he doesn’t even know I exist, for god’s sake.”

“He’s noticed you alright, Khushi. Mark my words, he wanted you to have this particular jersey. And please keep it away from me. It’s sweaty and it’s smelly. And no, Eau de Arnav is not my thing.”

Lavanya scrunched her nose as Khushi flung her arms around her again, squeezing her for the nth time since her hero had scored that 81st point. “He did it, he did it, La. This is so, so emotional. I don’t even know how to feel right now.” Khushi stared at the jersey in her hand, looking over Lavanya’s shoulder tearfully, her voice hoarse from screaming.

Khushi was basketball mad and ASR mad, although the jury was still out on which of those came first. Hoops had never been Lavanya’s thing, but she reluctantly tagged along to all of Khushi’s favourite team’s home games. Someone had to keep the woman from invading the court each time someone fouled ASR. The culprit’s blood would no doubt be spilled otherwise!

Making up her mind, Lavanya held a dazed Khushi firmly. “Khushi, before you say no, hear me out. This is a sign from your Devi Maiya. ASR achieving what he did on your special day means something.  And him throwing his jersey for you today of all days is not random. And I for one refuse to let you not grasp this moment. You and I are going down there and we’re going to wait for however long it takes for ASR to leave the venue. You have to, have to ask him to sign this. You just have to.”

Vociferous as Khushi was in her fangirling, she was the complete opposite when it came to approaching ASR. He was known to be generous in his interactions with fans, but Khushi got all tongue tied at even the thought of speaking to him. Even if it was only to ask for an autograph. Lavanya knew she would have to take matters in her own hands.

ASR had been something of a prodigy and had risen through the ranks in a spectacular fashion.  Being the only player of Indian origin to have made it on the NBA circuit, he had created quite the buzz on his debut. His agility and uncanny ability to see gaps with his high basketball IQ, left his opponents floundering in his wake. He, meanwhile, was already at the other end scoring another three pointer.

“I saw what you did there, Nannav.” NK rounded on Arnav the moment they got back to the sanctuary of the lockers, finally done with all the press commitments.

“I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, NK.” Arnav grabbed a towel and headed towards the shower.

Ignoring his friend’s response, NK pressed on. “You wanted that girl to have that jersey today, didn’t you? I’ve seen you looking out for her at all the home games. And I’ve seen the dismay on your face on the days she isn’t in her usual seat. Nannav, my friend, admit it. You fancy her rotten. I can see it. There’s an extra spark in your game on the days she’s there.”

“I’d stay away from those fan fictions if I were you, NK. They’re addling your brains.”  Arnav shouted over the sound of the spray as water hissed out from a number of directions. His tense muscles groaning in relief as the hot water beat down on them. The adrenaline pumping in his veins slowly seeping away.

A wry smile made its way across his face as he acknowledged the truth in NK’s words. It had been a few months now since he had first begun to notice her. He had been on the bench having been pulled out by the coach to give a rookie a chance as they were running rings round the opposition. Most of the crowd understood that and there was a mixture of cheering and booing at the decision. Just as the noise subsided, he had heard her.

“No one puts Raizada on the bench. No one.” Amused at the outrage in the voice, he had turned around to look for the source. And what he saw had floored him. A beautiful, and very irate, girl stood there fulminating, looking ready to burst. Arms akimbo, dressed in a number 23 jersey, she was glaring at the coach. The girl next to her was trying desperately to get her to sit, but she was having none of it. Continuing to shout even when her words were drowned out by the crowd.

He had spent more time looking discreetly at her than at the game being played. Something that had never happened to him, ever. That, as much as the girl herself, had played on his mind over the next few days until the next home game. As he had stepped on the court, his eyes had automatically gone to the area where he had first seen her.

And, there she was. It had soon become a ritual for him to look for her the moment he stepped on court. By some strange twist of fate, the times when he had failed to spot her, his team had ended up losing. He soon came to look upon her almost as his own personal good luck charm. There was just something about her. He was well acquainted with fans and groupies and kept a safe distance from the latter. But, she, she was something special.

