Happy 10th Anniversary IPKKND!


A decade on and I remain tangled in those fairy lights like Khushi was just before a Diwali whose jaadu will remain with us always, by a poolside that holds the best memories for all IPK fans. I am a willing prisoner of eyes that speak the language of the soul and glitter with an iridescence that surpasses the electrical variety. My heart thrumming to the sound of a Rabba Ve wrapping itself around two seemingly vastly different people. 


Love can reduce anyone to anything.” He had said. 


I have come to accept that it most certainly can! 


It’s been 10 years to the day when we first looked up at the sound of a chopper streaking across the Lucknow sky, our gaze shifting from staring at a beautiful, incongruously dressed girl perched on a scooter. The Rumi Darwaza rising majestically behind her as her rajkumar-to-be winged his way into her city. Into what was also once his city aeons ago, as we came to see. 


And see we did, didn’t we?! Again and again. What an amazing journey it was from the moment Arnav Singh Raizada first laid eyes on Khushi Kumari Gupta at his fashion show (and me on Arnav Singh Raizada;)), to the last moment we saw them in the same frame together. They spoke of a hamesha, and we took that to heart. The lows as much as the highs. 


I first posted on this blog to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the show, thinking how astonishing it was that I, and so many others, still spoke about and fangirled over something that was last seen on our screens so long back. Clearly, “so long back” is relative! 10 years on and the love I have for the show hasn’t changed. I’ve watched other shows since, but never with the same passion and fervour. It has never been the same. It can’t be the same.


As much as the show itself, actually even more than that, it has been the amazing people I have met and interacted with over the years that spring to mind when I reflect on the past decade. Talented, witty, incisive, creative, warm; people who have made me look at myself with different eyes. Encouraging me to open up and express myself creatively. We came together because of our love for all things IPK but so many of us found common grounds beyond the show. Our SKD blending seamlessly into our AD. 


I still can’t believe the things I have done over the last few years thanks to the influence of IPK. Putting my reflections out there has to top the list. Although, the madness of going to Mumbai to watch Barun’s first foray onto the big screen and doorstepping him at his hotel when he had come to London for the premiere of Tu hai mera Sunday are not far behind! 


But, I don’t regret a moment of it. It has been an exhilarating ride. Thank you to each one of you for enriching my life in different ways. For making me look at life from different perspectives. For indulging me with your thoughts on my reflections. For the banter, the chats, the laughs. 


And a huge thank you to all the outstandingly talented writers of our fandom. They have played a major role in keeping ArHi alive for us. As have the super creative VM and Gif makers. Thank you to each one of them. It makes me furious even now when I think of all that was taken down by the Sitara channel. A special mention to Ismailvegamze who had painstakingly posted the best scenes of IPK on youtube. I still remember the almost kiss Scene 122 which had crossed 2 million views before you know who had a go at it. 


I can’t not mention IF where most of us started our journeys. It’s not a patch on what it was in its heyday of course, before they decided to self annihilate with their ridiculous treatment of writers and voluble commentators. But, it’s where I formed friendships that are very dear to me. 


And last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to all the cast and the crew of IPk who created the magic that brought us all together.  


As I write this, so many memories tug at me. The first time I plucked up the courage to say something on a story I was reading, the first time I met someone who I had only known through their words, the first time I posted a story, the first time a writer replied to me, the first time I was trolled… and so many, many more. 


I would love to know how your IPK journey has been. Let us make this a celebration that is as colourful as Khushi’s wardrobe and Mamiji’s makeupiya and as lush as Arnav’s garden. 


So, raise a glass of lassi / kala khatta / champagne and tuck into a few jalebis to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of a show like no other. Please get someone to force feed you a slice of cake as well, while wearing a dupatta that billows out and wraps itself around that someone. Feign a trip, fall and catch yourself if Arnavs are scarce on the ground. After all, we are ajeeb in our commemoration of our chhoti si duniya


The best duniya there is, right?! 


