Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


It was one of the most glorious sunrises I can remember seeing, and I have spent a fair number of dawns obsessing over and photographing the riot of colours I see outside my window! It’s got to the point where I’m embarrassed to share the pictures with friends and family. Here she goes again…


But, this one was special. The intensity of each colour was striking in the glorious vista that spilled as far as the eye could see. There was a symmetry in the way the clouds framed the rising ball of flame, dissipating into gossamer wisps as they rose further. The yellows and the oranges melted to bleed into shades of pink as they rose higher against the backdrop of the azure skies.


Wanting to bask in these golden rays, I promptly set off for the park. Early sunday morning would mean an empty park. Which it was, but the sun had also decided to play peek a boo with the clouds! Par for the course though, given the vagaries of weather my city is famed for.



It was freezing out there, belying the warmth of earlier. That warmth had been a momentary aberration I realised as the day wore on. There had been significant overnight frost and large swathes of grass lay stretched out with the glistening white vying with the green. It was very still and even the leaves on the trees remained unmoving. Almost like they were waiting for what was to come. My gloved fingers were losing feeling rapidly, yet I was reluctant to cut short my walk. It just felt so invigorating being out there.


The water in the pond barely had any ripples on it. Most of the ducks had wisely tucked into themselves on the grassy shores, with some waddling around giving me baleful looks for intruding in their space. I like to keep a respectful distance from them in winter, having been chased by a couple of them when I ran out of bread, and they hadn’t run out of hunger! Luckily it had been an early winter morning on that day as well, many years back. So, no witnesses to my mortification!



An hour or so after I got back home, I saw some flurries float by outside, gaining momentum rapidly as the wind tossed them about. It was such a thrilling feeling looking at them. We don’t get much snow here, and not every winter. The snow shower continued for a few hours. Which meant the flakes settled on the ground as the world turned pristine white. The sky remained ominous, quite a contrast from what it was at dawn, and I couldn’t see very far into the distance. But, the sheer whiteness of the snow lit up the ground.



It wasn’t long before the shrieking and laughter of gaggles of children wafted up from all around as they poured out of their homes. Running around, slipping, making snowmen even though the snow was fairly powdery and there wasn’t an awful lot of it. I didn’t even know there were so many kids in the vicinity! We have been in lockdown since forever, and this must have felt like being liberated from a cell for them.



Snowfall brings with it a strange silence. And the sounds of joy that rent this silence was so uplifting. It made me reflect how the simplest of things can bring such joy in even these most trying of times. The snow was gone as quickly as it came. Leaving the streets silent and deserted again with icy little patches to catch the unwary. And dotted with droopy blobs of what were snowmen, made lovingly by little and large hands yesterday. A reminder of the unexpected happiness that was showered on us briefly. But, it also left behind ringing sounds in my head. Sounds of untrammelled happiness.



The last few months have had the dark shadow of grief creep into every crevice of our life. Maybe that’s why I was so moved by a simple snow shower. It may sound whimsical but it gladdened my heart immensely. Seeing the simple and innocent joy in the beauty nature bestows on us. Seeing shiny eyes raised heavenward, willing that snowflake to land on an upturned face.


Especially when it’s so unexpected.




111 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

  1. ❄️❄️❄️

    Gosh, how I love you writing! This was so beautiful, the words and the images vividly bringing those words to life ❤ And, not sure about your family and other friends, but I love your pictures, whether it’s sunrise or sunset or the sun blasting into your home. But then we were made for each other, complete suckers for the beautiful vista in front of us that we love to capture on our phones then share it with each other. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… how apt and guess what?

    It’s snowing here right now?! It doesn’t matter if it’s the first snow of the year or the last, there’s just something magical about it until its time to clean up. Yup, you know me, glass half full kind of a girl 😉 If there’s one thing we have gained through this pandemic, is to pause and appreciate what’s around us. Going for a walk has now become a time I now call me time, stopping to stare at the children playing or talking to one of my neighbors, of course with social distance, tends to bring me this blissful joy. Everything that I once took for granted, now means much more.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely piece with us, a true Stray whimsical Reflection by my love!

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    • These picturesque scenery you shared with us was just so breathing takingly beautiful! Are you by any chance following Khusi’s path📸?… I hope I’ll be the first to receive my RSVP invitation for your photo gallery open night😉😍🔥.

      From your first word I was spellbound. You captivated me with your vivid description of how a simple thing such as lil snow can brighten up the darkest of moods and make them shine bright again especially in times like these😩. Even though it was just for a fleeting moment it sure did bring out the happiness and laughter in your community… A lil normalcy was well needed yeah❤❤❤…

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful extraordinary piece with us through your eyes my Darling Ruchi. I really enjoyed reading this and you sure did put a smile on my face❤🤗😗💐💐. … Loads you love❤❤❤❤hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗 and kisses😗😗😗😗. Until next time keep safe and take care.