Not that he was going to let NK, nor anyone else for that matter, get an inkling of his thoughts. After all, he was Arnav Singh Raizada, and didn’t he always say he wrote his own destiny. Superstitions that afflicted many a sportsman were not for him.

Brushing aside the hope that today may be the day she would be waiting for him, he made his way towards the exit, his entourage in tow. Although the stadium was empty of spectators by now, there were many staff and officials waiting to congratulate him on his achievement today. A rush of emotion threatened to overwhelm him as he recalled the moment he had scored that point. Tamping it down he stepped outside the exit doors.

Momentarily blinded by the hundreds of flashes going off, he paused for a second. Raising his hand to wave to the waiting crowd, he couldn’t believe his eyes at who was waiting for him right by the door. His jersey clutched in her hands.

Today was more than just a good day.

He felt a soft breeze surround him as his eyes met hers.

Her eyes…

He reached for the proffered jersey as she smiled up at him hesitantly.

Her smile…

He saw her nervously tuck errant strands of her hair behind her ear as she waited for him to finish writing a message for her.

Her hair…

She’s beautiful…

Handing back the jersey to her, he turned to go.

Pausing mid step, he looked back, nodding towards the jersey she was holding reverently, and whispered huskily.

“Call me?”


The idea for writing this was sparked by a prompt from my dear friend, Jignasha, whose birthday it is today. So, I thought,  what better way to celebrate than to bring together two things she is passionate about, ArHi and Basketball. I have more than likely got muddled up with the correct terminology of the sport though!

I hope you will join me in wishing Jignasha, Happy Birthday!


Dear Jignasha,

Tumhare janamdin par

Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune

Sapne surile sapne

Sab hanste, Sab khushi ke

Teri aankhon ke khwaab lehraye

Teri Rasili rahon mein

Lots and lots of love to you, today and always,




360 thoughts on “A Basket Full of Love

  1. You always know how to make my birthday special, don’t you? Three of my favorites coming together right here on Stray… ArHi, Basketball, and your writing! What a combo?!

    You’re my Lavanya 😉 when it comes to my obsession with basketball, the NBA and of course, our little lethal shooter Swaggy K. I might have to let him read this one, at least the beginning as one of his reading prompts, what do you think?

    I love how much you’ve picked up on the sport! But then, my rambling and mood swings have forced you to get involved. Hey, #ballislife!

    I visualized every word in this sweet story, it felt like a trailer playing out in front of me as I held my breath waiting for that ball to tip in. 81 points that’s quite the achievement for our Arnav to match the legend! You go Arnav! Now can he dunk like the other great, the King 👑 … As for throwing that jersey to Khushi instead of me, it’s okay this time as I want to know what she does… looks like you’ve been taking my cliffs to heart…

    Yup, Ruchi, you’ve got no choice but to continue this story. Even if that means our phone conversations turn into writing sessions. You speak, I type 😉 I’ve got all day and all night for you, so no excuses my yaara!

    Who needs cakes, when this filled my sugar dose with its sweetness, simply adorable! What a way to give a different life to our favorite couple ❤

    As for the shayari you wrote for me and recited to me, wah wah Ruchji! I’m saving that audio and keeping it close to me heart, hamesha ❤

    Love you more than you’ll know! 🤗😘❤

    PS… my two favorite players, Lebron and Swaggy K play tonight, and let's hope they win, otherwise the latest chapter for Listed will not be written with me worked up! 😜

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  2. I didn’t even read the post and scrolled straight to the end with only one thought in my mind ‘Jignasha ka birthday hai kya ‘
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jignasha Di! Make you keep weaving amazing stories on Arhi and keep them alive forever! Lots of love and hugs on your special day!

    Liked by 4 people

  3. My My Ruchi! I’d love to a read a sequel to this story. I absolutely enjoyed the subtle bouts of humor you bought to the tale. ‘Eau de Arnav’ hahahaa! Keep writing will you? Please!?
    Love the way you and the other writer’s keep Arhi alive in our hearts!