With a dammit wala love,




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  1. Well said Ruchi I don’t think I watched any series after IPK, they were just not to the level of magic it was and so I stopped watching other series but believe me wen I said I have watched it in every language that it was dubbed in😂😂😂😂. And the feeling was just like the first time I did on Star plus, It didn’t matter that I couldn’t understand the other languages but it just did.

    And thank you to some amazing and extraordinary writers you included who have managed to make them live for so long and still going strong in our memories. We all can agree each and every character was special in its own way.

    Thank You for making this fan done worth the 10 year ride. Happiest 10th Anniversary of IPK to everyone who is a fan.😘😘😘😘

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    • The first time I came across IPKKND I was bored and couldn’t find nothing to watch, so while browsing I saw this Indian series on our local channel and I said to my sister this looks interesting and it’s something new (new because that’s my first time ever watching a indian series). While watching my first ever episode I was like gosh she (khusi) talks a lot and I was annoyed and told myself I didn’t like it but for some strange reason I found myself keep coming back everyday for new episodes and I got hooked like a junkie and I’ve never look back🤣🤣🤣🤣.

      I can’t believe it has been 10 freaking years already! Thank you Ruchi for the reminder and you couldn’t have said it any better🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉….

      P. S. Missing you my darling Ruchi… Loads of love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  2. It has been ten years? How time flies! Such a fantastic show with much more potential! It became even more special because of all the talented writers with their amazing stories! This show is the reason I dared to post things in the virtual world. I formed the most amazing friendships.
    Thank you for this post dear Ruchi – it brought back all the memories 😘

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    • Well, said Ruchi! You captured every angle of what IPKKND means to all of us who are fangirling for the past 10 years and many more years to come.

      Life had moved on and time had brought changes but the joy and fun of IPKKND, the friendship it brought us and the creativity we all are amazed to discover we had shall remain with us forever!

      Thank you for expressing so eloquently what each of us feels for IPPNKD and the world it had created for us. A ‘Duniya filled with everything that is good and love. Love for Arnav and Khushi, love for every other actor in IPKKND including Lakshmi-Ji, love for the writers, love for the makers, love for the workers, and love for friends we made because of IPKKND.

      Hamesh to everything that is IPKKND!

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  3. I am going to come back to say something. It’s late in the night here and I want to make sense. But Ruchi – this one thing—-> the best reward IPKKND gave me was a community and then a world that I could slip into when AD became untenable.
    Ok. Shubh ratri from my longitude! ❤️

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  4. 1st of all ipk magic always wrk..just yesterday i was thinking to send u & jigsji msg here, to ask how u r & everything fine. Since d second wave have been so brutal, i have gone off from SM means twitter etc & this is d only place where i come to re read all d stories written by fab ppl & writers. Voila here u r, sharing your thoughts with u. So i hope ruchiji, jigsji & all my frnds here, r fine & healthy ☺️

    Well i started this show after seeing 1st few interviews of arshi on sbs.. unbelievable but true.. in those days YouTube par bhi previous episodes mil jate the & i missed only few intial ones.. than one fine day i discovered IF & life was never d same..as u said aaj ka IF is not even a fraction of what it used to b & i m off it too but than it gave me much insight on khushi, arnav, buaji, daiya ho & even on lakshmiji😀.. it was a place where i learned to express myself as reader, made some frndship, meet new ppl all over d world.

    What i loved about ipk apart from sizzling, hot & intense love story, well everything.. rt from how we have almost same cast from start to finish, it give us not only arshi but payash, di, nani, haye re nandkishor, hello hi bye bye,mamaji, ever growing family of prakash brothers, babuji, beloved poolside, Aman😉, what d & devi maiyaa.. it is so much more than just another story of star crossed lovers. Sry forgot d main hero, background score, that was ❤️❤️.. actually itni yaadein hai ki bas 1 song can sum.it up-
    Kitni yaadein yaad aati hai, tasveere se ban jati hai🥰🥰

    Thank u Ruchiji for giving us platform to go 10yrs bk & remember that unbelievable time of life..

