Hello!  Welcome to the place I hope to scatter with my pensive musings on life and it’s myriad hues. Stray thoughts that bubble up looking for an outlet. Reflections that seek answers from you. To tell me that you see what I see, hear the echo of the voices I hear. To share the beautiful melodies of Bollywood, some old, some new, some that really shouldn’t have been inflicted on an unsuspecting world! To pore over poems which stir your soul and gladden your heart.


I have written some short pieces on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon over the last year, which I will post here as well. My faraq for Arnav and Khushi is the hamesha wala sort, a visceral feeling that can’t be defined, bas naam kaafi hain for the dhak dhaks to increase with a vengeance. This continued adoration has led to constant refrains of paagal hai from family and friends, sadly without the rider, par cute hain.


I would like to thank my dear friend, Jignasha, for all her help in setting up this blog. Her enthusiasm and support is what motivated me to take the plunge in the first place. Left to my own devices, I’d still be floundering in the virtual black hole, trying to figure out what exactly are widgets and what does one do with them! Umm, is it with them, or to them, or …


And, thank you to all of you for dropping in and hopefully sharing your thoughts and feelings with me.







122 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Ruchi, my love, how can one not leave a few words for a kind, sweet soul like you. You bring such warmth to anyone that you touch. And that in itself speaks in your reflections on life. I have been honored to read, as well as witness. The world needs more souls like you that gives all that one has, that too, unconditionally. I am blessed to have you in my life, not just today, but hamesha.

    You make me happy, you make me feel loved, and that was before I even met you. I will always cherish your words, be it as comments on my stories or others, your captivating writing, our obsession for the show and FF that has united us, hours of texting, not to mention chatting on the phone! But most of all… you!

    Here’s wishing you all the best on your writing endeavors and may the ink in your pen never dry.

    Yours always,

    P.S. I will confess that I was selfish helping you with the Stray Reflections blog, because I know this will motivate… or rather force you to write more 😉 So you see my love it’s win win!

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  2. This is long overdue my dear friend! And I write this in impatience as I wait to read more. I look forward to everything you have to say… I wish you the best as you write… I wish you a naggy muse, and unending ink in your quill. ❤


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  3. Yes!! This makes me so happy — you’re so talented with words, and you have such a genuine passion for them. I love what you do with music as well, whether it be making creative modifications that make me laugh or simply suggesting songs. I cannot wait to read what else you have to write.

    Much love, hamesha.
    — MN

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  4. How elated am I!

    You have created your own blog! Congratulations!!!

    I am always hungry for more of your stories, your choice of music or poems. You make things out of nothing. Your words are conceived in your soul, from love and compassion, care and passion, harmony and peace that you wish for all to experience. The music begins in your heart and then it is formed and molded into the perfect accompaniment to describe and inspire tenderness and kindness, ardour and emotion. The poems you carry in your mind to show fondness and affection. Not only I cannot resist your warmth in all these, I want to be snuggled deeper in your words and music.

    So I add a little prayer, that you continue to move mountains in me with your words, that you persist in showing me the world that is yet unseen, that you pursue the art of making me feel!

    Let your words dance above the surface of the world to lighten our spirits up!

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    • My dearest G, you have overwhelmed me with your warm praise. You enhance my words with a delicacy that always imbues them with more profound meaning. I shall always treasure that melody which beckons my words to attempt to dance ❤️

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  5. Unbelievable !!! In ASR’s words … It’s better late than never …
    Thank God for the realisation that you should be writing more for us ! 😉
    Good to be here … Now waiting for all the magic to happen …

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  6. Congratulations Ruchi !!!
    The blog looks beautiful.

    Now, can I ask for more from you !!! A SS or even better a FF??
    Greedy me wants to read more from you.