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  4. Dearest Jigs, A wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and always. Happy birthday! You are immensely loved, so grateful to have you in my life. Here’s a cake virtually, till I can feed you a piece in person, soonish now that I am back! 😘😘😘😘😘

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  5. Happy b’day jigs… May God ji bless you with lots of happiness and success and also lots of brilliant stories too..
    Ruchi this one is the best one. It was so brilliant, wish it has more parts to read..😁 greedyUs…

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  6. They say birthdays are special
    Birthdays become extra special when the birthday girl is an extraordinary human like you
    They say birthdays are special
    Birthdays become more special when the birthday girl is also a friend like you
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    Birthdays become especially wonderful when the birthday girl is lovely as you
    They say birthdays are wonderful
    And I say Jigs you are special and joyful and wonderful so your birthday is as special as you

    Happy Birthday my dear friend!

    Many Many more happy returns on your birthday Jigs. You are wished the world of happiness and contentment today and always. Have a super-duper birthday!

    Ruchi, a special and lovely gift to a special and lovely friend. What more is needed!

    As always I loved it, enjoyed it and appreciate it and getting jealous of you on top of it. Thank you and write more!

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  7. Many many happy returns of the dear dear Jignasha! May you be loved and blessed with lots of happiness. ❤️From me .
    And dear Ruchi, we get to read another fab one shot from you! Thanks

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  8. That was a lovely shot Ruchi. Arnav equalled his idol’s score and decided to gift the jersey to the special girl who stole his heart. Loved their stolen glances. What a cheeky way to give his number to Khushi.
    How about a coffee date before the end of today?

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    Awwww. You hit all the spots! The outrage, the fangirling, the court and dang – my favorite ASR smirk! And the cherry on top were Lavanya and NK!!! Aaaaaahhh how can it be anything but the best!

    Loved it!!

    This fandom has given me the best blessings of them all – this friendship, this circle of connections.

    HAMESHA. ❤


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  10. A very Happy Birthday dear Jigs! 🎂🥂
    I hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires. Wishing you a day full of love, happiness, special moments and beautiful memories! ❤️😘🤗

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    • “Be the best you can be,
      Imagine what you can do,
      Remember who you are,
      There’s nobody like you,
      Honor your past,
      Dwell on your heart,
      All you need is love,
      Your birthday is a start”

      🎈🎉🎊🎀Happy birthday to my sweetest, kindhearted, caring and beautiful darling😁❤😘😄🤗.To you, I wish the best of health, and the best of luck in all you do, mostly I wish you love, for a life that’s pure and true. May your day be filled with joy, laughter, pleasure and happiness as you celebrate your special day. Eat, drink, be pampered and be merry because you deserve all that and more. May God continue to bless you with many more years to come and I hope all your dreams, wishes and desires come thru. Enjoy to the fullest my darling! Love you loads😘🥰😍🤗😊❤🎈🎀🎊🎉🎂🍾🍹🍸🍻🍨

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      • Ruchi TF! Please don’t play with my emotions like that! Here I am reading along, loving what I’m seeing, grinning like fool and saying to myself this is such a unique piece of writing… why didn’t I read it right away… This shit is lit for real🔥🔥🔥. Laying in my bed, getting more comfortable, readying myself for some deep reading only for it to end abruptly like that! No this is not right! I’m gonna start a riot over here! I need more man😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠. You seriously can’t do your girl like this… This is not acceptable… Don’t let me get the courts involve😑😅! Where’s the rest, huh?😭😭😭😭

        Seriously though this was extremely beautiful. I enjoyed reading every bit. It was good to see some old characters that I haven’t come across in a long time… Lavanya and NK. Not to mention hearing Arnav’s nick name Nannav, it gave me flash back of all the times NK use to tease him with it lol.

        Love the concept behind why you choose to write and share this adorable short story with us. I know Jigs is loving this as much or even more as we are. Please please please give us more pretty please😔☹️😩😏😁.

        Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece with us my darling. You’re the bestest my sweetie. Take care and be safe. Love you loads❤😘🤗💐💐💐.