    PS- your sitara channel has me😂😂😂😂.. also I can’t forgot those love scenes videos, still has them on my PC. So a very very big thank u dil se to d uploader 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    • I hope you are well, Prachiji. Hamari arhipathy exists ❤️ It has been such a delight interacting with you. You never fail to make me smile with your analogies.

      I still remember that day when suddenly all the episodes disappeared from youtube. Saying I was distraught would not be an exaggeration.

      These yaadein will stay with us for hamesha, won’t they. You have Ismailvegamze’s scenes saved?!?!

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      • Yeah.. i have saved them in my PC🙈.. jab mann karta hai, chupke se dekh leti hoon..i have to get them from my lko ki pc, now that i remember will do so nxt time😀 i remember star ki website se download ho jata tha ek zamane main..& i hope this arhipathy keep going on forever & hamesha ❤️❤️

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  5. Pyar hamein kis mod pe le aaya…, no?

    I joined the bandwagon more than half a decade late, but it has done nothing to dim the paagalpan for this show. The dammit wala love prevails and thrives! I take it as a compliment when someone says “Ajeeb ho tum” or “Unbelievable” to me 😎 Phrases like “What the” and “Kya bolun ab?” are liberally used in AD. Insta & Twitter accounts were created only to follow certain folks. The madness is endless. In fact, it keeps growing.

    This was such a sweet post from you on the 10th Anniversary, Ruchi! You are so right! IPK has given more than just itself – the lovely people who I got to know through this show are very dear to me. I will always be grateful for this show and everything that it has blessed me with! 🙏🏼🧡😊😇

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  6. That’s a wonderful trip down the memory lane. It has brought in a group of friends who were destined to meet this way and form an everlasting bond. When you think about it isn’t it in contrast to the core of the plot? Nafrat paas ane na de, Mohobbat door jaane na de. Lovely to have met this bunch of friends atleast this way and that’s a part of Karmic cycle I guess to get to know through star crossed lovers. For me IPK was one serial which I watched aglued without a thought for anything/anyone else while it was being telecast the first time. I guess it’s Na Bhoothou Na Bhavishath sort of serial for me. No other serial has captured my mind or imagination to such an extent!

    Loved what you have written Ruchi every bit of it.

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    • Bonds that endure beyond our ArHi world, my dearest Rashmi 🤗

      We may have started off with fangirling but our friendship today is so much more and I for one am fortunate for that ❤️

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  7. I am late again! Was up early at 5.00 because of the guy next door crying all through the night! 🙄 Wish I had checked my phone.
    This was a lovely trip down memory lane. I too will always be grateful to the show that took us through so many highs and lows. Am so grateful for the lovely people I came across and the friendships that have lasted through the years. Stopped watching soaps when this show came to an end. Was so disappointed that it ended so soon that I never felt like investing myself so much in another one. What an ensemble cast! Rarely have so many talented people come together in a show. Miss those days and our obsession with the show and its characters. Am so thankful to you Ruchi, and other writers like you who keep it alive for us!
    Loved the post!

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    • Ruchi,

      Love you for writing this!
      Made me emotional while reading….yes, we are pagal and ajeeb.
      When we started watching IPK, nobody knew we are in this for Hamesha….
      It’s already been a decade and IPK is still with us, as a part of our life, with the same passion as we started.
      Iss pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon?