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      • Thank you my darling Kerri ❤️❤️❤️
        Would that I’d have a fraction of her talent 😍 I’d be delighted to follow Khushi’s path… it would lead to Arnav 😉 VIP invite for you goes without saying 😘😘😘

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    • You’ve such a beautiful way with words, Ruchi! You should truly have an editorial column (atleast weekly!) ❤
      Weather just like emotions is one of its kind, painting a different image on its canvas everyday. I could so relate to this piece by you because I, too, have more pictures of sky, skylines, colors and hues in my folders than perhaps any other pictures. Infact, one of my fondest memories is of a sunrise in one of the concrete jungles.


      It's only the beauty of such sights that make me excited to get my lazy self out of bed in the morning! The way you've captured the beauty of snowfall makes me want to visit London super soon. Snow makes me sooooo damn happy. I can never understand why rains or snow seem dull to people. It's so magical! ❤

      Thank you for writing this – it has taken me down to memory lane and reminiscing such beautiful moments. ❤


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  2. Such beautiful writing Ruchi! It was wonderful to read.👌 Lovely photographs too.
    It is always blissful after it snows. I too have the same problem that it doesn’t snow much where I live. But whenever it does, it is magical 😊

    Have fun!

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  3. Beautifully described the vagaries of the weather in a day. The pictures reinforces. The last one is simply an outstanding piece of photography. It’s like two contrasting parts just like the day it was. The sky is a riot of colours with clouds giving a dramatic dimension. The other part is the land which is snow covered! The sky has covered itself with a colourful blanket after it has shed the pristine white flakes.

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  4. Snowflakes – ephemeral pleasures, aren’t they? One of nature’s most fragile and yet stunningly magnificent creations. Beautifully written, Ruchi. You have captured every nuance of every emotion one felt on Sunday morning when the fiery oranges and reds of the daybreak made way for dense grey clouds that transformed the land into a winter wonderland; all in just a couple of hours.

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  5. You write so beautifully Ruchi.

    Trust me, living in a country where the majority of the year, it is cold, I am not even a fan of snow now.
    But your writing did make me think if I am being unfair to the beauty of nature.
    And what a coincidence, we are having a snow storm now. I did look out of the window and watch the flakes fall on to the already white ground.

    Surely nature is beautiful in any form and your writing is like poetry.

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  6. Loved the pictures and your descriptions Ruchi. So beautifully written. You are so lucky to see the glorious sunrises. I live in the middle of terraced houses all I see the top of the houses around and by the time the sun is visible it high in the sky. It was lovely to see the snow this weekend but not enough settle.No chance of building a snowman.
    Your pictures of the park are lovely. The last picture is beautiful. The orange sliver of orange and shades of blue-grey clouds and in contrast fluffy silvery clouds!
    Thank you, Ruchi for the pictures.

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  7. I apologize for being so late here, Ruchi. Was stuck in snow, albeit of a different kind.

    We all know how your fingers weave magic with words. We are now in the know about this other talent of yours too (that we recently discovered). While “Mine” had a menacing beast eyeing us, these captivate us with their own individual story. Top it with the feelings of happiness that accompany the visuals.
    Extraordinary, dear Ruchi. Every picture left me in awe…whether the rising sun showcasing a new beginning, the visit to the park and a few serene moments there, the kids enjoying their little freedom in the snow and finally the setting sun in its full glory, symbolizing the eventual onset of a new dawn.
    Breathtaking pictures combined with some stellar writing. 👏👏

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  8. Loved the post and the pictures. There’s something enchanting about sunrises and sunsets, saw beautiful ones in my last holiday in Zanzibar ages ago, time flies.
    We just had snow on Sunday and it was magical and uplifting as families went to park, maintaining social distancing. Felt good to hear joy and laughter after all the depressing situation going around.

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  9. This was a lovely post Ruchi. Have always been a fan of your pictures. These are all exceptional, though I like the last one best. Snow is such a rare occurence in our cities that when it does we love it. I love to play in the snow even now. The picture of the kids braving the lockdown to play in the snow was beautiful. Your pictures of the sunrise have always been exceptional. Hope you keep writing and posting a little more often.
    ( I am still not talking to you! 🥺🥺)😉

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  10. Ruchi, that was beautifully written and I loved the pictures posted here. Wish it was snowing and happening in Holland, but we were only lucky to have only ONE day of snow which was two weekends ago. Honestly speaking, it was a beautiful sight when I and hubby looked out the window; by afternoon, we have the neighbours’ kids outside playing in the snow and sleighing on the path in front of the house. 🙂 It was a very happy moment seeing those kids enjoying and laughing. ❤ Smiles and laughter brought out for that one day… just forgetting the pandemic and the lockdown that day which we are still having in Holland. Not only the lockdown, but there's also a curfew which is in place till Feb 10… another imposed regulation that doesn't go well with most young adults. We just have to hold on and stay positive during this pandemic; hope for the best and do whatever we can to keep ourselves well. Stay Safe, everyone.