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      • There’s no one like my Ker Ker, how I love having a dose of you in my life. Without fail you make me smile and fill my heart with your unconditional love. Love you to the moon and back! Thank you thank you thank you 😘🥰😍🤗😊❤

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  11. Happy Birthday Jignasha! ❤🎂
    Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead! Keep rocking, as always 🤗

    Ruchi, I am falling in love, more and more with these athletic Arnav(s). If listed Arnav made imagine how Arnav could play baseball, your Arnav made me love this side of him

    So what happened next? Did she call him?
    Now I want a full fledged love story between these two, please 😍
    Super Ruchi 👌👌

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  12. Oh wow. Please just dont stop there. It was so damn cute. I was waiting to see how their first meeting would go, I mean face to face waali, where they would actually talk to each other. And suddenly, it was over.
    Maybe another couple of parts??

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  13. Happy happy birthday Jignasha! You deserve all the happiness In the world and wishing you the best of everything. For someone who fills others lives with happiness with her unique and brilliant stories and give us an opportunity to escape into the world of SKD regularly you deserve the best of everything!! Thank you!!

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  14. Happy Birthday Jigs. Lots of love on your special day.

    Ab kya bolu mein? Aap harbaar ki tarah iss baar bhi chha gaye. What a lovely shot!!! Do us a favour Rooh…please turn this shot in to two shots or may be more.

    Love n jaadu ki jhappi for you.

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  15. Happy Birthday Jignasha! Hope you have a wonderful day…
    That was super cute! Arshi and basketball, what a combo! Living in basketball crazy household, this had me grinning from the get-go… You could celebrate Jigs Birthday month you know. An OS for everyday 😛

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  16. What a cute OS, Ruchi! Could see myself in this Khushi. This a fairytale-come-true moment for any fan.
    Every eye was on Arnav, but his eyes were only searching Khushi.
    Uski aankhen…uski smile…uske baal…She’s beauuutiful 😉

    We want to know what happens when Khushi calls Arnav. You let us know, no?

    A very very Happy Birthday to Jigs!!! 😘🤗🧡🎂💃🏼🍾🥂🎉🎆🎊

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  17. Dear Jigs 🤗💐🎂🎊💖

    Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday!!! I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love,
    laughter, happiness and fulfillment of all of your heart’s desires. 🤗😘 ❤️.

    Sweet OS Ruchi. 🤗💐❤️

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  18. Baar baar din yeh aaye , baar baar dil yeh gaye, tum jiyo hazaaro saal, yeh meri hain aarzu … happy birthday to you !!! Happy birthday to you , happy birthday dear Jignasha… happy birthday to you 🎂😘

    May you keep spreading love and happiness and get multi fold of the same in return … dil se thank you for weaving this SD for us which acts as an oasis the often then not ! God bless you 😘

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  19. Happy Birthday, Jignasha! May you be gifted with life’s biggest joys and never-ending bliss. After all, you yourself are a gift to all those you touch, you deserve nothing but the best, now and forever. Truly blessed to have met such a selfless soul in the virtual world. Love you more than you’ll ever know for you for being there me. 🤗😘❤🎉🎈💕

    Ruchi, loved this story! What a different version of Arnav and Khushi ❤ The fangirl in me was right beside Khushi and Lavanya chanting along for #23 going to match the record of his idol. A moment that gives me chills thinking about it. My husband is die-hard basketball fan and being from Los Angeles it's all about the Lakers in our house, and I can see Khushi fit the fan base to the T! Oh, is it possible for me to get a jersey signed 😉

    Your writing is one to cherish, and I can't help but want more of this version of Arnav and Khushi! Continue it, please pretty please 😊😇

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    Lovely OS Ruchi.

    While all eyes are on Arnav, his eyes are searching only for her. Khushi is definitely a lucky charm for him. Loved how he gave Khushi his number and asked her to call him. Please Ruchi, can you give another shot continuation of this one. Will not mind even if turns out to be fanfic.