      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Jo shuru dus saal pehle hua, par hai ab hamesha ke liye
      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Jo shuru nafrat se hua, par takraar ki galiyon se hota hua, I love you damn it tak pahuncha
      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Jisme aansu hain, hansiya hain, ruthna hai, manana hai, gam hai, khushiyaan hai, judaai hai aur milna hai,
      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Jahan dupatte hain, kale coat hain, puja hai, vrat hain, hawan hai aur mannat ki chaabi hai
      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Yahan jalebiyon ki khushbu hai, black coffee ka aroma hai, golgappe hain aur pancakes hain
      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Jahan what the kabhii poora nahi hota, aur sundar bandar lagta hai, Sydney, kidney hota hai aur hello hi ke saath saath bye bye bhi ho jata hai
      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Jahan dhadkanein ek ho jaati hain, dhak dhak acidity ho jata hai, birthday just another day hota hai, aur happy birthday silently bola jata hai
      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Jahan Rabba ve hota hai, eye lock hota hai, girna hota hai, pakadana hota hai, aur pir seRabba ve hota hai
      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Jo sapnon ki duniya mein le jaata hai, Arnav-Khushi se milata hai, dhadkanein badhata hai, aur phir hamein pagal aur ajeeb bana data hai
      Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
      Jahan baat sach ya jooth ki nahi vishwaas ki hai, aur Hamesha ki hai……

      Love IPK, hamesha ❤


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  8. “As much as the show itself, actually even more than that, it has been the amazing people I have met and interacted with over the years that spring to mind when I reflect on the past decade. Talented, witty, incisive, creative, warm; people who have made me look at myself with different eyes. Encouraging me to open up and express myself creatively. We came together because of our love for all things IPK but so many of us found common grounds beyond the show. Our SKD blending seamlessly into our AD. “

    So well said Ruchi. I am late to this bandwagon too but I remember we had similar craziness with few of us in IF during JJKN days and then asli duniya took over..and then for some reason I landed in the story section and then my reading junoon took over ever since. Ofcourse this time it was very different as it wasn’t Armaan versus Purab but it was always Arnav and Khushi!

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  9. Ruchiji.. Thank you for writing this! I love it so much!!!
    It showcases the IPKKND journey so brilliantly.
    For us fangurls,the entire journey was one heck of an emotional roller coaster.
    Eternally grateful for the lovely friendships forged.🤗😘😘

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  10. Your trip down memory lane brought back memories – both IF and of the show. I agree the best thing that this show gave apart from the amazing chemistry, phrases is the community.

    This show and community is what made me stop being a silent reader hehehe. Looking forward to update days makes my day. And at one point I legit knew what day of the week it was just because of them.

    Thank you for this beautiful post.


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  11. Beautiful write up Ruchi on IPK .
    ” Clearly, “so long back” is relative! 10 years on and the love I have for the show hasn’t changed. I’ve watched other shows since, but never with the same passion and fervour. It has never been the same. It can’t be the same. ”

    Couldn’t agree more with you Ruchi.
    The first show I got hooked on to . Not only the leads , but allll the characters including Laxmi . The story was refreshing without an overdose of extra marital and infidelity issues, sleazy dressing and gestures . A family where all lived together inspite of all their personal differences .
    Yes 10 years on I’m still hooked on to IPK .. Now with the wonderful stories our very own immensely talented writers indulge us with .
    Stories that work as stress busters or anti depressants specially in these times .

    Thank you Ruchi for this Anniversary post .

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    • Thank you ❤️ It has been wonderful reading your thoughts and interacting with you over the years 🤗

      You are so right about each character having their own charm. Also, the way the camera lingered to complete each emotion and didn’t rush around dizzily as it does in so many shows today.


  12. What a pleasure to read something from you dear Ruchi! and yes i so agree with you. A beautiful, petite, naïve girl with huge expressive hazel eyes, fell into the strong arms of a dashing, brooding man with equally expressive brown eyes with a dark past and a smirk to die for, and they in turn both took over our hearts and minds for 10 years!!!! Unbelievable! believe me i have tried to watch both Barun and Sanaya’s works after IPKKND but NOTHING comes even close to the IPKKND madness. so here is wishing all the fangirls Happy IPKKND 10th Anniversary with the hope that we grow old and grey but the madness remains evergreen! Lots of love from me, Ruchi dear. 💓💓💓🙂

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    • Thank you my dearest, S. The pleasure has been mine in being able to read your thoughts and opinions on stories we follow and here on the blog ❤️

      Nothing can come close to IPK! It was truly unique in the emotions it evoked, and continues to do so. The madness will remain evergreen 🤗

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  13. They are Ajeeb and we are Pagal. There is no two ways. That is why the journey became sweet and colourful. Do we want to get out of it? I don’t think so. The announcement of closing the forum couple of times could not deter us. The growing responsibilities in AD could not deter us. The pandemic could not deter us. Is there anything else which can deter us?
    So, I am hoping to celebrate more anniversaries with all of my virtual friends. Happy 10th Anniversary my dear friends.
    Have a wonderful day reading or watching IPKKND.