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  7. Congrats ruchi 🙂
    I’m glad that jigs motivated you to start your own blog…
    Waiting to read more from you, more than a drabble and os… plzz start with an ss or ff dear… even my fellow readers are requesting the same ruchi…
    Eagerly waiting now 🙂

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  8. Thanks for the invite, looking forward to my time here. I have tried to move away from Arshi and IPK but alas no success.arshi is Hamesha for me too so…bring it on pal am waiting to lap up 😉

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  9. Haha! Ruchi, welcome to blogosphere…it is a unique kind of joy to see a blog from you because I simply hope that means more amazing stories – and great ones I need to add – from you n our wonderful Arnav and Khushi. Yes, it is amazing what the love of this show has done to us all! I for one am reformed skeptic now. I do not bad mouth addicted soap watching grandmothers anymore. I do not talk down any show….Indian or Western or even Korean – for their phenomenal impact – or for the obsession of a crazed fandom. I just quirk an ASR-like eyebrow at them – haha, is that even possible, the master thespian Barun Sobti does that with such elan, cannot dream of getting it right in this lifetime – and tell myself “Hey, been there, done that. Remember?” So, good luck with being all those stray reflections to book here, Ruchi, dear girl, this is a true win-win! Waiting!



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  10. Various Shades of Ruchi di,

    Being a reader, the best gift you can give to a writer, is to become a writer yourself!

    As an artist, the best gift you give to your fans is to be at your creative best

    As a poet, the best you give to the creative world is to inspire the others to attain a level as such

    As a fan, the best gift you give to a show is your precious time and marvelous words

    As the sweetest person, the best gift you can give is to share all your joy-filled stories and cherish the comments that follow

    As the most sincere person, the best gift you give a writer is a non-Unres response

    As the wisest person, the best gift you give is sharing your wisdom that awaits to be acknowlegded

    As the humblest person, the best gift you give is your attention and kindness

    As a newbie to technology, the best gift you give is your patience, succumbing to it’s latest developments

    As the perfect hostess, the best gift you give is to welcome one and all to the best looking blog

    As a sister, the best gift you can give us is to continue being a role model that you already are

    As a loveable person, the best gift you give, Wait why should you always be the big-hearted one? It is now our turn to whole-heartedly encourage you while eagerly waiting to seep into the world you effortlessly will create.

    As an individual, the best gift you can give to the world is to be yourself, like always!

    About your writing, no words in the world will ever be enough to describe the beauty of it!

    Why didn’t you take the plunge earlier? There is only a single Jigs. Wonder if there was an army? For me this is the “hamesha” I look forward to, friends encouraging friends.

    G – Care to share the link to your blog? Come on, don’t ridicule us by saying there isn’t one!

    Speaking of which, every single well-wisher out here should typically own a blog. Ruchi di – Sangti ka asar kaisa lag raha hai?

    Last but not the least, why would your reflections be astray/stray? I feel that is a bit unfair. They are of the purest form one could ever come across, a perfect depiction of your soul.

    Keep writing hamesha,


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  11. Hey Dear!
    I am so so happy for you Ruchi!
    Unbelievable! But when someone like you says it, it becomes believable! 🙂
    Looking forward to read your beautiful writings, of which. I am a forever fan…..
    Love always……

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  12. Congratulations !! I am delighted that you now have a blog to showcase all your brilliant written works !! ❤️
    Looking forward to reading myriad sublime stories crafted by your magical pen. 😘❤️

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  13. Oh congratulations ruchi
    This was a nice surprise and Iam so happy to know that I can expect to read a lot more from you than before
    Special thx to our favorite writerji jigs for her support to ruchi

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  14. A blog by you Ruchi Ji. Congratulations!!!

    This is an awesome addition to Jigs starting a new story and, choti’s comeback fiction.

    Now keeping the tread of you three following each other why not gift us the readers a story, a TS, or a SS even a FF would do. You pick.

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  15. Hello dear.. 🙂

    Thanks for inviting me here, on your blog..:) No doubt it is as beautiful as jigs 😀 Already bookmarked it so now i can easily follow your writings 🙂

    Dhrenu IF

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  16. Congratulations my friend! The blog looks beautiful and I hope it’ll inspire you to write more and more. Your thoughts and words that were screaming for an outlet have one such space now. Keep writing. Good luck 😀

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  17. This blog has been an awfully long time coming Ruchi and I’m so incredibly glad to be invited into the wonderful world of your musings.

    My little toe is now immersed in your reflections, and with time I promise an utter immersion. I look forward to all you have to offer sweetheart, the best of luck with this endeavor xx

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  18. Thodi der ho gayi Ruchi per ana to tha!