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  22. Ruchi Diiiiiiiii

    Can we have a continuation for this please it has all my favorite things in it.

    All those basketball references…my heart.
    I would pass out, of Khushi ofcourse, if my favorite player ever spoke to me. You have got to continue it. Pleaseeeee.

    What do we do to convince you?


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  23. Ruchi….it’s always beautiful to read what u pen down and when it was for your bestie it’s more beautiful. How I wish u penned down often. We shall celebrate Jigs birthday every month so we get to read yours often ☺️

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  24. A very Happy Birthday Jigs… I wish ki aapko Duniya ko saari khushiyan mile. Enjoy.
    Ruchiji…. that was lovely. Arnav an athlete and Khushi his fangirl.👌👌. Bahut badiyaan.
    Now , it feels like a prologue to a wonderful story🙂.

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  25. Oh my God what a wonderful one shot ❤ Sweet, warm and one to leave me with fuzzy feelz *melts like a marshmallow on hot chocolate* Amazing! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIGS!

    Lots of love,

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  26. I know the day is almost over, but wish you the happiest of birthdays, Jignasha! May all your dreams and wishes come true! Thank you for creating beautiful work and welcoming new readers like me with open arms! I am so grateful for the day I chanced upon Listed! The irresistible Temptation and alluring destinations made me an avid Traveller of the magical journeys in your ArShiland. With your talented stroke of art calling me to dive into Stripped, there is no turning back for me! Thank you for sharing your work. Wish you a very happy birthday, once again!

    Ruchi, thank you for writing a wonderful piece and allowing us to celebrate this special day with you! While it saddened me that Arnav couldn’t be a pro baseball player in another world, I am delighted to see him as an all star basketball player in this world. I second, third, forth, fifth, sixth… everyone who said this deserves part 2!

    Also, please remind me, why don’t you write again?!

    Lots of love to you both!❤️🤗😘

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  27. what a perfect gift to Jigs Ruchi.. ArShi and basketball together into one.. loved reading this wonderful shot.. Happy Happy Birthday Jigs! God bless you. Have a wonderful time enjoying your special day ❤

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  28. Ah a basketball player that also professional, do I smell a whole story dear Ruchi. It’s so beautiful Khushi as a fan n Lavanya the best friend.

    Happiest birthday to the most amazing story write I have ever come across, may you always write and shine with it. Ameen. Sending lots of virtual hugs n kisses.

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  29. First I missed this 😦
    Happy birthday my dear Jignasha! Hope you had a wonderful day filled with loads of fun and memories to cherish! Belated wishes my dearest friend!

    I loved loved your writing Ruchi. I was smiling all along. Reminded me of Kobe for few minutes as well.

    I liked how you induced the drama and romance along with the basketball. Woh masala wala touch was too good. Arnav is aware of Khushi and Khushi is a big fan of basketball and Arnav. Please write more..can’t wait to see what happens after call me 😂

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  30. Ruchi, the story is too beautiful for you not to continue. That was a cliffhanger.
    You and Jigs have the amazing gift of writing a just like watching a movie. The detailing, the characters and their thoughts, you describe it through their actions and interactions. Hope you come soon with a second part.

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  31. Belated greetings Jigs! Wishing you loads of health and happiness! ❤️❤️🤗🤗

    And what an OS! Beautiful indeed BB and Arshi! Oh god what a mix! Damn I want to read something on these lines now!

    Beautiful OS buddy!


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  32. Happy birthday dear Jignasha🤗😘
    I am so sorry for being late in wishing you. AD is very brutal and when there is a moment of relief I feel like doing nothing😔
    While I was reading this story, I had no clue that it was your birthday story. But I definitely thought Ruchi had your little one in mind while she was writing it.
    This is such a lighthearted story dear Ruchi – a perfect gift for Jignasha!