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    • Very well said, Raji ❤️

      Whatever its state today, the forum remains our happy place, doesn’t it? The memories attached to it are special. Thank you for always supporting me in my works 🤗

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  14. Ten years!!! I remember watching the first episode (I watched it because of Sanaya Irani) and wanted more and tumbled into MeD and IF. My first Arshi story was in MeD and did not comment at all . Dahlia Mami’s comments on each episode got me looking for more such comments and found a whole lot of friends.I started writing my thoughts and found such lovely and tolerant friends who liked my comments even thogh they were nothing compared to others.
    Back to IPk,I have watched it everytime it is shown in the UK.Unfortunately none of my friends watched IPK so I got more drawn to the online followers of IPK and made a lot of friends.
    Happy Anniversary and may we continue to keep in touch.
    Mahamari is still raging so take care and be safe.

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  15. 10 years … Time flies,bit it’s like yesterday all those chopper, sunglass, and fashion show happened. So much happened in our lives still we r stick to those moments which bound us all together in so many ways.

    Your writings bought back so many memories Ruchi..will come back and pen down some of mine too 😻

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  16. beautifully captured!

    I cannot still believe it’s been 10 years.
    Theirs is the kind of “Hamesha” to be longed for.

    I am very grateful to have stumbled upon some amazing creative works and fam in this virtual space through this show.

    As you said, the same fervour in which IPKKND was watched by is unparalleled!

    To many more years of “love” that transcends all dimensions and wishing everyone to be safe and healthy in these chaotic times!

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    • Wishing you safe times as well 🤗

      Interacting with you in this virtual space has been an absolute delight. Your words have a special something that never fails to warm my heart ❤️

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  17. So well articulated Ruchi! Thank you bringing us all together on the 10th!!

    Mine was an accidental foray 5 years ago – starting from a random YT search on “Teri Meri”… when I saw this lady in green sari and THE man’s mesmerizing presence. The rest is history.
    The treasure (as I term it) of A-K fan-fictions sucked me into this Jaadoo-ii duniya of no return. Holding on to the pull even today.

    Here’s to many more such decades!!

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  18. From hum bhi apse I Love you dammit to Hume pata hain;
    From Laad Governor to Arnavji
    From hello hi to what the;
    From Nafrat paas na ane de to Mubobbat door jane na de this show for sure is Rabba Ve all the way.

    Such a beautiful walk down the memory lane Ruchi. I joined this SKD after the show ended. It started from the youtube clip of either jadu hain nasha moment or kiss challenge. I had fo look for the videos online which opened the world of whole new fandom for me.
    Indi and group of few ladies were still discussing the initial episodes and i was swooned away with the analysis of each and every episode on IF. That was my first introduction to the talented writers. After that Faiqa shared link to her story and by sheer fate i just followed it and then as they say is history.
    I still am rewatching the show few episodes at a time and even today the hameshawala love for the show brings back the hameshawala dark circles under the eyes back.
    But most importantly i value the real people behind their words of this fandom that have made life beautiful. I have place where i can escape despite everything else being tipsy turvy and still have a smile. A place where i can be myself and not be judged for who i am.
    Thank you all my fellow IPKians who have now become a clan.
    Thank you Ruchi for taking us down the memory lane.

    Happy 10th anniversary and wishing you all many more to come.


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  19. Yes this love saga is for “Hamesha”..