    And thank you for the distraction with this beautiful update, Ruchi. ❤ 🙂

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  11. My dear Ruchi ,
    The reflection of yours is indeed breathtaking
    Pics, coupled with your writing reminded me so much of KKG ‘s gallery opening
    ( paps’ account )
    Jigs took the first spot like 👍🏼 you do on Listed
    I witness winter minus the snow so have never made a ⛄️😬
    True, the pandemic has made me realize, I should be grateful & not take things for granted
    be it family , friends or health
    rising sun ⛅️ brings with it hope & probably , positive beginning
    Hope 2021 brings peace & tranquility
    Lots of love ❤️
    Cheers 🍻

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  12. Stunning visuals and beautiful narration Ruchi.
    World has changed. Changed for good for some people and not so good for others. We are getting closer to the end of the tunnel and let us take this positivity into the future.
    Thank you for this wonderful piece.
    Take care and stay safe!

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  13. Dearest Ruchi

    What a lovely surprise it is to receive notification that you have decided to share your stray reflection. Your writing always allows me to pause, to take a breath; in this case a refreshingly cold one. You are like that pied-piper, leading your reader with your words and following you feels like destiny!

    You have this uncanny ability to bring small (yet important) things to focus. Your writing feels like you sweep away the sharp edges of our reality and allow us to soften our focus on little miracles of life. That is the breath I take when I read your writing. The entire post had so many such moments that I wanted to use my highlighter on, marking your sentences, etching your sentiments into my psyche. But this one, this one bears repeating:

    “Snowfall brings with it a strange silence. And the sounds of joy that rent this silence was so uplifting. It made me reflect how the simplest of things can bring such joy in even these most trying of times. The snow was gone as quickly as it came.”

    I would venture to say that you know me the most – my eccentric writing,.. So, you probably know why this piece of your writing struck me and will go with me everywhere. I firmly believe that sound and silence are this cosmos’ mystical language, a cadence that only a purposeful reflection can enable our mind’s ear to sense. It is a pulse, a beat that reveals and hides much like our own rhythm of breaths. Your writing has sounded a call for this pulse and my finger feels its gentle yet firm beat.

    It is our destiny to exist and then not. We are for a brief blink of an eye and then we aren’t, prints left on the parse memories of those we leave behind. It is only a stray reflection that allows us that awareness – that liminal space between existing and not. So, dear friend, thank you for stopping this endless march to pause mid-step, take a snowy breath to hear that silence, feel the cadence of a silent snowfall.

    With love, always

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    • This, this my dearest Mirabell, is why I miss your writing so much. You give form to that sound in the “mind’s ear” so eloquently. Thank you for always hearing the cadence of my reflections ❤️❤️❤️

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  14. Wow Ruchi..
    It’s lovely to see this new side of you ..
    You write beautifully .. I know it too well..
    But u capture such amazing pics has surprised me..
    Thanx for sharing ur experience n these clicks with us ..
    Now I m sure that our KKG from Listed is inspired by you as Jigs has privilege to see these clicks quite often..

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  15. This is so touching Ruchi! Your writing has always been so heartfelt and now I am getting to see your photography skills too! Oh what stunning pictures they are! Love how you intertwined writing and photography to describe everyday mundane things and the result is this amazing piece. Thank you for sharing it with us😘

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  16. My dear Rooh..
    As usual it’s simply beautiful. You have painted your thoughts very beautifully. I was lost.
    The snaps are beautiful.

    Hope you n your family are safe and healthy.

    Love n hugs.

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  17. Beautiful writeup Ruchi. Feels like i am right there with you.
    Watching snow fall is serene. I love the colors of the sky and then your city covered under snow.
    Snow makes the landscape in to winter wonderland and its so enjoyable.
    Nature heals us and this pandemic has bought us all too close to the nature. 💕

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  18. Ruchi, how do you manage to get any work done in life with that kind of view available right from your window? I am prone to blankly staring at a darkened spot on the wall for minutes at a stretch. What would I have done with this beauty? I mean, I would 100% have died in that kind of climate, but still.
    And to add it to it, you just made it prettier with your writing ❤️

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    • It’s made life in lockdown bearable! I was standing out on the balcony in my coat this morning trying to capture all the colours. With slippers on my freezing feet as there was no time for faffing around with socks 😂 Iss paagalpan ko kya kahun?!

      Thank you ❤️


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