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  33. Happy birthday Jigs. May your imagination continue to run wild for you to writing amazing stories.
    Ruchi I am so so hooked. Wonderful I’m loving it already. That ‘Call Me’ hayee hayee

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  34. Read it and loved it… Enjoyed reading it the last time and just finished reading it again… And I still loved it. 🙂 Honestly, I’m pretty clueless about basketball and sad to say, I hardly watched basketball games like the NBA, etc., but I can imagine how the scene was between Arnav and Khushi in the story. 🥰😊 I had my share of fangirling during my younger days for footballers back home in Singapore. 😁😊 Well, a brilliantly written Arshi story, Ruchi, and looking forward to reading a new Arshi story… If you have something in mind already. 😉

    To @Jigs, a Happy Belated Birthday 🎂 💐 greetings to you and I wish you lots of blessings, happiness and love for your birthday. Greetings from the land of Tulips 🌷🤗

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  35. Happy happy birthday Jigs!
    Such a sweet story Ruchi. Lucky Khushi that her favourite player’s aim is on the mark both on and off the field😉 Ab Khushi will call ya phir would still get tongue tied. Hamein janna hai
    PS: Do think of taking it forward. You can try writing a series of OSes linked with this one if not a full fledged story.

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  36. Belated birthday wishes Jigs ji! Hope you got to celebrate it with family, friends and loved ones. Wishing you a prosperous and wonderful year ahead!

    Ruchi ji –

    Hope you are doing well as well.

    What a lovely surprise! Just like Arnav ji was waiting for his favorite fan to cheer him on, you cheered Jigs ji on her birthday. Your bond is supreme and amazing.

    This is nice blend of imagination, would the opposite work as well – Arnav ji cheering on Khushi ji while scoring her 81st point? I liked the flow, there certainly was tension building. Lavanya and NK made correct guesses. Such friends pick up on signs, they are in the neutral zone. They did nudge the people involved to meet up and create their Hamesha maybe.

    About the fan, Khushi ji’s character, I was instantly reminded of a Korean show titled – Her Private Life. The main lead is plays a dual role of sorts, she is a curator by profession but an avid fan girl of a pop-star as well. Your OS was an instant hit in my head, how well you captured a similar essence of the character. The fan girling shown on that show is hilarious and real.

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  37. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Jignasha! Wishing you lots of happiness!

    Ruchi, what a beautiful gift! ❤
    A cute story….loved it to bits….
    Please continue and human batao na ki Khushi calls him or not?
    If yes, which is an obvious answer, kya baat hui? Please??

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  38. A very belated Birthday Wishes Jigs 🤗
    Hope you have been well during these stressful times!
    Ruchi, I truly wish you would write more! Bas…
    This one was so simple and so sweet. Such a pleasure to imagine Arnav as a sweaty, basketball hero and Khushi as his paagal phanki 😉
    You know just before I happened to read this piece, I happened to catch the tail end of an NBA match and saw Nikola Jokic’s interview. The man is a beast!! Honest!! He is well above six and a half feet tall and has shoulders that were easily twice the width of the woman interviewing him! While reading this piece I couldn’t help but imagine and much taller and broader Arnav 😂

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  39. Hi Ruchi! Loved your story – my favorite was ‘Eau de Arnav’ 😀 but I love the edited lyrics of the song (a favorite and I would have thought impossible to improve upon) even more. You have a wonderful way with words, I felt I was there on the stands, hearing the crowd roar, the RV at the end – superb piece of writing. Look forward to many more.

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  40. Ruchi, you know you have a wonderful sense of humor right? “Eau de Arnav is not my thing” had me laughing out loud. I haven’t looked back at basketball ever since school days but this was still such a delightful read. You captured it all so well – the pankhi behavior, the denial, the stolen glances, all of the dhak-dhak inducing ingredients. This Khushi is just too cute.

    I know I am only a few eons late, but I hope Jignasha had a wonderful birthday. My very best wishes to her.

    Okay, so now what happened after? You have my Ruchi piqued 😉

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  41. Thank you my dear Sabi ❤️
    It’s never too late for wishes! I will pass yours on to Jignasha 🤗
    “Ruchi piqued” – very clever! Can I confess that I’m thrilled every time you mention my humour ☺️Coming from you it’s special 🤗


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