    10th anniversary still fresh in our hearts and going to live like that thanks to all the IPKKND fans and writers..

    *I just made Jalebi to celebrate our Jalebi sankadevi and what the ASR❤❤❤

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  20. I stumbled upon IPK a little later after it was done.
    Saw one of my friend on Facebook who had liked the show and out of curiosity looked it up on YouTube and got hooked to it. Then most episodes were still available there. Later peeped into IF IPKKND forum came across a story written by Jenny, The Impenetrable Heart. Binge read it and loved it.
    Later got totally hooked to IPK and it’s forum on IF.

    If IPKKND gave rise to so many amazing writers and stories, these stories kept the memories of the original IPK alive.

    Now even after 10 years, IPK is still an integral part of my life.
    Met so many wonderful people, read a lot of amazing stories. Aptly called as “SKD”, this became a place where I visit in every mood and every season. It has made me smile, laugh, cry, blush, get angry – felt every possible emotion here in this SKD.

    Your writeup summarises everything we feel today Ruchi. Loved it.

    Thank you to the amazing cast and crew of IPKKND for giving me something which I will always cherish in my life and thank you to all the amazing writers and readers for this SKD.

    Arshi ki aakhon mein baate, baaton mein jaadu
    Jaadu mein khogaye hum, hogaye bekabu

    We looked at them, we read their stories
    Aur honelagi Rabba ve
    And they become our SKD, and they made our hearts go Dhak dhak

    Dus saal se Arshi legaye dil….

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  21. Loved the note. I started watching IPPKND late when the show was over and I got hooked from first episode. At that time the episodes were available on YouTube. Following this I joined in IF and read some fantastic fancfictions and was amazed by the calibre of writers, like yourself. It has been an amazing journey, with the writers keeping the love story alive hamesha.

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  22. You made me so glad,Ruchi ..
    I mean it ..
    Life is at standstill .. I don’t feel like doing anything ..
    Faiqa’s n your post made my day ..

    ps.Read my comment on Naam mein kya rakha hai ‘s thread on I-F ..

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  23. Ruchi, thank you for this lovely post on the 10th anniversary of a show that rocked our worlds like none other! 😍
    The paagalpan continues, I don’t think it will ever abate! Not only has the show birthed some amazing fan fictions, it has also introduced me to beautiful women, both inside and out, who have become dear friends, you being one of them!! 😘❤️

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    • My dearest Divya, it has been a delight to know you over the years. Your thoughts, the way you articulate them, is always wonderful to read. It has been such fun fangirling together. Friends that I’ve made are the best gift from this last decade ❤️😘🤗 You’re stuck with me for a hamesha!


  24. Congratulations to all IPK fans here and elsewhere on completing a decade of faraq padta hai dammit wala bond. Thank you Ruchi for refreshing those crazy whirling dervish days when we floated on a dazed haze of IPKKND and triggering a trip down memory lane, craving that madness again. IPK taught me so much, opened so many new doors and windows, brought me in touch with so many wonderful people whom I would not have had a chance to connect with ever otherwise. Deeply grateful to IPK for giving me that much needed escape from asli duniya – take care and may you all stay safe hamesha.

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    • Dahlia Mami ,
      Thanks for ‘silver streaks ‘
      for giving me the space & courage to express myself
      along with my twin chunky
      Love you dammit
      for all the good times we had
      You are special DM
      Stay safe 🥰