    Congrats for making this blog and all the best for many more stories that may churn out of the reflections of that not so stray mind of yours.
    This is a very nice blog and Jigs thanks for pushing Ruchi for this.

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  19. Ruchi,

    What beautiful images you have on this page and as they say pictures truly speak a thousand words. You’re giving wings to your dreams and creating magical words for your followers..

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  20. Hi Ruchi Di. This is my first comment on this beautiful blog of yours. Sorry I’M being llittle late. Hope you won’t mind di. So here I go. Firstly wish you a very ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY ” DI. MAY GOD bless u with all the happiness , success & lov & makes all your dreams come true soon. I truly wish aap HAMESHA khush raho di. I have read all your writings & what I say?I’M speechless▶
    Each story each line is so beautifully written that it feels like a pure bless to read all of them again & again. I consider myself lucky that after JIGS di I got U you RUCHI DI. I think my Kismat ia getting Meharbaan on me. I’m Spell bounded by ur writings. The way u write down each emotions so beautifully is so soothing & heart touching that my words won’t able to justify how incredibly talented writer & humble person u r di. HATS OFF TO YOU RUCHI DI for being the most outstanding, marvellous, fantastic writer & a wonderful human being. Can I ask u something di? Will you give me a little space in ur heart♥ Take me as u like whether it’s being your Fan,Friend ,Follower or ur loyal reader. I can’t afford to loseU.You mean precious to me di.& I really mean it. TRUELY feeling blessed & Happy to have u my little world. With lots of love ♥& Respect to my adorable ANGEL RUCHI DI. I’M always with u di HAMESHA.
    YOURS always→Anjali. ♣

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  21. Hey Ruchi Di, Devi here. I am so sorry for being this late. AD kept me busy and it still does. But Kaan pakad ke sorry. I am so very happy that you took the plunge and made this blog. This surely help read and connect with excellent writings. Though am yet to read the written ones, I hope you’ll start something new soon.


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  22. Hi! I’m PhoenixKhushi from IF! So glad you made a blog!! Can’t wait to read your posts here… I guess there are some I haven’t read before? ❤
    P.S. I find it rather funny that our blogs look similar XD Is it an IPK perk? Hehe!

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  23. A very happy but belated birthday Ruchi dii❤️ I hope you had a fabulous day and wishing you this year ahead health happiness and joy and keep liking all my long blabbering on Jigs di stories and yours 😝😘😘

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  24. I am bloody late to the party, but nevertheless, here I am!
    Oh. And I also brought along my dictionary waali shabdhkosh along as well.
    It feels pretty amazing to have found your blog, Ruchi. Like I’ve said before, reading your work is always a pleasant pleasure.

    Here’s to many more from you!


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  25. Hi, this is me, Arshiaddict, sending a general message to wish all the fabulous writers on the 10th anniversary of IPKKND. This is purely my unadulterated feelings for all of you, my awe at the sheer genius and beauty of the words written by all of my most fav writers that has kept me glued to reading ONLY fanfiction (i kid you not) for the last 3/ 4 years. My discovery of the IPK fandom, esp IF, was by chance really, i happened to be going through some videos of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and came across a byte on Sanaya, where she was presented a book on Arshi by Tina Eskay and then i looked up her blog and that my dears, was that. There was no looking back since. Then i discovered WP and Blogspot, you get the drift, right. So my dear dear writers, many of whom i interact with regularly and share some of my deepest thoughts with them too 🙂, some i read but do not always comment, forgive me for that 😌and then there are some i pester and bully too 😜. You know if anyone had told me then that i would worry and fret over the health and well – being of people i know only virtually over their unusual silence (more so in these horrid Covid 19 days) i would have scoffed and glared and said ‘unbelievable’ but here i am, 4 years on doing exactly that. You all have made me laugh, cry, ponder and made me feel things i knew nothing about. Along the way, i have ignored my hubby on many nights feigning a headache 😜, spent hours munching on midnight snacks churmurs while reading page after page of a riveting story, ordered take out instead of cooking and almost missed deadlines at work. But all’s fair in love and war as we have seen with IPKKND and our mutual love for Arshi transcends everything. I wish all of you the best in life along with lots of happiness and good health. Lots of ❤️ from me!

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