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  25. Frankly speaking, I’ve never watched any Hindi TV drama and had no interest at all in watching any of them since I was more into Bollywood movies… until I was living in Dubai with my then-fiance (now hubby) in 2014-2015 when I saw IPKKND on one of the Arabic channels. I don’t know what attracted me to keep watching it, but I remember the first time I saw IPKKND that time was when Arnav saved Khushi from the construction site. Just like a magnet, it kind of had me kept watching till the end of that episode. The acting performance of Sanaya and Barun was simply awesome and enticing… and ever since then, I was hooked and there was no turning back.
    And now,10 years later, IPKKND was and is still my all-time fave TV Hindi drama… I tried watching other Hindi dramas, but somehow they just can’t keep me interested and hooked like IPKKND did. Khushi is still my all-time fave female character and Sanaya was absolutely perfect as Khushi with her stunning and flawless performance; Barun was perfect as Arnav Singh Raizada and I don’t think anyone can play it better than him. The screen chemistry was and is still sizzling whenever I watch IPKKND episodes which is almost a weekly routine and a monthly weekend afternoon with my besties and my Dutchie friends.
    So Happy 10th Anniversary to IPKKND and its cast and also to all Arshians / IPKKNDians! Take care and Stay Safe! 🙂

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    • Nothing else on telly can hold a candle to them! You think you’ll watch one scene / episode but somehow you get sucked in and hours later you’re still at it. It’s so interesting seeing how what was probably an impulsive decision changes lives 😊 Thank you for sharing your journey ❤️

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  26. Oh Ruchi, that’s a beautiful tribute dear. I have been on hiatus for a very long time due to lot of personal issues and have not been reading any of the IPK stories for long. I feel bad about that but that’s ok, isn’t it? Life happens and it happened to me too. So it’s ok. The good thing is that I am still a hard core fan of IPK and its magic.
    Muah and hats off to all the writers and fan girls who have kept the spirit of IPK alive all along.
    Let’s get going forward with our rabbave’s. I haven’t watched any serials after IPK and don’t intend to unless we have the next series of IPK with the same cast.
    Thanks for the beautiful post. Iam not sure whether I will be active in all threads but I will definitely try my best to be active.
    A shout out to all the fan girls. I love you all.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Ruchi you have written so beautifully. Happy 10th Anniversary. This is the show which introduced me to fanfiction world and the enormous amount of creativity of so many people. Not to forget about thefew unfinished stories which still makes me wonder in the middle of my busy day about that version of ArHi ;(
    Thi show has given me precious friends who have blended from online to asli duniya. Cheers to IPK! I don’t think there will be any other show so special like this one for me. It has my full heart ❤ Hamesha!

    Liked by 1 person

  28. It’s hard to believe it’s already 10 years . It feels like just yesterday . Memories are still so fresh .
    Your post is so nostalgic abs so beautifully written .Thanks to IPK , india forums , all those writers, readers , trollers, bloopers for giving a chance to live the magical time where we laughed , cried and fought over characters and formed lovely friendships . I never imagined I can ever be involved to that level in any show . I couldn’t watch anything on ITV afterwards. It was the one show I cherished and probably stay forever .
    I so so wish to go back to that time again…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much ❤️

      Reading your comment has made me emotional all over again. The sheer talent that came together in the fandom was something else. I feel we all stepped up that little bit higher with the sparks flying around.

      The trolling was also a cut above, wasn’t it?! 😂


  29. Dearest Ruchi
    Was tied up with familial duties 😷
    Hope there is no 3.0 at home 😤
    Had read this post 4 days ago
    Couldn’t comment immediately
    Sorry for the late response

    However here I am
    Have told you my flashback from 2010 once before
    Here we go again
    My tryst with IPK started , when my friend suggested that there is a show
    on SP, where the hero , though good looking is too slow , doesn’t speak
    , stares 👀most of the time
    Didn’t pay much attention IPK played bet 8-8.30 ( as primetime is kurushetra at home
    everyone aiming for the remote like it is Oscar)
    Chanced upon the show much later ( retelelecast during day )still unlucky though , as
    I mistook snakewa to be the hero& almost threw up at his Khushiji outside buaji ‘s house
    Aditi however corrected me , begged to give IPK a chance
    The track was navratri
    what nahi pot
    Kanya puja
    Dhak dhak
    Kh running back & forth while ASR sitting on the couch reads newspaper
    She hits her head on the kitchen pillar two days in a row
    It was so funny & romantic
    Whenever he is around , all she sees is only him , doesn’t hear or see anyone else
    Everything / everyone is blurred out

    It was exactly what I felt when I watched all the previous episodes from June
    He was the only man for me ( sorry SRK ) from then on
    I watched every epi at 8 pm ( TRPs you see )
    Stumbled upon MeD , by chance , where fans were passionate discussing
    IPK episodes every night from 8-40 to midnight or later
    Was a silent reader cos I thought these posts were made by pimpled teens / college kids
    No way should a grown married woman embarrass by exposing herself
    I started commenting on ppl ‘s posts who were very sweet to their readers like
    Samona, ocean , tia , khushi fan , Arshifan etc
    Samona posted analysis with pics from the same day , spoke from ASR ‘s POV
    I called her Voice of ASR
    Waited with bated breath for reviews every night
    We laughed , cried, taunted, trolled , discussed , bonded over IPK
    Ismailvegamse was my go to for additional IPK madness
    Loved her numbered Arshi scenes 🥰

    Dahlia was always pulling ASR ‘s legs , in epi reviews
    Me & another ASR fan ( sankadevi)trolled her , she retaliated back
    We had a separate track/ posts for our musings
    She reached out to me .

    Hence DM or dahlia Mami was born
    Kept fort while she was traveling
    It was fun
    We were nappy sistas- chunky & munky ( abhagyavathi gupta sisters ) LNGS
    I got her married to Rocky ( the Gunda who stole ASR ‘s blue shirt )
    Budget constraint ki waje se they got hitched at Shantivan storeroom
    She made me HP ‘s helper at RM
    Those were the days
    Very grateful for friendships like those , came to know
    sankadevi was actually DM ‘s sister
    Was so relieved , it ended well
    Have attended IPK fans’ family functions & vice versa

    Went into depression when the show ended abruptly
    Much later almost 2015 came across IF
    Seemed like IPK fever never went away
    I lapped up every suggested Arshi FF
    I got to read many stories
    So happy authors like Jigs, Charlotte , Blue, Sohni , Sabi continue to enthrall fandom with
    stories in keeping Arshi alive

    Love u 😘 Ruchi
    Thanks for always replying to every comment of mine
    I for some reason thought you & jigs were the same person
    Sanki much
    Be safe

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Lee continues :
    Once in the middle of press conference ( on tv news ) clapped loudest for
    PM Manmohan Singh’s Hum teek hai , much to the chagrin of family
    I was caught with my iPad , while giggling for a romantic post
    on HP/ lakshmi/ Nani , under the blanket at 2 am & questioned if I was watching
    Porn ( aiyyo ramachandra 😤)
    What the
    Tum teek ho
    Daiyya ho
    Devi maiyya
    Hello hai bye bye
    Ab bhi na
    Hai re nandkisore
    HP, OP
    Rabba ve
    Laad governor
    Hair gel ( how many posts were written on ASR ‘s gel / amount 😬)
    Teri meri
    Here ranjha

    will always stay very dear to me

    Dearest Ruchi
    Thanks for the trip down the memory lane
    This sanki is going to die a IPK fan
    Cheers 🍻

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Happy Birthday, Ruchi! 🤗🤗 Hope all’s well and wish all your dreams and wishes come true! Hope you were able to fulfill all your desires that you couldn’t in your last birthday!

    P.s. I don’t know why, but I never got a notification for this post, but so glad I came across it when I came to wish you! This is a lovely tribute. So grateful to have virtually interacted with so many people because of this show and seeing so many different perspectives through stories and personal anecdotes. IPK will always have a very very special place in my heart!

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Dearest Ruchi
    Wishing you a happy healthy year
    Many many happy returns of the day 🌸🌈💥⭐️🎂🍧🍷🍾
    Hope everything fine with you
    Lots of love ❤️
    Cheers 🥂

    Liked by 1 person

  33. happy ten years! i came back to ipk after letting it get away in past four years and god i miss the camaraderie this show ended up providing before and now. every time i’ve turned back, someone is always here to hug and swoon over decade old rabba ves! so many hugs! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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